484: If sales have slowed down, watch this for what to do

Are you noticing slower than usual sales lately, and more people saying “not now” to your offer? In this episode, I’m bringing you another recent Instagram Live that I did that talks about this, and I share what you need to watch for and be doing right now.

There is no doubt that a shift in the market has happened, and your client has changed. This means what they previously saw as valuable just isn’t the same, so your positioning needs to be updated as well to reflect that. 

The good news is that there are people still buying, we see it everyday, and I want this episode to provide you with the actionable steps to take that will have them taking the next step with you too! 

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Key Highlights:

  • A closer look at the value shift that’s been happening and the reason why it’s happened [1:20]

  • Why a “kitchen sink offer” won’t work anymore, and the analogy I like to use that demonstrates this [5:03] 

  • Offer alignment and the importance of focusing on speaking to your rich niche [6:18]

  • The trainings inside of Elevate that will help you right now if your sales have slowed [8:29]

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