248: How to Grow Your Audience in Just 20 Minutes a Day

In this episode I’m giving you a framework so you can grow your audience in just 20 minutes a day!

  1. clarity, create, attract.
    1. clarity how you add value – im really good at helping women in the health + wellness industry create great content that helps them build their income. How do you add value? How do you serve?  What are 3 questions youre constantely asked?
    2. Define your perfect person. You HAVE to get clear on your perfect person. Who do you help? What are your audiences biggest pain points or struggles? What content would be so valuable for your people? 
    1. Create a content plan. Be CONSISTENT. Create content FOR your help every week. This is not just how to content.  Creating consistent content attracts your perfect person.
    2. Weekly content that attracts your perfect person
    3. Create a lead magnet
    4. Create a email list plan. Promote this every week. This is where your most engaged people will be. 
  2. Create:
    1. Content plan. You dont need to do EVERYTHING but you have to have a plan around this. You have to put content out there to attract your perfect people in. You cant just post + pray people will come. You HAVE To adjust your plan. You cant do it like 2 years ago.
    2. Circle of friends. Kickstart. Make a list of 20 people and ask them to share. 
    3. Seo
    4. Social media – pick one platform. 
    5. Live video
    6. Guest posts, interviews, media
    7. Paid advertising
  3. Attract

Pick one thing and do it for 20 minutes a day.

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