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Georgie and Christina are the founders of the healthy living and food blogging community, Bloggers Gonna Blog. What began as a small Facebook group has transformed into a growing tribe of hardworking, inspiring ladies with an increasingly popular hashtag on Instagram. The community has become a family that teaches, learns, grows and connects together.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Georgie and Christina started their blogs/businesses
  • Created a thriving, engaged Facebook community
  • Unexpected things that have happened since starting their businesses

Tell us a little bit about each of you and the BGB Community.

Georgie: I’m the blogger from In It For the Long Run. I started my blog as a way to entertain myself through a not so challenging internship and I quickly realized, “Oh, wait. This combines everything that I love.” The more time I spent on my blog the more I really enjoyed it. I really hit a turning point when I started actually conversing with the people who were reading the blog and who were creating blogs like mine and that’s when Christina came into life.

Christina: My blog is the Blissful Balance and I started it because I had struggled with my relationship with food and after overcoming that battle. I wanted to inspire people who might be struggling with the same issue and I always loved writing. I’d already been cooking a lot and sharing my photos on Instagram, so it kind of naturally become something that I fell into. For the longest time it was just kind of a hobby. I wasn’t really doing everything to my fullest potential and it wasn’t until I was connecting with other bloggers that I started to really learned and grow with them. That’s when I met Georgie online.

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Tell us a little bit about the Bloggers Gonna Blog community.

It was around April, last year in 2015. I’d been commenting back and forth on a small group of blogs and I had been making, what I felt like, were good connections. I was like, “You know what, I’d love some way to make it a little bit more personal vs. like wait 3 days to comment back and forth. I used Facebook groups a lot in college to work on group projects so I thought, this could be a really fun way to just communicate and see if we are having similar issues. Maybe we can just talk about fun things that we’re doing and it could be just a better way to stay in touch. I didn’t really have huge high hopes for the group because I wasn’t sure if people would be interested in working with each other. From day one people have been so supportive and it’s just grown really organically and that’s when Christina kind of saw what was going on.

We pretty had much the same exact idea when I reached out to Georgie about the group. I told her my vision and what I’d been thinking and she pretty much agreed.  It was perfect.

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How did you make the connection from going, “This is a Facebook group. This is great, we’re friends, we’re helping each other but now this is going to be a website and we’re actually going to help people grow their businesses.”

I think one of the big pieces of that was we would get various similar questions. I have 5 or 6 different emails like drafts for when people ask me very specific questions like, “How do you update your Instagram? How do you start a blog? What do you use? Is it WordPress.com or WordPress.org?” I had all these questions that I kept getting asked and Christina was the same way. She’s figured out we should make a resource so it makes our lives easier, their lives easier and this can become something much bigger than ourselves ideally with  our community. On our blog, we’d love for more people to contribute as we grow. It’s really not just us but a bunch of different vary perspectives. That’s how we made the transition from a supportive group to something that was a more of a resource.

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Share an unexpected moment since you started the Bloggers gonna Blog community.

We did an Instagram challenge in January and we got such a wonderful response. It was a 17 day challenge and we kind of just did it to get more people active on Instagram and so many people came to us telling us that, “That really helped them…” Something that we hear a lot is that people struggle with consistency and frequency on Instagram and they said it helped so much. They got into the habit of posting on Instagram and it was a fun challenge. We were kind of blown away by the response that we received with that challenge.

That was one of my biggest highlights so far. We would think that a launch of a website would be a highlight. That was great but it’s honestly seeing someone in the community get featured on a big publication and it’s usually the other community members who point it out. Stuff like that where people are celebrating each other it’s just so exciting.

What is one thing that you wished you knew when you were starting out as a blogger?

Georgie: I think one of the biggest things I learned probably a year in is don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Christina: I wish I would have the perspective that my blog was for the reader because in the very beginning I was sort of using it as a diary or journal. Now I’ve learned that everything I post is something that I’m using to benefit the reader.


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Georgie – In It 4 The Long Run 

Christina – The Blissful Balance

Georgie Morley is the avocado-obsessed co-founder of the BGB Community, as well as the blogger behind the In it 4 the Long Run. She started her blog as a way to pass the time in a less-than-challenging internship, but quickly realized that blogging was the perfect way to combine her love of food, health, design, social media, writing and photography into one project. Her blog soon became her biggest passion and now operates as small business. Along the way she discovered that one of the keys to blogging was connecting with a community of passionate, supportive, hard-working women and that’s when the BGB Community was born. What started as a five person Facebook group, has now grown into a vibrant community of healthy living and food bloggers, a website, a popular hashtag on Instagram, and most importantly a movement that believes in collaboration over competition. Use code BLISSFUL for 25% off BGB CommunityGeorgie’s ebook The Blogger’s Guide to Instagram Photography. 

Christina Valenziano is the blogger behind The Blissful Balance, a food and lifestyle blog dedicated to simplifying the relationship between food, fitness, health, and happiness. After a battle with her relationship with food, Christina started The Blissful Balance with the hopes of inspiring others who have gone through the same struggle, or are currently dealing with something similar. She shares a mix of healthy and indulgent recipes, and whole-heartedly believes in a lifestyle of wholesome moderation. Get Christina’s e-book,  The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Weeknight Cooking: Meals You Don’t Need a Recipe.

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