461: 2024 Trends: Transforming Your Online Business for Success (and Fun)

It’s no secret that the online business space has changed and evolved, so today we want to share the evergreen and overall trends that we see right now so that you can navigate it, and succeed. In this episode, we reveal four of the trends that you need to be aware of, and by following these trends, it will result in your business being easier with less pressure – all while bringing in more cash! 

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Key Highlights: 

  • Some of the ways that we’re infusing creativity into the work we’re doing with our clients this year and how Dan is approaching creativity on a micro level [3:25]

  • What we’re doing to get more creative with our marketing in 2024 and the role that data is playing in this process [10:23]

  • Where we’re seeing clients go wrong and what they’re not talking about…but should be [16:15]

  • What consistency is all about and why it’s one of the main trends to be focusing on this year in your business [19:52]

  • The only piece of messaging advice that you need to be following and how we’ve done it with our own clients [22:54]

  • Why cash is the big metric that we measure for all of our clients [25:02] 

  • Who our 1-on-1 Elevated CEO sessions are for and how you can book yours now [28:56] 

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