4 Ways to Get Past Blogger Burnout

Have you been experiencing blogger burnout? In my Facebook group and from other blogger friends, I’ve been hearing a common theme. People are getting burned out and they kind of don’t know what to do about it.

Page views overall are down. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re overworked. Maybe you don’t really have an overall plan so you’re feeling kind of lost and you don’t really know where to turn.

Maybe your growth strategy isn’t really working or maybe you don’t even have one. Maybe you’re just overall feeling discouraged and you’re kind of getting caught in that comparison bug.

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Blogger Burnout


Look back on the past three months and just take a second and write down your all your accomplishments. I want you to just be really proud of the things that you have done and what you’ve worked really hard for. Switching your mindset is huge.

  1. Take a step back. Whether that’s a little pause from creating content or whether you take a week off from posting on social media. I want you to just reassess what’s going on. Are you still feeling passionate about it? Are you really liking what you’re doing? Are you not really liking what you’re doing?
  2. Write down what you have going on for you. Write down all those things that are working really well. Put it down on paper. Write down as many things as you possibly can.
  3. Make sure that you really know who you’re creating content for. Write who you are creating content for. Who is your ideal reader? What do they do? What are their hobbies? What do they like to eat? What workouts do they like? What is their job?
  4. What is your purpose for your blog? What are your three month goals?   Writing down your three month goals is so important because then you can work every single day to get towards that goal.


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