What keeps you from having clarity with Annick Magac

Annick Magac is an Amazon bestselling author, motivational speaker and lifestyle coach who helps people get clear by aligning their environment, health and mindset to support success that they desire in their life. Annick helps her clients by guiding them to a create life that’s balanced between their work, personal life and health.

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What you’re going to learn from this episode:

    • How your environment affects your business + personal life.
    • How to align your environment to support your health and wellness.
    • How to question your reality and environment to break out of your impacted thinking.
    • Tips on clearing your environment

Can you tell us the premise of your book, “Clear”?

This book came as a product of my two worlds colliding in, the creative background and the health and fitness background. I realized one day when I was sitting on a auditorium, listening to a speaker perhaps I also need this to be shared with the world that the way I think may be different from the way everybody else thinks. By that, I also realized that maybe I can help other people by aligning their lives through balancing decisions in health and wellness.One premise that I want people to breakthrough in there is regular thinking. It means that, we live our lives and we just accept the things the way they are. One thing that I really want people to do is to question reality and to question how they perceive themselves in their environment.

Why is your environment so important to how we work?

It is where you spend all your time. When I say environment, it covers your home, the place where you work and the location that you spend most of your time. What ends up happening is that, our environment is also living and breathing just as we do. It absorbs what we do with our lives. It means that if there is chaos or any uncertainty that is going on in your life, the environment that you are in will also be reflected. We have to stop fighting the idea of cleaning up. With our mess we are put into a position of not being empowered. If we have a cleaner and a more organized working place, it bring us so much excitement and power.

The Power of the Clutter Effect

Oftentimes, we just think of clutter as physical objects like a hoarder. Everybody can visualize a hoarder. People hoard things because they get too attached with it.  Clutter is something that we don’t really love, it is an unfinished project or a pile of paper or anything that is considered to be a distraction.

Tips on how to get “unstuck”:

The big thing here is to bring awareness to where you are and how you are with things. It is important for us, especially entrepreneurs to set up processes to make life easier, whether it is a filing process or any other means of how we do things. When I work with people, I ask them about what are they into right now. I also ask them what those things that keep them from doing better are. Most of them say that they can’t work better because they don’t have virtual assistants around them or they can’t organize their office because there are too many files or papers inside it. Basically, I question what are the things that keep them away from having clarity.

Tips on Starting to Remove Clutter in your life:

People look at clutter as overwhelmingly big things. I suggest that you start with small things. Start with the small steps. Let say for instance, you have been thinking about your own clutter, start with clearing first your inbox. When you start doing it, you actually gain confidence. After you do the small things, then there is already movement. You can keep on doing those things and in time, you’ll see big developments. The most important thing that I say is to not have an all or nothing attitude.

Tips on Being Productive Throughout Your Work day

Write down a list of things to do for the day or do a mind dump of the things that are happening in your life. Through that, you are able to be creative and be organized. The second thing is to exercise. Make time to take a leisure walk or stop in a middle of a project just to do 10 push-ups.  Starting your day writing a list and with exercise is immensely helpful.


 Annick Magac
One tip to building a brand and business:

The best tip to building a business is showing up consistently, which is the hardest thing to do. Have a consistent voice. It takes a long time to hone and develop yourself. People are used to the idea of an “overnight success.” There is never an “Overnight Success.” It takes time. You have to put in the work.

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Video: Why your home office is affecting your health, wealth and wellbeing.

Find Annick Magac

Annick Magac is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Coach that helps people get CLEAR™ by aligning their environment, health, and mindset to support the success they desire in their lives. Based in the Hudson Valley of NY, Annick often travels for work or pleasure; spending a lot of time in airplanes, cars and on motorcycles. In the rare moment that she is in one place for any length of time, you’ll find her training in a gym, visiting a museum or immersed in a creative project.

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