462: Behind-the-Scenes: how I promoted myself and built a rockstar team

Welcome to the first roundtable meeting with our team! A big part of our job here and our mission is to coach and support our clients, and what better way to show you how we’re doing that than by giving you a first-hand glimpse behind-the-scenes of our business and the people that are doing that, so you can hear from them in their own words.

In this episode, we dive deep into the heart of our company through the voices of our very own team members. Each member shares their unique perspective on our innovative work culture and collaborative environment, and you’ll also get an insider’s view on how we, as a team, drive success and foster creativity. 

From our core values to our daily operations, this roundtable is a testament to the strength and diversity of our team, and we’re excited to share what powers our company and how teamwork truly makes our dream work! 

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Key Highlights: 

  • Introducing our team and what makes our culture unique for each of them [3:50]

  • How we realized that no one was ‘driving the bus’ and what we decided to do as a result of this realization [18:20]

  • A look our client success meetings and how we highlight what is happening with our advisors, our clients and their successes [22:33]

  • The way that we’re working through the current climate in the online space [29:59]

  • Why we view having multiple advisors and their different viewpoints as a major advantage for our company [32:27]

  • How we find invite, add and integrated high-level team members who already operate their own businesses and the role that respect and understanding plays in this process [35:42]

  • Some of the reasons we see that someone with a business would want to work in someone else’s business [42:12]

  • The real advantages of having a trusted team of expert advisors to support you in your business [54:54]

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