468: Beyond Traditional Launches: Strategies for Daily Sales and Sustainable Growth

For years now we’ve been talking about the climate of launches, why they are not working like they used to and what we should be doing instead. In this episode, Dan and I reveal why traditional launches are faltering and we share how you can adapt to this new landscape by fostering direct, impactful connections with your audience.

We want you to embrace the strategies that will create demand, drive daily sales, and construct a business model that’s not just widely profitable, but also widely enjoyable for you!

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Key Highlights:

  • Some of the ways we’ve seen the online business and launching situation evolve since 2020 [3:43]

  • How people are now spending their money differently as their buying habits have changed [6:26]

  • The model change that’s required for online experts and what this looks like for most of our clients [12:25]

  • Why it’s so important for us to be talking openly about the new reality that launches just aren’t working the way they used to [16:47]

  • How to determine if you are operating from this old business model and what you can do to adapt to the new times we find ourselves in [20:35]

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