How to Grow Your Online Community from Home in Your PJs with Jordana Jaffe

Jordana Jaffe is a Facebook group strategist and after 8 years, multiple successful business ventures, 5 figure launches, 6 figure years carrying services in both switch over, she really honed in on what works for her. She discovered that what she wanted to create a space to help other business owners grow from the knowledge she had gained. She built a thriving Facebook community of over 1,400 women entrepreneurs in under 4 months and now it has over 9,500 members.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to build a business that honors your true nature
  • Tips to build a thriving Facebook community
  • To listen to your internal compass
  • Value of leading with generosity

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Tell us a little bit about you, Jordana Jaffe, and what you do.

I have been an entrepreneur for 9 years. I currently help entrepreneurs who are primarily introverts or home bodies. I teach how to create super engaged Facebook groups and successfully purchased paid and other groups so that you can grow your online community and get clients while staying at home in your closely PJs.

Can you take us through a the start of your journey before you had that realization of what you wanted to be doing?

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a professional organizer nine years ago. I spent the first three years of my business journey exclusively going to people’s homes. I realized that this isn’t working for me for two reasons; 1) professional organizing wasn’t  an on-going business and wasn’t sustainable and 2) it is very location dependent.

In the fall 2014, really in a very random way I started to decide to start a Facebook group. Facebook groups were not a strategy people needed for their business in 2014. They weren’t given too much attention, especially on the entrepreneurial world. I decided to create it because I love creating communities me. I did it, and then I became obsessed with it. A few months in air, I realized that there is something people really wanted to learn they wanted to know more about. Starting in early 2015, I started creating ways to teach people how to do the same. By summer 2015, I started offering paid programs.

The business I have now might not be my forever business. It’s all an evolution, as you change your business does too because your business is often a reflection of who you are.

Jordana Jaffe

Do you think that Facebook is right for everyone who has their own blog and website?

I don’t think that it’s right for everyone.  I think the way to figure out what’s right for you is to ask yourself like does starting a Facebook group excite you. Does it light you up? What is the reason behind doing it? You want a reason where it ties to a level of excitement, because there’s going to be trying times for sure. Where you want to quit it. You need to be excited so that the days the days that you potentially want to quit it, you won’t because the excitement outweighs the overwhelming.

How do you balance self promotion in your group?

It’s really what feels best. Does it feel good that I am? It’s like a compass that it guides the way. For anyone listening I would probably like to say, listen to your own compass.

I think that is something that you learn over time because you have to figure out the right balance of I am showing up in a group and sharing out.

Can you give some tips on how on some great ways to participate in other Facebook groups?

The best way to do that is lead with generosity.  Offer thoughtful comments to people’s questions or posts. It’s not about just popping in and doing it once or popping in and doing it twice. Choose maybe three to five Facebook groups that you enjoy being in and you like the leader, you like the vibe of the community, you like hanging there, and can commit to being consistent in your participation.

Jordana Jaffe

What has been your most proud moment as an entrepreneur?

I think it’s just my commitment in my decision to continue moving forward and staying in the game.

Jordana Jaffe

Jordana Jaffe is is a Facebook group strategist who helps inspire introverts build intimate businesses.  She has a thriving Facebook community of over 9,800 members.  She discovered that what she most wanted to create was a space to help other business owners from from the knowledge she gained.  Jordana helps women build a sustainable business that works and honors their true nature.

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Instagram: @jordanajaffe
Twitter: @jordanajaffe
Facebook: Jordana Jaffe

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The Single Most Important Thing You Should Say to an Entrepreneur with Julie Deily

Julie Deily runs the blog and website The Little Kitchen which she started in December 2009 at the urge of her sister. During the last four years she’s been working as a full-time blogger, freelance recipe developer, and food photographer as well as consulting on blogs and social media.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to listen to your gut and stay true to yourself
  • Importance of a support system
  • Value of being vulnerable for your audience
  • How to stop comparing yourself

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Tell us a little bit about you, Julie Deily, and what you do.

When I started my food blog I was a software engineer. I started a food blog to share recipes with family and friends. A lot of times I would have a dinner party or host a holiday dinner, and I was sending the same recipes to my family over and over again.  I never thought in a million years that I would be making money out of it. It wasn’t in my thought process at all.

What would your best advice be to a person who’s considering quitting their job and making their business full-time?

I’m like the worst person to give advice on that because literally had to be pushed out the door to do it. I really looked back in my life and I always like to take the safe route.  I really think you have to look around you and see. I think it’s a support mechanism. Having a support mechanism in a place is so important. I’m so lucky that my husband is so supportive. Sometimes it’s hard. Traveling is hard. Sometimes the hours are hard as you’re working like 50-60 hours. But in the end, having someone there who is cheering you on but also always keeping you grounded. Having a really good support network is so important including other food bloggers and entrepreneurs or kind of an inner tribe. Once I had a tribe a where I can talk about an event, ask questions, and  throw ideas to a sounding board, I realized it’s so important. It’s so important to our success.

How do you stay true to your ideal client avatar?

I ask myself, “What do my readers care about?” I really care about the people who try to put dinner on the table, who are trying to take care of their kids, who are thinking about travel, or who have pets like I do. I’m not thinking about what other bloggers are always going to say, what other entrepreneurs are going think of me all the time. It’s bringing service to people who come to my site. I’m really trying to think about what I can give them.

I feel like people get burnt out when you do things that do not mesh with your mission statement, with what you feel deep down, and with why you started your site or your business.You lose yourself you get burnt out and you want to quit.

Julie Deily

Can you share a big problem or disappointment since blogging full-time?

The biggest flops happened when I don’t listen to my gut. Something about a contract that makes me uneasy, something about what they asked me to do that makes me uneasy. If I don’t speak up for myself, I want to kick myself in the end. One of my mottos is always speaking up, always negotiating, always renegotiating, and always just standing up for myself. I’m tired of the bad rap that women get in the media or in society in general, if we speak up, we’re not nice or rocking the boat. I don’t believe in that. Being really authentic and keeping my voice is big for me.

How did you figure out the line on what you share and what you don’t share?

That’s hard. I found that the more vulnerable I became, the more I found my voice, and the more I got back which wasn’t my motive. Last October, I decided to write about my childhood. I was extremely scared of being judged. The amount of support, and the amount of people that sent me emails, share about their own experiences, that completely floored me. If I wasn’t vulnerable, I would have missed out.


How did you start the consulting part of your business where you would consult on blogs and social media? 

I have this need, want, and desire to help others and see them thrive. I get so excited by giving my friends advice. It started out as giving advice to people that I care about and then I started getting clients where I actually get paid to help them, and that’s really exciting. 

Do you have one thing that you want your followers to know about you that you think they don’t know?

One thing I don’t think they know and maybe I have to say about more is that I love hearing from them. I love hearing them share their stories with me, and I love when people have successes with the recipes that I make. I love when people respond to what I’m writing about because when you’re being vulnerable, you don’t know if there’s someone out there experiencing the same thing as you. I love engaging with people on social media. I love to hear what people are thinking and for them to share their own stories. That really excites me.

Julie DeilyJulie Deily started her blog, The Little Kitchen, in December 2009, at the urging of her sister. During the last three plus years, she has been working as a full-time blogger, freelance recipe developer, and food photographer as well as consulting on blogs and social media. She creates food that is no fuss and usually quick and easy in her little kitchen.


Find Julie!
Blog: and
Instagram: @thelittlekitchn and @juliedeily
Twitter: @thelittlekitchn
Facebook: The Little Kitchen

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Fast Friday: Two Upcoming Workshops and Business Challenge


A few things.  I hope you enjoyed the episodes from this week with Davida Kugelmas and Danielle Liss.

I have two upcoming workshops next week AND a business challenge.

1) Get your First (or Next) 1,000 Email Subscribers in the Next 30 Days or Less with Convert Kit

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2) 3 Ways to Make Money NOW As a Food Blogger…that has NOTHING to do with Pageviews and Sponsored Posts

3 questions you need to ask yourself to determine what you have to offer.

How to turn people’s questions, comments, frustrations, and feedback into solid income.

How to leverage your blog and your existing network to create immediate income.

Case studies showing bloggers who are doing this right now.

August 11th-Thursday

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A business challenge for the week because I am so passionate about helping you.

Reach out to two current members of your audience.

There is huge opportunity when you do this.  Make connections.  Thank them for their support.  Ask questions.  Ask what they’re struggling with.  Ask how you can help.

Take care of the readers you have now.  Add value so they keep coming back.

Put yourself out there.

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How To Price Your Services (Hint: It’s not ALL about the page views!) with Danielle Liss

Danielle Liss is back as a repeat guest and sharing how you should price your services as a blogger. It’s not all about the page views! Listen to the podcast to listen to her tips on how to figure out what you should be charging.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why you should have pricing for the areas that you are most likely to be hired for
    • How to analyze your Google analytics to see how your sponsored verse non-sponsored content performs
    • How you should track your campaigns
    • PRICE framework for you to figure out your pricing to include all platforms

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Pricing Has Changed

Once upon a time the, main thing that a brand wanted to say was, “We’ve got mentions on this blog.” It wasn’t about anything. It was about saying, “We’re mentioned on 50 different blogs.”  Now the market has changed, and there’s concentration in a lot of different areas now. But most of the time, the pricing models just haven’t changed enough to reflect that. People are so uncertain how to price themselves within the market. It’s not just a blog post now, you’ve got Facebook live, you’ve got Snapchat, you’ve got so many channels and people’s audiences’ responds differently on different types of channels. Everyone is different, everyone creates amazing and unique content, so you need a framework that’s going to allow you to create pricing that just as unique as that contact.

Danielle Liss

What do you need to have pricing for as a blogger?

One thing that I want to remind people of is even if you have lower page views or lower visitors,  it is not easy for a product to get in front of a thousand to two thousand people that they know will be interested in your product. Even if you’re numbers seem low, compared to some really big blogs out there, you still have a great opportunity for a brand as long as it is a right fit for your audience.

Concentrate on your strengths. If your strengths are on Instagram and your blog, make sure you have pricing set for that. If you do not have Snapchat, and you don’t have any interest on being in Snapchat, if that’s not the channel that interests you or you don’t have audience on there, you don’t need to concentrate on that. Have pricing for the areas that you are most likely to be hired for and you have a comfort level, analyzing your statistics. Analytics are so important and analytics are something that most people want to avoid. You need to dive into your analytics and say, “Okay, this does well, this does well and this does well, here’s how I priced it based on the results that I’ve seen.”

Is there one social media platform that converts best or has the best chance of reaching the largest audience?

I think it is entirely individual, and I feel like it seems a copout answer, but it depends on where your audience is and how your audience best connects with you. Every person’s channels are going to depend entirely on their audience and what their audience responds best too.

When you’re working with the brands, do you think a media kit is a must have?

I love media kits. I think they are amazing.  Katy Widrick has outstanding resources regarding media kits.

How do you figure out what resonates with your audience?

When looking at Google analytics, first I want you to analyze all of your top performing posts. Next I want you to analyze your top sponsored posts. If you see a big difference, in the way that your sponsored contact performs versus your non-sponsored contact, I really want you to sit back at look it back. Are you telling the stories a different way? Did you become more of robotic in your conversations when you’re talking about a product or client? If that’s the case, you need to work on your sponsored contacts more than on your non-sponsored contacts.

how to price your services

Tell us about your price framework and how you developed it.

Most people want a secret formula about how to price.  I have to tell you that it doesn’t exist. That’s not a bad thing. The secret formula would be a one side spit all approach, and it just doesn’t work because everybody is different. What it came down to was, what type of framework can we create to give people about what is and isn’t working when you’re working with clients? So that how’s the price method was born.

PRICE Acronym:

P: Potential Impressions

R: Reach

I: Investment

C: Content

E: Engagement

Danielle LissDanielle Liss is a partner and founder of Businessese. She is also the owner of Hashtag Legal, a law firm that focuses on social media law. Danielle is the former Chief Marketing Officer of FitFluential, an influencer network concentrating on health and
wellness initiatives. She’s been blogging since 2004 at Kitten a Go-Go. Danielle and her partner started Businessese with one goal in mind, to make it easier for you to run your small business. Danielle is an attorney and experienced business leader. Danielle shares about her specialty dealing with the fine print of businesses.
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Instagram: @businessese
Twitter: @businessese
Facebook: Businessese



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How to Quit Your Job to Start Your Own Business with Davida Kugelmas

Davida Kugelmas is the writer and recipe creator behind The Healthy Maven. In this episode you’ll learn how she got left her full time job to work on her blog, how she brings in an income, where she finds inspiration and working with Lee from Fit Foodie Finds.

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Tell us a little bit about you, Davida Kugelmas, and what you do.

I started the Healthy Maven a little over 3 years ago. Mainly as a hobby, I was really happy at my job, and had this passion for health and wellness. I was 22-23 and people my age just weren’t talking about it. I wanted a place where I could talk more this stuff and that’s how I started the Healthy Maven. I was just doing it in my spare time, managing a 9-5 job, and running the blog in the evenings and on the weekends.  I was loving it so much that I knew I wanted to find a way to turn it in to a career. It’s definitely was not my intention when I started the blog, but pretty quickly I was like, this is what like passion feels like, this is what it’s like to wake up and really want to work on something. I just wasn’t feeling that in my job. Fast forward, I guess after about a year running the blog, I took it on full time, and it’s been about two years and I’m loving every second and it’s awesome.

How did you actually go about quitting your full time job?

I think it’s like when I tell that story, I glaze over the details that happened behind the scenes. There was definitely some struggle in there but I knew going in to it that there was going to be.  I didn’t have student debt, I didn’t have any children to support, I didn’t require a lot of funds in my life, or debt to other people, so it was like, if there’s any time in my life to take a risk it’s now.

It was the very first time I took a really big risk in my life. I knew I needed some buffer in between and I needed time. So what I did was I transitioned from my full time job into a part time role with a healthy foods start up in Toronto. We were working doing some social media stuff.

I was working doing trade show demos and in-store demos and it was great because there are a lot of flexibility and it also taught me a lot about the food industry.  Because it was a food start up, it taught me that didn’t really want to sell a product and also it was a great way to bring in a little bit of income.

I did that for about six months and then at that point I was feeling like that I was bringing in enough money from the blog. I definitely took a risk there and I definitely assessed my situation and that taking a risk was going to be a complete explosion, and then I just did it. I really don’t understand who I was when I made that decision because it’s so unlikely but I’m really happy of what I did.

how to quit your job

It’s okay to take your job you’re not going to be in for the next 5 years  to get where you are with your passion.

Exactly, I didn’t know where that role was going to go, I loved it so much. I knew my ultimate goal was around the blog full time, so I think it’s important to start to look at the big picture and that can help you with the goals that you have set for yourself. I also was really lucky that I have found a role that was the other side of the industry that I want to be in but really taught me a lot about the other side of it. It definitely help some elements of my education that I wasn’t necessarily getting in running the blog. So I learned a lot about the other side of the industry, as well as bringing a little bit of income to help support the blog.

Can you give the listeners any tips on approaching brands and what brands are looking for them?

The most important lesson that I’ve learned in a bloggers perspective was that you offer some added value. You just need to figure out what that is and I think some bloggers get stuck of the ideas of numbers but often times it can be things like photography or writing or different aspects of your business that isn’t about the numbers.

You’ll just have to figure out what that value is. When you are approaching brands you can explain to them what you can offer them. I think we definitely as bloggers, undermined our skill set is and where our talents are and you’ll just need to figure out what they are. Remember that a brand is a business and ultimately they’re looking to meet that end goal. If you don’t have great readership on your blog,  but if you take great pictures, offer free photography services or freelance recipe development, there’s so many avenues you can take you’ll just need to figure out what your skill set is and what can you offer in these brands.

What has been your greatest flop to date?

Biggest flop, I don’t know that this is necessarily, it wasn’t a huge flop in a sense that I didn’t learn a lot from it but definitely selling the eBook. I think entering into the world of selling products when you’re always offering things for free can be really challenging. I dedicated two months of my life to getting this book together, recipe testing, photographing, designing out the book and I learned so much in the process.

I really wanted to refine my skills and work faster, and also designing an eBook is a great skill to have but definitely wasn’t a huge money maker, if that’s how we’re defining flop. I put a lot time and effort to it. I could have made 3 times more in doing a sponsored post, so in that sense it was a flop but I was able to learned a lot and know if I need to whip up an eBook in  a day, I know how to do it. I don’t regret it by any means but I wasn’t a huge financial success.

If you were to translate that into a lesson for the listeners, do you think an eBook is past it’s prime, since there are so many free resources out there?

You really need to assess what you have to offer, and assess whether you really want to be selling it. I think they’re great lead magnets to get people to sign up for your email list or just adds values to your brand. In terms of selling, you’re constantly offering free content, it’s really hard to get people to open up their wallets and give you money. I have everything here for free and in addition to that, there’s lots of sites offering free content, so if you’re really keen on making a recipe eBook, definitely look around and see what’s missing. But if you’re just going for a conventional recipe eBook, I would think twice if I’m jumping in but again it’s a great running lesson and it’s important for people to learn how to design these things and how to really refine their skills when it comes to recipe development and photography.

What would you say your best piece of advice to someone who just started out?

You just have to do it. So many people get stuck in room by perfectionism, myself included. I’ve been seeing a lot of videos lately where a lot of people have jumped into the video world and expect that their first video needs to be like an Oscar winning production.  You just have to jumped in and do it and give yourself permission to take the time you need to figure out how to do it well.  Everyone thinks that they need to be incredible off the bat but you don’t get better until you try.


Listen to the full interview with Davida on the Blissful Bites Podcast!

Davida Kugelmas

Davida is the creator/writer and recipe developer behind the Healthy Maven, a blog dedicated to inspire healthy living through food fitness and everything in between. Davida is also the co-creator of the blogger project which is a website dedicated to help bloggers grow their blogs and run them as business as well as a freelance recipe developer and food photographer and she loves hockey like me so obviously she’s awesome. 

Find Davida!
Website: The Healthy Maven
Instagram: @thehealthymaven
Twitter: @thehealthymaven
Facebook: The Healthy Maven

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Why Blogging Won’t Pay All Your Bills

After interviewing over 100 women, many of them bloggers, something clicked in my head. You can’t make a significant income just reply on your blog and sponsored posts.

I wanted to talk about something today that I think you don’t hear very often, especially after running the Food Entrepreneur Summit and having ears in the blogging community and also being a blogger.

I hear all the time that people want to quit their jobs and become full time bloggers. They feel like they are really, really so far off from doing that. I don’t know why it just clicked with me after talking to other entrepreneurs and interviewing people. It’s not realistic for us to have the perspective that you can make a full time really good income off just sponsored posts and blogging.  

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Yes, absolutely there are some people who can do it. I know that. But I think those are the minority. It’s great to be able to get a sponsored post and to get paid a lot of money by a brand, but is that sustainable? Are you able to do that every single month? Are you able to pay your bills and pay your mortgage off sponsored posts?


This is just make you think a bit. If you really, really want to be a full time blogger, can you think about doing something else? Can you find a way to work so you can fuel your passion? I think having a blog is a great way to share value, to share content, to share recipes, to share business tips, anything. But I think it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

If you want to have a job that you love and make a good amount of money and support your family, then you need to really think about is blogging and just running off sponsored posts a sustainable way to do that?

If it is for you, that is awesome. You are an outlier. If you’re not an outlier, I want you to think about can you just rely on your page views to bring in a full income? I really just don’t think that it’s possible for the majority of us.

The most successful women entrepreneurs that I have talked to, who are bloggers, the most successful one also have some other source of income that supports them. And  sometimes it majorly supports them, whether they are a health coach or they have a brick and mortar shop or they’re consultants. They do something that is supporting their income.  

There are so many new jobs all the time, people like me who are starting a podcast or starting another type of business. Can you share your skills and help out another entrepreneur and just sell your services?

Is there some type of hole that you can fill and you could start your own business based on something you’ve seen that there is a need on the market? I met someone at my business group who I’m going to be interviewing in the upcoming weeks, who basically started a stock photo site because she saw there weren’t any stock photos that were really kind of girly and chic. She started a whole business based on stock photos.

That’s what I’m talking about. People who are kind of seeking the holes in the market and sharing things that they are super super good at. That’s what I want for you.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What what am I really good at?  
  • What can I offer?
  • What do I see that’s missing from the market?  Then start a business.

I don’t want you to spend years and years in a job that you’re totally unhappy at, just waiting for your page views to reach a certain threshold.  Waiting, so brands will start to reach out to you. That is not the way to create a happy life that you are proud of. You need to be more aggressive and you need to be proactive and you need to take hold of your life. Waiting for page views to reach a certain point, so you can get to a certain point, that’s not how to do it.

So how are you going to do it? After talking to all these women and making all these connections I want to share those connections with you. I have put together a 90 Day Profit Challenge but it’s not just all about new content and more content. Yes, of course there will be new content every single month that I’m super proud of.

The theme is figuring out what you’re really good at so you can make a profit now.

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You need to be able to bring in income now. I’m really good at is figuring out how to take action and to move your business forward. I have done a lot (Podcast launch, Food Summit, Strategy Sessions, Challenge Groups) in a short amount of time and I want to share all those lessons that I have learned.

In the group we’ll keep you on track, keep you motivated and then share out all those connections that I’ve made with you.

I just really want to be able to support you and to show you that you can do this and you can create those profits and be passionate about your business at the same time. It doesn’t have to be hard but you do have to be be willing to put in the work and you have to be willing to take action every single day. 


Click here to learn more about my Free Training: How to Make Money as a Food Blogger without Page views of Sponsored Posts! 

profitable blogging

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Why Email Marketing is Crucial For Your Business with Lauren Pawell

On this interview, Lauren Pawell from Bixa Media shares why email marketing is absolutely crucial to your business. This blog post comes from the show notes. For even more details on how to improve your email marketing, listen to the episode! 

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why email marketing is crucial to your business
    • Why you need to be collecting emails from your readers, even if you don’t plan on selling a product
    • The two biggest mistakes you’re making and how to fix them
    • Two actions to level up your email marketing

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Two Mistakes You're making in email marketing

Email Marketing is Crucial To Your Blog + Business

When it comes to a food blog or really any business, emails are important because that’s the way you’re going to stay in touch with your audience. So if you think about everyone who comes into your blog, all that website traffic you get, all those visitors you worked so hard for, if they don’t give you permission to contact them again, they might leave and they might never hear from you.

If you’re able to convert a website visitor into an email subscriber, you then have this  traffic source that you can continue to talk to, again every time you post content and you can leverage them. They can be as a part of your VIP audience, the people who are your most important visitors. Now keep those subscribers coming back to your blog time and time again because you remind them that you exist. Perhaps more importantly, include them in the on-going story of your food blog.  Then this is the audience you turn to if you ever are going to sell a product, they’re going to be the first one to buy because they’ve grown up with you and followed out.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t have any intentions on creating a product.” Is it really important to get people on my list?

Yes, even if you don’t have to have any intentions of creating a product. How are you going to get people come back time and time again to read your post besides just remembering your site? If you’re in their inbox every week, and you let them know about the new content that you’ve posted, that gives them a reminder. For example, our food blog is Something New For Dinner,  and you get an email and say“Oh something new for dinner posted a new recipe, I’m going to go take a look at it.”

If you don’t do that, you’re waiting for someone to keep you topped of mind and you know a lot of things happened in your day. Someone’s going to remember you, of all the websites they’ve been on, and comeback week after week, and without email, the picture is going to be a tougher challenge. So you don’t have to sell anything, it’s just a way you keep your most important audience close to you and a way for you to build a relationship with them so you can understand what they like, what content they like, what content they don’t like. And you’ll just keep sending them back to your site every time you post a new content.

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The Two Biggest Mistakes You’re Making in Email Marketing

  1. No clear call to action in an obvious placing sign up for my newsletter. Often times this might be on the side bar, or this might be towards bottom of the side but it’s not obvious in a way that forces the visitor to make a choice.  When it’s on your side bar for example, someone doesn’t have to make a choice to continue reading the content, they don’t have to add their email or not to continue reading the content. If you have a pop up or something that’s obvious as a pop up, something has to say, “do I want to hear more from this person?” Yes, or “can I input my email?” or “I don’t want to hear more from this person” so I close it out. If you don’t give someone that choice they’re most likely not going to take the action you want. Being a little more obvious, even though sometimes the people get pushed back, they say, “oh my gosh, pop ups are so annoying.” You’ll see, that alone will increase your subscriber rate insignificantly.
  2. When people just say “sign up for my newsletter” and they don’t offer any sort of incentive to sign up. What do I mean by incentive? It doesn’t have to be like you often see on an e-commerce site someone most have like,  5% off for a first time customer. Maybe it’s a compilation of your most popular blog posts you put in a PDF format. And then you say, sign up to receive my favorite top ten recipes. Or maybe you’ll just email those out in an email format. That gives someone incentive to sign up. Right now you get requests for so many newsletters sign ups, but that alone isn’t enough to convince someone to sign up or to opt in.

Examples of Lead Magnets

It depends on what your blogging about.  If you’re a food blog, it might be 5 kitchen tools that you need to have in your kitchen or 5 drinks you want to make in your home bar. If you don’t want to repackage all your old content, you can come up with something new, it can be a one page pdf that just lists those tools and why you like them. That’s one way to do it, the other way it to just look at your google analytics and find your most popular post. Then package that in a PDF.

Two Actions to Implement Now to Level Up Your Email Marketing

    1. Go get a popup on your site.  There’s a few different ways you can do this: sumo me or hello bar, are two good choices. They work on any type of site whether it’s WordPress or not. They have a couple different types of popups, some would just like a top bar or your side bar. I’m sure you have seen them on food blogs that are little less obvious.  Go install that and start collecting emails subscribers from your regular website traffic.
    2. Design a great lead magnet:  that freebie or incentive you use to replace your call to action from sign up to my newsletter, to sign up to receive my free best recipe or whatever it is. Those would be the two thing I would do to start leveling up your email marketing or at least start collecting the emails subscribers.

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As the founder of Bixa Media, Lauren Pawell loves helping entrepreneurs turn their WordPress and Shopify websites into revenue-generating powerhouses. To improve yourLauren Pawell email marketing performance in 11 days, sign up for her free course here. 

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Instagram: @bixamedia
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Taking Risks Has the Best Rewards with Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes is the owner of Ello Raw. At Ello Raw they create the highest quality product and add no preservatives, fillers or fake ingredients. Rebecca started Ello Raw while she was in college at Duke University. She believes what you put in your body, let’s you live a great life. Rebecca was a dancer in college and that creativity flows through her business!

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • how Rebecca took the leap to start her own business.
    • why she decided to not work in a typical 9-5 job
    • the resources Rebecca used to start her company
    • when she reaches out to someone for help
    • how to test your idea to see if it will work

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Rebecca’s key lessons on how to grow a successful business:

  • Talking to mentors and people to ask business advice. She made connections to help her business grow.
  • She wasn’t afraid to fail.
  • Be teachable! This was a huge part of her success!
  • Don’t keep ideas and lessons learned to yourself! Sharing them will help them grow.
  • If you don’t have a solution to a problem in 48 hours, reach out to someone for help!


Rebecca Holmes

Rebecca Holmes


Rebecca Holmes is the owner of Ello Raw and lives in North Carolina!  Rebecca grew up in a family that dealt with a myriad of health ailments both physically and mentally. After realizing that food matters in the way we live our lives, she set out to create something truly healthy but also delicious. When you change the way you eat, you change the way you live.  She craves knowledge and realness. She promises to always pursue the best quality ingredients, to work hard everyday, and to put your health before profits. 

Find Rebecca!
Instagram: @elloraw
Twitter: @elloraw
Facebook: Ello Raw

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How to Take Advantage of Automated Options with Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder is the founder of Meet Edgar, a social media automation tool designed to prevent status updates going to waste. Since 2009 her online courses have taught tens of thousands of entrepreneurs how to harness the power of social media. Laura has given talks to conferences like BlogHer and South by Southwest. She has spoken about the value of independent entrepreneurship at the White House. She’s also appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, Sena, and other major publications.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Beauty of automated programs, like Meet Edgar
    • How to stay balanced
    • How to do smaller amounts of focused work
    • Laura’s best resource to help you get started

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Tell us a little bit about you, Laura Roeder, and everything you do.

I’m the founder of a software company called Meet Edgar. My background has been in the social media marketing space for as long as social media marketing has been around. I’ve done consulting and training and now software.

Laura Roeder, Meet Edgar

How do you stay balanced?

I am not a workaholic, and our company is not a workaholic company. On our careers page, one of the perks of the company is your inbox will be a dead zone on the evenings and on the weekends. It’s sad that it’s a perk now, but it is pretty unusual. I’m a big believer in doing smaller amounts of focused work. I don’t think anyone can do eight hours of really focused quality work a day, much less more than that. The more you constrain yourself that these are the specific things that I need to get done today, these are my times to do them, it doesn’t always take that long to get things done when you’re focused.

And use software. I am definitely a big believer in looking for automated solutions.

Laura Roeder

Did you use any resources or any books? Was there any one thing that helped you figure things along the way?

There’s a book that I really love by Verne Harnish it’s called Scaling Up, it used to be called The Rockefeller Habits.

There’s also an organization called Gazelles that hosts one-day workshops based on the book. Scaling Up is an awesome book for any entrepreneur. It has lots of charts and graphs to fill out and little forms to fill in. It asks questions like, “How do you set your goals? How do you evaluate the competitive landscape? How often are you supposed to be meeting with the people at your company? What are you supposed to be talking about when you meet with them?” I feel it such a great guide for anyone who didn’t go to business school and probably it’s more valuable than people who learn in business school.

What would you say your top tip would be for someone who is just getting started?

I think the most important thing is just to get it out there and make it real.

0983Laura Roeder is the founder behind Meet Edgar, a
social media scheduling tool.  She has been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years.  She first started working for herself when she was 22 years old, and has been full time self-employed ever since. Laura is in love with small businesses using the web to take matters into their own hands.

Find Laura!
Website: Meet Edgar
Facebook: Meet Edgar
Twitter: @meetedgar 

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Create Relationships with Other Bloggers with Brittany Mullins

Brittany Mullins is a Richmond based health coach, certified personal trainer, and the blogger behind the healthy living blog Eating Bird Food. She proves that maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a challenge by sharing healthy recipes, workouts, wellness articles, travel adventures, and more. In her recipes, she focuses on using wholesome, natural, and organic ingredients to create healthy meals that are not only nutritious but also delicious and satisfying.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to stay inspired especially after blogging for years
  • How to transform your blog and ideas and grow with your business
  • Listen to what you’re audience/readers are asking for and create a product around that
  • Value of creating relationships for your business
  • Ideas to stay balanced

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Tell us a little bit about you, Brittany Mullins, and what you do.

I’m a health coach, personal trainer, and the blogger behind Eating Bird Food. I started blogging about 8 years ago.

What has been your most proud moment so far in the past 8 years?

Most recently, this year I was invited to the White House as part of an event with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. It was a group of a hundred bloggers, and the first lady spoke about all the headway that’s been made to fight childhood obesity. I felt really proud to be invited to the White House.

How do you keep up recipe creation and inspiration?

A lot of my recipes come from recipes that my mom used to make when I was little that I love. My mom made a lot of Southern food, so I’ve tried to make those recipes healthy. I get inspired by going out to eat or going to Whole Foods or places like that where I have a meal that I love. I often try to make restaurant meals a little bit healthier at home or make something that inspired me at Whole Foods. I also use reader requests.

What have you done that has really helped your online business?

I think that the biggest piece for me is creating relationships with other bloggers.

Brittany Mullins

How did you approach building relationships?

I joined some Facebook type groups, and I also connected with other bloggers who I liked reading their blogs, I was like maybe I’ll reach out to them, send them an email saying like, “I love what you’re doing,” and kind of just go from there.

What do you think would be your best piece of advice for someone who is just starting out in the food industry?

Get started today. Don’t wait until everything is perfect.

My other big piece of advice is don’t view other bloggers as competition.

Create Relationships to Help Grow Your Business

Brittany Mullins is the blogger behind Eating Bird Food.  She is a health coach and personal trainer living in Richmond, Virginia. When she learned more about eating Brittany Mullinshealthfully, she was amazed to see that small changes can make such a big difference. Brittany instantly decided that she wanted to help others live healthier and happier lives.

Find Brittany!
Blog: Eating Bird Food
Health Coaching:
Instagram: @eatingbirdfood
Twitter: @eatingbirdfood
Facebook: Eating Bird Food

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