469: Feeling Pressure In Your Business? Here’s How to Let Go of It

Chances are you didn’t start your business to make it stressful, and chances are you didn’t start your business because you wanted to be overwhelmed or burned out or exhausted. The truth is, there are probably other reasons why you started your business, like the impact you wanted to have, how you wanted to be in control of your schedule and how you wanted to make the money to live your dream life. So why do we let pressure take over? Today I’m bringing you another Instagram Live that I recently did, and in this episode, I’m talking about how we can let go of pressure and how we can truly step into our elevated CEO, so we can get back to the place in our business where it’s feeling good. 

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Key Highlights: 

  • What’s behind the pressure of attachment, or being tied to your goal or dream happening as soon as possible [6:18]

  • The importance of defining what success looks like to you [11:42]

  • How the pressure to succeed because of the responsibility to support a household often arises in many businesses [16:38]

  • The way to reframe or shift the common tendency to “beat ourselves up” over our goals and dreams [20:48] 

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