474: The Most Surprising Thing We’ve Found Through Hosting Live Events

As we’ve been sharing over the last few weeks on the podcast, we recently released a special 3-part series as a live podcast recording we did back in March in Long Beach, New York, where our entire team and clients who wanted to come attended this live podcast recording and our two-day Million Dollar Brand Event. Today, Katy and I want to do a debrief on this amazing experience and share some of our biggest takeaways on how the event went, what worked with our clients, and what maybe needs a bit of adjustment for the next one! 

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Key Highlights:

  • Katy shares about her role in the company and the ways that our team really is a “dream team” [3:25]

  • The most surprising thing we’ve found when bringing people together and masterminding as a group [6:47]

  • Why it’s so important for us to always leave room and space for the magic to happen during these live events [10:39]

  • The power of the live podcast recording and our overall thoughts on this experience [17:04]

  • How our regular communication with clients and knowing them and their businesses paid off when we were all in the same room together [20:40]

  • Some of the most impactful things that happened for our clients during the event [25:04]

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