5 Tips to See Growth as a Blogger or Inflencer in 2019

The 5 tips you need to be focusing on to see growth as a blogger or influencer in 2019 so you can stand out and move forward.

Let’s talk about growth in 2019! Things that were working one or two, three or more years ago, may not be getting you the results you need, but I have some really great tips to share with you.

Through SHIFT University and the Influencer Intensive group coaching. I work with hundreds of bloggers and influencers every single month. I can see what’s working from a big picture view, which helps me predict trends before they happen.

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grow your blog as an influencer

Right now, it’s easier than ever to start a blog. Technology does not get in the way like it used to. There are so many ways that you can start a website and it’s easy to do yourself or it’s easy to hire someone. That’s great news! It’s also easy to start an Instagram or Facebook account. THAT is awesome. If you’re here because you want to see growth, then let me just commend you for making a decision and deciding to start to do something to help people. Because, you DO help people.

The downside is that more people are doing this. There’s more noise because others are creating content, too because it’s easy. So, now we have to figure out how we see growth when there are so many people that are doing what we’re doing.

Figure out how to stand out

Before we go forward, I want you, if you are really looking for a systematic way to see growth in 2019, to join the wait list to for Shift University. We’re opening up registration soon and when you join you actually get access to my framework, the influencer income engine blueprints and the accelerator, which is basically like my Harry Potter sorting hat. It tells you exactly what stage you’re at as an influencer, as a blogger, as a business owner. From there, we can plan your route to growth.

So, if you want access to the accelerator and you want access to my blueprint, then you’re going to want to be on that wait list so you can find out how to sign up. Now, Let’s talk about five tips you can put into action right now to see growth as a blogger and influencer in 2019.

The first tip is to use my Give to Get framework.

If you want to see traction, if you want to build an engaged audience, then you are going to have to post your content directly on your social channels.

A big mistake I see making see people making is before they have built an audience on social media, they are trying to get drive traffic to their blog. They are trying to post little snippets on Instagram and drive traffic, but this is like bringing cookies to people you just met. If you have something to offer people, and you ask them to come back to your house to get it, most likely, they won’t come. But if you bring the cookies (or the content) to them, they will.

If you want to see traction, if you want to prove to people that you have delicious cookies or whatever your content is, you have to post your content on your social channels.

Now, for those of you who are who are saying, well then I’m going to miss out on SEO and traffic, then you can also post this content to your blog and you can start building an audience right away. But you have to show on social media that what you are saying is trustworthy and that you can deliver what you’re promising. So that’s the first tip. If you want to see more traction then use the give to get framework and give people the content that they want, exactly where they are.

My second tip is find a sub niche.

You not only have to now niche down, but you have to find a sub niche. So, my sub niche is actually food bloggers. Now this does not mean that 100% of my audience is food bloggers. I also work with people that consider themselves food photographers, recipe developers, fitness instructors, personal trainers, book writers, etc. I work with people across all different niches, but I have sub niche down.

We talk about this more within the Serial Method. You can’t serve everyone so you really have to think about who are you talking to and what problems you solve. How can you sub niche down even further and solve more problems for your people? How can you talk to your people more specifically?

An example would be, don’t just focus on paleo recipes. Focus on five ingredient, paleo recipes. You can see great examples of this even on Netflix where they are coming out with some really specific documentaries for people because they know that they can sub niche down and really serve a particular audience, and people binge on the content. Stay tuned for more on the Serial Method when we open that up again.

Tip number three, collaborate with other people.

Don’t wait until you have a certain number of traffic or followers or some magical number that is going to unlock the doors of everything because that’s not what happens. Be the expert. Offer up help to someone’s audience, and have something of value that you offer. Be specific and purposeful, and start with the relationships you have.

Now, a lot of people get into some misconception that you should only collaborate with people who have a larger audience than you. I 100% disagree with that advice. It is great to start to collaborate with friends and people who have similar size audiences as you. Now that doesn’t mean to not pitch yourself to someone with a larger audience, but it’s great to start with people who are in your circle.

Now, this is one of those things where people can live in fear, but if you want to grow, then I really encourage you to start collaborating at least once a month.

Tip number four, don’t just contribute noise.

This is a big one. This might sound harsh. But, I’m all about giving you some tough love so you can move forward. Like I said, the number of content creators out there is growing by the day.

It’s no longer good enough to just solve a simple problem. People are tired of more and more content. They’re feeling overwhelmed. If you are feeling overwhelmed by what’s in your inbox, by what’s in your feed, by what’s going on, your people are the same way.

It’s important that we move beyond just contributing basic content and solving simple problems to taking the next step. What is the transformation you offer? So again, we are talking about all of these things not only in shifts you with my specific blueprint, but in the Serial Method.

My fifth tips is do not wait until perfection.

This is maybe the most important tip. Do not wait until your website is perfect. Do not wait until you have the perfect feed or the perfect Instagram bio. Offer up what you have. There are people in this world that need you.

So how can you continue to move forward and offer up what you have? How can you continue to serve and help people? How can you serve and help them and get out of your own way? So don’t wait until it’s perfect. Don’t wait until the perfect timing. It’s always perfect timing. How can you just accept that everything is unfolding exactly the way that it’s meant to be and get out there?

Go on and grow!

Let me know what a-ha moments you had after reading this! To recap, here’s what to do to see growth this year: post your content on your social channels, give your people what they want and need. Sub niche, sub niche. Don’t just talk to everyone. Do collaborations with other people in this space. Don’t just contribute noise. Make great content, give your people an experience and think about the transformation you offer. And finally, don’t just wait until it’s perfect. Offer up your expertise and serve your people. I can’t wait to see the growth that you have as a business in 2019.




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