Figure Out What You’re Best At with Arriane Alexander

Arriane Alexander is a Rock Your Life coach with a Masters degree in spiritual psychology. She helps women see the possibilities within themselves and create a life and career they always dreamed of. Arriane helps women overcome their fears, self doubt and any other obstacles unlocking their pathway to create the foundation for a new life and journey.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • How to get confidence in your business.
    • How to do the inner work to move past your limiting beliefs of yourself
    • Figure out how to identify what makes you unique!

Can you tell us a little bit about you, Arriane Alexander, and what you do.

I’m a Rock Your Life coach. I work with amazing female entrepreneurs all over the world and the women that I worked with generally have their own business of some sorts. I work with all kinds of fitness experts, I work with other coaches, I work with women who have online businesses and they come to me when they want to build their business and create more success in their business and what we do is we create very clear outer action steps and goals to move towards and the most important part of what I help them do is work on the inner work and the resistances to clear out all the obstacles actually moving forward towards the life of their dreams. I work with spirit-preneurs because the inner work to achieve the outer results.



How did you come up with your name, Rock Your Life coach?

I was working with my business coaches and I was like, “Everything is so boring out there,” of like life coach and business coach and success coach and my personality is I’m like a fire ball because I walk in the room and everyone’s say, “Hey the party is here.” That’s just my energy is big and fun and sparkly and I also work in Hollywood. I also am a working actor so I have this awesome, glamorous part of my life to work as an actor on cool TV shows. When I was talking to my business coach I was like, “I just love to help people rock their lives. Step out of what they think is even possible and just rock it.” She was like, “That’s it! You Rock Your Life coach.” And I was like, “Your right! I am.”

What do you say to women who feel like they are not that different? How do you deal with them?

The first thing is to realize that there are so many people in the planet and we all relate to different people differently. For instance, in the field of business building, there’s ton of great experts out there and there’s ton of resources but I connect with one person’s way of speaking like I’ll watch a webinar or listen to a podcast and I’ll hear the same types of advice e.g. “How do you use your Facebook to drive your business?” I could hear that from 5 different people and it could be literally pretty much the same information but one of those people I’m actually going to connect with the way they speak, the way their message comes through, the branding, the pictures, there something about them that I really enjoy. That’s the thing that I think is interesting is that you don’t have to be so different in the messaging but how you are going to present yourself is going to be different and that’s the uniqueness that each of us bring to our brand.

How do you take people through to figure out what makes them unique?

I would have her figure out what she’s best at. What is she great and what lights her up the most? What part of her business lights her up the most? It’s called the blue ocean; it’s like finding your blue ocean what does make you different in your field.

You can release it down and make a list of what you’re great at, what’s your area of expertise? And then also make a list of what makes you most joy? What lights you up when you’re working any of your customers or clients? And then make a list of like how can you make that different. How can you make your brand stand out in that really niche area and that will start people giving information as to what does make them different in the market place.

Arriane Alexander

How do you help women find their confidence?

The confidence piece is just a muscle that gets built. The courageous confidence piece the muscle gets built when we can break out of our comfort zone and actually do something that builds that confidence. That’s part of the confidence piece is practicing whatever is scary to actually do it.

How do you suggest people get confidence in kind of putting themselves out there in the business world?

Start with the trusted people first because you want to get positive affirmations at first so that you can build that confidence. If there is someone that’s going to be like ‘wah, wah’ well don’t necessarily tell them yet. I’m always encouraging my clients to share with the people who you know are going to be supportive first so that you can build that affirmation, build that confidence there and then you just have to take the risk of knowing that not everyone is going to love what you do especially when you change because as someone who’s listening is building her business, building his business, building anything outside the comfort zone most people that are used to you don’t necessarily want you to change. When you start getting more bold and taking action steps and moving into a new energy field and more expanded place in life some people don’t necessarily want that and we kind of like want people to stay the same and just knowing that is part of the process. It’s like, “You know what there’s going to be some people who aren’t going to be excited for me.” And that’s okay because what they think has nothing to do with me.

What is the number one piece of advice to someone who is just getting started?

I think take things step by step. I think especially now with people who are just getting started there so many options. There’s 5 main social media channels, there’s blogs, there’s podcast, there’s how to reach your audience in Facebook ads and there so many things. Take it step by step choose the one thing that you can build your business with today. For instance, if that’s a coaching business is it one-on-one coaching? Is it group coaching? What’s the one thing, the one place you want to start and what’s the easiest place to start? What’s the one thing that you want to really focus on that simple, that you can create and you can commit to. Pick something small, pick something that you can start with and then secondly be consistent. Just be consistent.

Arriane is the Rock Your Life Coach with a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology. She helps professional women step into new possibilities so they can create a life and Arriane Alexandercareer they’ve always dreamed of. She has spent over 12 years as a high level executive in the fashion business and from there followed a heartfelt dream of succeeding in the entertainment industry. Today she works consistently as an actor on TV shows like Justified, Grey’s Anatomy and The People vs. O.J. Simpson. In other words, she’s created the life of her dreams and as a coach, she helps women do the same in a fun, effective way.

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