How Amie Valpone Took Charge of Her Health + Wrote a Cookbook

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Amie Valpone is the author of the best-selling cookbook ‘Eating Clean: The 21-day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation and Reset Your Body and Editor-in-Chief of she is a Manhattan Celebrity chef, culinary nutritionist, professional recipe developer, writer and motivational speaker specializing in simple, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free clean eating recipes.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • How Amie left her full time corporate job at Vogue
    • Her process of writing a cookbook
    • How to get started eating healthy and treating yourself right

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Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

I healed myself from 10 years of chronic illness and I was given 24 hours to live about 6 years ago and I said to myself, “If I survive, if I make it, I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to helping other people get better without pharmaceutical drugs and running around to a million doctors. I, myself, saw over 500 doctors in 10 years so I had to figure out how to really get healthy and to be well because everyone was telling me conflicting information and it was incredibly confusing and exhausting and so that’s really how it all started. Now I am healed. I just wrote my cookbook that came out in my March and I am a celebrity chef, nutritionist and I do a lot of public speaking and media work. It’s a little bit of everything a lot of recipe development and food photography, working with different celebrities, other people here in Manhattan and it’s fun. I love it.

How did you finally get to that place where you can say, “I’m healed.”

That took a really, really long time. I took a good 8 years to figure all these out. It was unbelievable. I tried everything. I tried cutting out every different kind of food, in through my book I took people through a 21-day elimination plan and that’s really what I had to do. I have to prepare my body and kind of do this whole elimination section to really see what was going on inside my body, what was I reacting to but then I also had to keep working with these doctors because I have heavy metal, I have lyme disease, I had polycystic ovarian syndrome, I had so many different things and everything that you see is so conflicting about all of these things. It’s really, really hard to figure out what to do.

Amie Valpone

Can you share about the process of starting your book?

It takes about 3 years. I wrote the proposal about 3 years ago and so you read the proposal and you send it to your agent and your agent pretty much takes it and then goes ahead and puts it into a nice format.

The proposal itself is about a hundred pages and then you take it and she goes to all the publishing houses and pitches it and then when you get a deal which I got exactly 2 years ago and a month ago and then they just say, “Your deadline is in 9 months. Go.” And that’s it. You have no other guidelines at all. It’s kind of crazy.

Then you just have to figure everything out. Figuring out how to do the recipe testing, I hired some recipe testers, I would create some recipes and then there’s over 200 recipes in my book so I had to hire people help me just test to make sure they work for them. There’s just so many different parts of it and then I wrote how to detox your cleaning supplies, your beauty care products, your personal care products, all these different things that I realized your skin is your biggest organ. Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed. It’s not just what your eating so that was really my biggest wake up call.

What would be your absolute proudest moment?

I’ve been floored by the amount of support I’ve gotten on my cookbook ( Eating CleanThe 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Bodyand the fact that it still number 1 on Amazon for Vegetarian books.

Amie Valpone

When did you make that switch and how did you kind of figure it out and find your way?

It took a long time to figure out. Honestly, my best advice is to follow your heart as cheesy that sounds I never did anything to market anything, I never did anything ‘salesy’, I never did anything to grow my list. My goal is to just help people. I never want anyone to go through the hell that I went through for 10 very exhausting, expensive, traumatizing years and I think a lot of people can relate because a lot of women especially are going through health things and a lot of people aren’t getting the answers that they need and it’s really, really sad. I think a lot of people resonate with the fact, people who are authentic.

What is the first step to take for becoming your own health advocate and starting to figure out how to solve your health issues?

My best advice there is to really be your own doctor not to self-diagnose but to really tell yourself, “You’ve got to be in-charge of this.” Get a copy of all your blood work. No one does that anymore and I really feel like that’s just the biggest step understand what your blood work is saying and what’s going on and a lot of people aren’t doing that. I think the best part is to really just make yourself a binder, keep all of your blood work in there, keep notes from every doctor’s appointment and anything that you’re doing, any new supplements, any new baths or detox regimens like the epsom salt baths or the infared sonas and talk about them because a lot of times I would do new things and I would be like I started 2 things at once, what really helped me? I can’t remember if these pains in my knees started before that or after that. All of a sudden my pains and aches started going away and I was like this is kind of crazy.

Can you share something that was a flop or a disappointment since you left Vogue and became an entrepreneur?

All the lows came from health issues and so I kept relapsing.

What is your biggest piece of advice to someone who is just getting started?

My biggest piece of advice is to stick to one ingredient in whole foods. Stop eating processed packaged foods that are with an ingredient list that you cannot pronounce and that super long but you don’t even know what’s in it and stick with whole foods like one ingredient foods. You can base your entire day, all your meals and snacks, around these one-ingredient whole foods and that’s really how you’ll train your taste buds to resist these diet cokes or these other foods that we all get hooked on and we train our taste buds to want these fake foods. Your taste buds can unlearn that.

What’s your favorite recipe in your book?

The pialla is really great people love that. They love the chia breakfast pudding but I like a baked pear-blueberry, oatmeal skillet for breakfast. I had breakfast tacos that are awesome. I have some really great pizza crust that are out of this world.

How do you stay balanced?

I’m incredibly balanced. I can honestly say I’m incredibly balanced. I don’t get stressed, I do a lot of meditation, I started doing a lot of energy work and doing a lot of energy work has really helped calm down my parasympathetic nervous system and I don’t let my inbox stress me out. I don’t want people to stress me out. When you go through 10 years of chronic illness nothing phases you. I’ve learned that you have to put yourself first as selfish as that may sound it’s not selfish. You have to take care of your body because if you’re not taking care of it no one else is going to and I think that’s really important especially for women because we’re trying to do so many different things and we really have to focus on our health and put our oxygen mask first and then you put on the oxygen mask for everybody else.

Find Amie!

Amie Valpone, HHC, AADP is the author of the best-selling cookbook Amie’s first cookbook, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation & Reset Your Body and the Editor-in-Chief of; she is a Manhattan Celebrity Chef, Culinary Nutritionist, Professional Recipe Developer, Food Photographer, Writer and Motivational Speaker specializing in simple gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free ‘Clean Eating’ recipes.  Amie recently healed herself from a decade of chronic pain including Lyme Disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue, Leaky Gut, Heavy Metals and much more exhausting thousands of doctors in the country and Mayo Clinic; she shares her story of how Clean Eating  and Detox saved her life and inspires you to Clean up your food, too.  Amie lives in Manhattan, NYC where she cooks for a variety of clients including celebrities and people with busy lifestyles who enjoy healthy, organic, whole foods. Amie’s work appears on Martha Stewart, ABC News, Fox News Health, WebMD, The Huffington Post, The Food Network, Glamour Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, SELF Magazine, Prevention Magazine, PBS and many others.


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Why Everyone Needs a Business Coach + Mentor with Nicole Rautenberg

Nicole is a Personal and Professional Development Coach. She coaches entrepreneurs who crave success and balance in all areas of their lives. Nicole works with people who are ready to learn self care, create a schedule that reflects their priorities, want stop feeling trapped by money, identify the things that drain them, find healthy sources of fuel, learn how to surround themselves with positive relationships, connect closely to their inner self and create their best life. Nicole is all about working with you to discover your true passion, conquer your fears and create a high-quality life. 

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • How Nicole changed her business model to be happier and more fulfilled.
    • How to work through your limiting beliefs.
    • Why you shouldn’t just be happy with what you have.
    • Why you need a mentor and business coach

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Tell the listeners about you, Nicole Rautenberg and what you do.

I’m a professional and personal development coach. I got into coaching just over a year and a half ago. I created an online marketing business and that business grew really quickly. I was having a lot of fun with it, and then it got to a point where I wasn’t having a lot of fun with it anymore.  I sought out the help of a coach to help me work through it. I changed my business into a coaching model instead of a consulting model. I work with mostly professionals, anyone that’s an entrepreneur or an executive. I work with them to work through mindset stuff that we have blocking us from success, stuff in our journey, history, and past that affects us in our present day.

how to find a business coach


Wisdom from Nicole:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs.
    • “In 2016, we have every option in front of us and opportunity to go for whatever we want.”
  • Train your thinking.  
    • Repeat mantras such as “I am worth more. I deserve more. I can get more. It’s okay to want more.”
  • Explore your money story or money history.
    • “Identify specific things that you were told, specific money habits that you have, and where you learned them. Which ones are holding you back? Which ones are pushing you forward?”  
  • Invest in yourself and in your work on order to see a return on your investment.
  • Move outside embarassment.
    • “It’s so important for your overall success that you’re allowing yourself to be visible in order to start to see the rewards.”
  • Admit that you need help and you can’t do everything by yourself.

Why you need a business coach

What would be your top tips be to get started on moving forward right now?

My top tips would be:

  1. Admit that you need help and you can’t do everything by yourself. That’s a huge thing especially for side hustlers because you already have your 9-5 job or whatever you’re doing while trying to build your blog, build your business, or whatever way that you’re trying to market your creative venture. People either don’t have the money or they don’t want to train somebody. Admit that you can’t do it all on your own. Whether that’s seeking out free resources, setting aside time to read a professional or personal development book every single day, investing in a coaching program, going to Toast Masters, or whatever it is that you need to do to get that extra level of support, 100% you need to do it.  Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. You can sit in Facebook groups and be on as many live chats and Zooms as you want with other entrepreneurs, but it’s really about creating that support system around you. We all know we have those parents or those friends who don’t understand what we’re doing.
  2. Going deep with your money story. Figure out where you have those blocks because that’s the only way you’re going to get to the point where you’re making a lot more money once you get pass all your qualms about it.
  3. Structure your day like crazy. It makes such a huge difference.

How do I find a business coach?How to find a business coach

I would recommend messaging somebody that you admire or that is successful.  This could be outside the box such as a hyper successful CEO from a big company.  Find a way to get in touch with them and ask them who they work with or who they recommended.

Find Nicole!

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Start small but Think Big with Sadie Olsen, Otto’s Cassava Flour

Sadie is the founder of Otto’s Naturals Cassava flour and the mother to the real Otto who is currently 3 years old. With a background of alternative health, Sadie has a strong desire to help her family and others achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle especially those with food intolerances which she can relate to first hand. When not at work, you can usually find her somewhere eating cheese and planning their next trip.

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What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Sadie’s favorite recipe to make with Cassava Flour
  • How Sadie got the idea to start Otto’s
  • How Sadie figured out how to start an international brand
  • What Sadie’s biggest challenge was as a company
  • Otto’s most successful marketing technique

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Tell us about Otto’s Cassava Flour and how you get the idea.

When I was originally looking at cassava flour, I found this particular grade of cassava flour that was so different from the others on the market. My first thought was I should make stuff with this and sell it at Farmer’s markets. In hind sight that was really not a realistic plan for our circumstances at that time but more importantly I realized and found out that it wasn’t even available at realistic quantities for that kind of application. Their minimum order size was thousands of pounds and it occurred to me that if I couldn’t buy it in a quantity that made sense for our household, then neither could anybody else. That’s when the ‘Aha!’ moment came. I was pretty confident that people would love it as much as I did if they could just get their hands on it and so that’s kind of when the whole thing got started. It took us about 2 years to bring it to market.

What is your favorite all time recipe with cassava?

I have a love affair with Planks Love and Guacamole’s pizza and Fork and Bean’s tortillas. I don’t think I could choose between them.

How did you come up with your sales strategy?

I think we just realized what our biggest challenge was really going to be education. We thought about it and realized that bloggers are really at the forefront of that educational movement. The influential bloggers are successful because they take time to educate and provide their readers with far more thorough information than an ad ever could. Early on we just tried to get it into as many hands of influential bloggers as we could to work and play with and we made sure to let them know that there were absolutely no strings attached, they weren’t obligated to review us just, “Here’s a bag, play with it,” and leave it at that and that was going to be the best way to get a really honest information post out there for it.

We are so thankful with the bloggers we are partnered with, like Planks, Love and Guacamole. That pizza has gone absolutely viral!

What has been your most successful marketing technique?

Bloggers and instagram! Facebook grew very slowly. As soon as we got on instagram, we started having a lot more interaction and started attracting a lot more people. Our reach on instagram has gone far wider than we ever hoped it could!

Otto's Cassava Flour Founder

What would be your biggest piece of advice to someone who is just starting out in growing their food business?

The best piece of advice that we got at the beginning, was the most valuable,  start small but to think big and to make sure that you have your next move to scale in place before you need it.

Do you have a company or business owner that you looked up to?

I’d have to say Epic Provisions definitely. I would probably pay any amount of money to spend the day with Taylor and Katy and just pick their brains. They have done in 2 years what I hope to do in 10.

Where do you see yourself and Otto’s 5 years from now?

I think our main goal right now is to just work towards being as accessible as possible for people in terms of local availability and not just online. I’d love for everyone to be able to just grab a bag of Otto’s at their local store and not have to wait 2 days for it to come in the mail for them to make something they have a hankering for.

Otto's Cassava Flour Interview

What is the biggest lesson you learned in the past year?

To always have a contingency plan in place. Don’t put your eggs in one basket because things, circumstances they can change so quickly. Plan ahead; make sure you’ve got a backup plan for every aspect of your process so that you can roll with the punches that inevitably happened to everybody.

Do you have lessons that you’ve learned that you think are really great to make it smooth to work with your spouse?

I think respect is the key component there and it is a great thing to be able to have those lines and demarkations.

Share one thing that you want your customers and listeners to know about you that you think they don’t know yet.

In the beginning we were getting quite a bit of feedback from people that was like, “A bag of almond flour is like $12-14 in my local store and Otto’s is here at 17.99 and as much as we love it I’m not sure it’s sustainable for my budget,”. What we found is that they were actually comparing a one pound bag price, which is typical in a store to our two pound bag price. In reality Otto’s was actually less expensive than almond flour, like several dollars a pound.

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Follow Sadie and Otto’s Cassava Flour!

Sadie grew up in “The Mini-Apple”… Better known as Minneapolis, MN. but was bound for the east coast where she eventually met her husband, John. She is the Founder of Otto’s Naturals – Cassava Flour and the mother to the “real Otto” who is currently 3yo. With a background in Alternative Health, Sadie has a strong desire to help her family and others achieve a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Especially those with food intolerances, which she can relate to firsthand. Before starting Otto’s Cassava Flour she and her husband John enjoyed traveling the world together. Even living in both Ireland and Honduras for a few years. When not at work you can usually find her somewhere eating cheese and planning their next trip. 

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Let curiosity do the heavy lifting with Olive Hebert

Olive is on a mission to help brands and non profit to put a little more soul into their note passing and gain copywriting confidence online and off. The dearest Olive Community is turning client based into online social communities that thrive and excite. Olive also helps DIY entrepreneurs connect more deeply with their audience to create thriving online communities.

What you will get out of this episode:

    • Why you will have to unlearn what you learned in school when it comes to writing.
    • Why it’s important to find your ideal client and how to speak to them
    • If open rates and subject lines are important
    • How Olive feels about sharing successes and what she’s after

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Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

I own Dearest Olive Studio and I’m based here in Athens Georgia in the South. I am a copywriter and content strategist for the people I affectionately call the DIY-preneurs. Typically solo-preneurs they’re typically in creative visual fields like photography, videography, graphic design and other than that I am a mom, I have 2 boys and I have a handsome fella who I dearly loved and we enjoyed spending our time with nature. I do a nature connection program here through a non-profit called Wild Intelligence. I love to read, I love to go outside, I love to connect with my people and really that’s the core of who I am.

Can you give us an overview of copywriting?

Copywriting traditionally is writing to sell or writing to position your offering in a way that makes it attractive to buyers. There are a couple of people like me but they are not many of us where we’re putting the focus of copy into this connective place over this conversion place because we know that connective copywriting is actually the best conversion tool that I have. Rather than writing to position my things to sell, I wrote to position myself to connect with people first and conversion always followed. It was amazing that radical increase in sales and the percentage of conversions I was getting based on the number of people in my audience. The copy on your website is probably the most important copywriting that you’ll ever do or you’ll hire someone to do. You’ve also got copywriting on your Instagram feed, Twitter, Facebook and your email marketing. It’s a really powerful tool to connect and also to convert dream client leads into customers who love your brand.

What do you suggest to actually make the switch between that connective writing rather than just writing to sell?

I used to own a hair salon company and it really started there. A lot of our marketing and our copy was centered around selling our services or selling our products. I was experiencing this big shift at that time of wanting my life and my work to align in this way. What I valued in my life was connection and that’s when I felt the most alive, when I felt the most energized and I thought how can I do this in my salon company where we are offering beauty services. I believed that what we were selling was connection and showing people that they already are beautiful. I sat down one day and I wrote an email campaign to our audience that said, “Everything we thought about beauty is wrong.” It was just the story of the ways in which we’ve been brought up and the ways in which our culture calls us to be more beautiful and that, yes, we offer these beauty services but everything we think about is actually wrong and if we don’t honor beauty as what it already is the concept itself is our enemy.

That was the turning point for me because we got all of these responses from people that were like, “Thank you so much. This made me feel like a human. I feel like you see me for who I am.” We actually sold more services and booked more clients online from that email of just honesty and true telling and debunking the myths in our industry than any other email or marketing promotion that we ever done.

To me I think the way you getting into that is getting out of the mentality of I have to write this to sell, this sales page has to hit pain points, it has to hit frustration, it has to hit all those things and just flipping the script into how can we connect first and cultivate a relationship, humanize that relationship and then convert them into customers. How it is right now is that I really want to bring my honest truth and connect with people first and then convert them later and not look at from, “I converted a customer here. Now the relationship starts,” but rather flipping the script to, “How can I build a relationship with someone who I want to be my dream client…” and I think that’s where you start. It’s just flipping the script, flipping the mindset into more of what I call invitation over publicity. Inviting them in rather than publicizing and promoting to bring them in to buy.

olive hebert

How do you go about figuring out who your dream client is?

You have a pretty good idea of people who you’ve loved working with, you have a pretty good idea of people you didn’t jive with and then even if you don’t have a current client base you can think of the kind of people in certain industries or niches that you really would love to serve.  It can get tricky because sometimes we think of the people we want to serve and then we end up working with those people and we’re like, “Oh wait, maybe this isn’t who I was thinking of.”

But for me with Dearest Olive is I find those dream clients especially if I find when they’ve already worked with or that I’m working with currently and then I interview them like crazy. It’s not necessarily a formal interview but I just listen to them like what are their frustrations, what do they love, what brings them energy and they’ll tell you so much just on normal conversations.

You can really start to pin down what is it that makes them come alive because even if it’s not related to your specific offering, let’s say your a photographer and you offer family sessions, understanding what makes them come alive in their life will help you understand how to connect with them and cultivate that relationship before they actually book a session. And when they connect with you in that level, you are the one worth choosing for them.

What I do is, I do interview people also more formally sometimes I do a formal coffee date or Skype date and I’ll ask them questions about how do you feel on those best days, how do you feel on your worse days, what does a perfect day look like for you and that can tell you actually a lot about them. You can ask them open-ended questions like that and they’ll say many things outside of that scope that lead you to what their pain plans are to. Things that people are really seeking and they wish this certain thing to be in their life so much you know that’s kind of pain point for them as well.

I do try to focus more on what is it that they are looking for, what kind of things make them come alive, what did they feel at their best more so than I do the pain points because I think that can, there’s a slippery slope there with that becoming a marketing gimmick of digging into the pain points and trying to remind them of the things that frustrates them in order to see that you have the solution. What I found to be more effective in terms of converting dream clients, people that I really love and want to work with, is focusing on how they want to feel and what kind of thing they are looking for and then presenting to them in that way.

How often do you actually hear, “but I’m a terrible writer.”

What it really is not that people aren’t great writers, it’s that they don’t have a writing practice. Once people get into a writing practice and they write often they find out, “you know, I’m actually am an okay writer.” One big thing that helps people understand that they are a writer in some kind.

We do have stories to share and I think the key there too is sharing them in a way that’s honest and truthful to us. When we try to write things in a way that we think is traditionally good writing or when we focus too much on our upbringing.

Here’s something I say a lot to my clients is that you’ve got to unlearn what you learned in school sometimes. You’ve got to unlearn the perfect grammar and where to put the semi-colon and all those things so that you can actually get your story out there in a way that’s connective and that’s not so robotic. If you’re writing something like where grammar is really important but for most people and probably for most of you listeners the really important thing is that they get their message across and that they say it in a way that’s unique to them and they don’t lose their voice at the expense of what we consider to be “good writing”.

Craft a great email to your clientsWhat do you think makes up a really great email to your dream client?

Typically for me with Dearest Olive I tend to either go with a story or a lesson from a story. I will say I’m a little careful about what kind of story when I share them because I have to be really careful of myself because I love to speak my truth and to be honest and I really have to really watch myself that I’m not sharing too soon like before the stories had a chance to unfold.

For me and my email campaigns, a lot of it is personal, some of it is like something empowering or inspiring or a metaphor of some kind that I’ve thought about and sometimes it’s playful and silly. I think sometimes with email marketing, in the way that I do it, it’s not necessarily like that. I don’t have an arc and like this big end thing.

I think it can look like a lot of different things but I think the 2 main things that your stories need is some kind of character that doesn’t necessarily have to be a person but some character or idea or a thought pattern that you’ve had. Maybe you start off with I used to think this and now I think this.

The second piece is you have the character and you’ve also got to have some element of change or some element of transformation and that’s where you think about that dream client and can they see themselves in this? Is this something they cans see themselves in? And that’s where stories really resonate with your dream client.

When your dream client can see themselves in the story and whether or not it’s their past self or their current self or where they want to go. I don’t think that necessarily matters as long as you’re focusing on how they want to feel but you need to have some element of change in there. It doesn’t have to be monetary; it doesn’t have to be necessarily super lifestyle. I think that can very much be internal and some of those are my highest converting emails and my highest engaging emails or highest in terms of percentage of engagement come from that internal change and transformation.

What would be a great tip for someone to just really help them grow their email list with that perfect dream client?

One thing that I recommend for my clients who have smaller list is really engaging to the subscribers that you do have. So, engaging with them, providing them peer value and then asking them for the forward.

One of the best ways I’ve ever grown my list was really quality subscribers is just asking for a forward and then at the end of that email at the very bottom, including a link, maybe I’ll do that 10 lines after I signed off or after the P.S. and I’ll say, “Hey! If you got this email forwarded to from a friend 1.You’ve got awesome friends and 2. If you’d like to receive more notes like this here’s where you can sign up.

I get a lot of subscribers in that way which feels really good to me because it’s also really organic kind of growth. There’s so many different ways that you can create an-opt in opportunity for someone. People call this a lead magnet sometimes or opt in freebee which is something you give away for free in exchange for their name and email address and with those you have to be a little careful because you have to really make sure that your creating an opt in that leaves them to know understand or believes something about what you offer or who you are that will then lead them to sale later.

Resources from the episode:

Follow Olive!

Listen to Olive Herbert’s interview on the Blissful Bites Podcast in iTunes!

Olive is a connective copywriter, social media & content strategist, and email marketing enthusiast based in Athens, GA’s thriving creative community.  Specializing in sales funnels, launch sequences and social media management plans that are built to connect and convert, Olive is on a mission to turn client bases into engaged, online social communities that grow your business.

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The Goal is to Change the Way America Bakes with Loren Brill, Sweet Lorens

Loren Brill is a 30 year old New York City lifestyle advocate. She is the founder and CEO of Sweet Loren’s a cookie company founded on the promise of delicious taste and only natural ingredients. Loren is committed to building a brand of better for your treats while inspiring young women to lead healthy balanced lives.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Loren launched her business and got free press.
  • How Loren connected with Hoda Kotb and got her cookies (and herself!) on the Today Show
  • If Loren believes in balance and how she manages it.
  • Her best advice to new entrepreneurs just starting out.

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Tell us a little bit about you and your company Sweet Loren’s.

I grew up in New York and I grew up in a family where both of my parents were entrepreneurs so they were crazy busy running around. Family dinners were really important. I think they really grounded our family. My whole family has a big sweet tooth so desserts were really important. At 18 I was a Yoga instructor so I started really getting interested in health and wellness and then I went to college in California. Right after I graduated, I was 22 years old, I got sick. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma which is the most common cancer in young adults. They had no idea why I’ve got it. I got to come back home and it just totally changed my life. I stayed in nutrition to keep my body as healthy as possible and I basically felt like I had this year off of my life so I was going to use that time to follow my passion.

I used that time to enjoy life as much as possible. I started to take cooking classes and baking classes because I love good food. I felt like there is such a disconnect between what I feel is good for you and what’s in most baked goods. If you have a sweet tooth it’s just really hard to satisfy it.

There’s nothing better than a warm cookie and so I decided to make my own. I couldn’t find it in the market place. I have a younger sister and she became my taste tester and we started working at it. I just started changing a chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s was done millions of times.  I made it whole food based, more unprocessed and actually had an improved flavor and taste.

Anyone I’ve spoken to really wanted a healthier cookie and loved the concept. At 22/23 years old I knew there was a business potential there and really a need internationally for people.  I was young. I wasn’t ready to jump in just yet. I started managing a restaurant in New York and then when I was 26 years old I entered a baking contest and won.

The judge came up to me and was like, “You need to do something with this.” And this switch went off and I just was like. I’m supposed to do this. I really feel like everything in my life has lead up to this. I feel incredibly passionate about better for you food and especially sweets and snacks. I just felt like I had spent all this time creating this recipes that I would needed to get them out and make it easy for other people to be able to bake like this at home.

That was really the concept of Sweet Loren’s. I quit my job, lived at home for 6 months and basically my family was like, “You’ve got 6 months to get this off the ground. This can’t be a hobby.” I jumped in a hundred and ten percent in and really haven’t looked back since.

A month after I launched Whole Foods we won a contest called, ‘The next Big Brand for Food.’ This is big New York City contest and we won the Next Big small Brand Award and also People’s Choice Award and it was really validating.

There was a lot of press there and they asked me, without me even thinking about it, they were like, “Why did you start this company?” I never knew anyone want to hear the story. I thought it was really in the past and it was also a hard time in my life. I wasn’t excited to talk about it but I realized that it was so authentic and it was the truth and that everyone on this point can resonate in some way because they know someone who has been affected by cancer and how it really can change your life.

I got very empowered to tell the story because it started to inspire people and connect people. I just started to grow the company and I moved to a different factory, we changed our packaging again and then about a year and a half ago we switched to our factory that we are presently in and launched as a refrigerated cookie dough.

We are now sold in Whole Foods, Fairway, the Gelson’s, the Fresh Market, Hannaford and Publix in a month. It’s exciting because we really growing and growing our team and I really feel that we are growing a brand that has a positive impact and stands for progress and better products.

loren brill sweet loren

How did the Next Big-Small brand contest propel you forward and what did the PR do for your brand?

I just learned a ton about branding, I just learned about packaging design. I learned that this is my story, these are my recipes and so I really need to hone in on what I believed in and what I wanted the brand to feel like because that translated into packaging.

I think the press, that’s where I learned how important was to tell the story and to tell the story to as many people as possible because that’s what really connected with people. I got national press over the next year and a half, I was voted top entrepreneur by Marie Claire, it was live on the Today Show and on a cover of the U.S.A Today.

Can you tell us a little bit about getting to the Today show as one of Hoda’s favorite things?

I met her at couple events in New York, literally I would be demoing my product with the table and then sampling our cookie dough at Whole Foods and she would walk in just like a customer. Then I saw her in New York on Fashion night out. I went after her and just gave her my card and I was like I would love to give you samples. I really just made a deal with myself at the very beginning that if I was going to get this business off the ground, I only had me to do this, to build this. You can’t outsource this and so I just made a deal that I would talk to anyone and everyone. I always watched her on the Today show and she’s also a cancer survivor, so I just felt that we would connect. Then I went to a book signing of hers when she launched her first book.

She was so sweet, she really listened, she was excited, she has a big sweet tooth and we totally connected and she was like, “Come by to the Today show. I love for you to be a guest.” First she brought me and my sister on just to be like a guest watching as they film the show and then I won the Next Big-Small Contest and I was on the cover of the daily news in New York and I saw her.

Our cookies were at the American Heart Health Association launched and she was getting honored and it was just another coincidence that I just went up to her and was like, “Hoda, remember me.” And she was like, “Oh my God! I just read about you.” We just had this connection and I think it was because of that contest too that she saw that we were really growing and so when we launched our packaging after we worked with that branding agency. I emailed her, it was like, “Hey Hoda, I want to send you samples.” She was like, “I want you to be on the show on Monday,” that was 4 days away.

That’s when the momentum really started because it was just non-stop since then. I didn’t know I was going to be on the show, she said I love your product and we picked it as my favorite things. The studio has all these cameras and it’s live. They put me right next to the stage right before I was going to step up on stage. They baked a ton of the cookies and gave me this platter that was beautifully stacked and they’re like, “You’re going to be on in 60 seconds.”

I was wearing 4 inch heels because I didn’t even know I was going to get to walk on stage. I leaned down to make sure there was nothing I was going to trip on, and the cookies fell on the ground. Luckily they had more cookies and restocked the platter.  We just had a really fun time and I got off stage and my phone didn’t stop ringing for 48 hours.

What would be your best piece of advice to someone who is just starting out?

I think if you find something that you’re so passionate about you will find a way and you’ll connect with something that when you wake up every morning you’ll be excited to jump out of bed and do. I would say don’t just do something that sounds like a good idea just make sure you have so much passionate about it, that bigger picture idea, because the why. That’s going to really help you just be able to create something that’s the best in the world and also it’ll give you that drive to get out of bed every morning because there’s so much to figure out. I would also say really surround yourself with the smartest, best mentors you can. I think that’s the really biggest advice I can give. And make sure you just have that community so that before you make a big decision you have people a) to talk to so that you don’t go crazy and b)that can really help you make sure your on track to meet our goal.

Do you believe in balance and if so how do you find balance?

I think life is about balance. If you don’t have balance something is going to give.

I think that when you are starting something you can definitely hustle and there are times when you are like you need to put so much into something. I think that you can’t forget that this can’t be the only thing in your life. Friends, family are very important and I think it’s important just to take a step back and make sure that you have a personal goal besides your business because I think that the happier you are personally the more that’s connected to your business.

Follow Loren Brill and Sweet Lorens!

 Loren Brill is a 30-year old, New York City-based healthy lifestyle advocate. She is the Founder & CEO of Sweet Loren’s, a cookie company founded on the promise of delicious taste and only natural ingredients.  In her early twenties, Loren was faced with and overcame cancer, which was ultimately the catalyst for the creation of Sweet Loren’s – with the goal of providing wholesomely delicious treats and ingredients you can feel good about eating. Shortly following the start of the company, Loren won The Next BIG Small Brand for Culinary Genius and People’s Choice Award, 2011. She was chosen as Marie Claire’s Top Entrepreneur in the Women on Top Awards, 2012. Additionally, Loren has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, Rachael Ray Magazine, Vanity Fair and recently asked to appear in a Microsoft commercial for use of their products in small businesses. This organic, naturally occurring press has accelerated the launch and growth of the brand while proving the concept that the country is ready for more natural, better-for-you products.

Loren is a food blogger for The Huffington Post and a contributor to AOL’s Kitchen Daily. She is a graduate of the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California. Loren is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and tri-athlete. She completed the Master Class in Cooking at The New School and studied with The Natural Gourmet Institute. Loren is committed to building a brand of better-for-you treats, while inspiring young women to lead healthy, balanced lifestyles.

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Everything begins with mindset and productivity with Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach is the host of the top rated podcast Unstoppable Success radio, an international best-selling author and CEO of Kelly roach coaching. As a former NFL cheerleader and Fortune 500 executive Kelly brings the powerful combination of proven and profitable business strategies coupled with the mindset, wellness and productivity practices required to help entrepreneurs to build profitable business around a life they absolutely love.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why the things you’re most comfortable with may not align with the things that will move you forward.
    • The first strategy you should implement to maximize your time.
    • Examples of things that are net zero and wasting your time.
    • Why you shouldn’t just pump out new content constantly.

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Tell us a little bit about you, Kelly Roach and what you do.

My primary focus, my passion and most of my business is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to launch, monetize and scale their dream businesses. I run online coaching program, I sell online courses, I do private coaching and consulting as well as do some speaking and training with in larger organizations but really it’s all focused on helping people put simple strategies and systems in place that are going to get them from point A to point B fastest, most efficient way possible with our compromising their quality of life.

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What is the first strategy and system you implement?

Everything begins with mindset and productivity. People always want them best strategy to make money quickly and to get more clients and to start attracting great leads into their business but where is really begins is with mindset and productivity. And so the first thing that I always do with people is help them to identify where they’re spending their time and why they’re not producing the results that they want for their business.

Can you give an example of something that kind of the net zero or that’s actually hurting them?

One of the things that I find is most entrepreneurs spending a ton of time attempting to market their business whether that’s posting on social media, whether that’s writing a new blog post, whether that’s creating a new piece of content or working on a new product or program.

In theory that sounds exactly like what you should be doing but the problem is if you’re promoting it to no one and if no one’s reading it or no one’s seeing it or no one’s engaging with it, its net nothing. And actually it hurts you because it’s you just putting tons of stuff out there, spending your quality time, spending your great content and great information on an audience of zero.

What I always tell people is don’t worry about creating your next product, your next program, you next thing you’re going to sell, what you need to be focused on in the beginning when you need to monetize is engaging with people. There’s a million different ways that you can do that everything from old school traditional sales which is picking up the phone, to new school getting on and doing a live stream where you’re doing an educational session where that exact information that you would put in a blog that no one read, everyone on your Facebook feed gets notified that you’re going to be live and can tune in see you talk about that same thing that you’re going to write an article about but this time you have an audience and someone’s engaging with you and they’re building a relationship with you and moving one step closer to buying from you.

Kelly Roach

Tell us about your book Unstoppable.

Unstoppable brings people to a journey of the mindset, the skills and the strategies that are going to be necessary to not only achieve your top goals in your business and in your life but to create true and lasting wealth. I talk about, first the mindset necessary to create unlimited success and maybe some belief system you need to let go of, some new belief system that you need to embody. And then I start talking about the skills. Everybody wants this high level of success but no one wants to acknowledge that to get from six figures to seven figures you have to learn a new set of skills. You need to learn what the skills are first that you need to learn and grow into and then you need to set out to as aggressively as humanly possible learn those skills and people don’t tell you that. I talk about what skills necessary and what process can you are put in place to expedite those skills. Finally, we talk about building wealth. We talk about the different strategies that six and seven figures entrepreneurs need to have working for them both in their business and in their life in order to create true and lasting wealth.

A couple of the skills are, one, leadership. The only way to build a business of substance is having leadership capabilities where that business can grow beyond you, beyond what you’re capable of doing, beyond your skill set, beyond what you can personally produce which means that in order to create a true winning business enterprise you have to know how to assemble the right resources, put together a winning team, lead people and get them to dream their own dreams within the umbrella of your dream so that they’re going to work as hard as helping you achieve your goals and your business as you are.

When you set out to write this book were you like, “I’m writing this as part of my sales funnel,” or did this come before or after the podcast? How did that unfold for you?

It came after the podcast. The podcast went live within 30 days. We started closing clients from the podcast; we’ve been gaining incredible momentum every single month. It’s become our biggest lead generation tool. Every podcast that we do we create a specific text message often to for our content upgrade, people are joining our list from that and they get entered into a funnel that’s associated with whatever topic they opted in to join. I’d already been working on the book at that point and I wanted a way that I could connect with people and give them the encapsulation of everything that I’ve learned and everything they’ve achieved. It’s just another step in terms of building the funnel. People come in by buying the book as soon as they get the book, within the book is a book guide that they often attend to my list to receive.

Kelly Roach

Where do you think people should start just to start to build a sales funnel?

The first place to start is you want to get one lead generation tool done, that could be an audio training, that could be a video training, that could be a short ebook, that could be a video series. It could be whatever feels comfortable for you and authentic for you that is realistically and able to get done quickly.

The biggest thing here is, get live with something. Create one lead generation tool, then focus on advertising really, really aggressively on all of your social media channels and you’re going to really use this as a list building tool. Then what you want to do is you want to, once those people opt into your list by claiming that free gift you want to basically create an auto responder series.

The auto responder series is 3-5 emails where first you start by really orienting them to your community and welcoming them, congratulating them, making sure that they have the resource they initially opted in for and then surprising them and really over delivering with a few more pieces of really stellar content. You really want to build that affinity, build that trust, build that rapport. Then once you’ve done that, then you can invite and take the next steps.

People like to have things in bite size pieces so maybe they opt in for an ebook, then maybe after the ebook you can give them and audio/video. Then the next thing you want to be thinking about is how can I ask them to engage with me at the next level. That’s when you invite them to a live Google Hangout, a webinar or a live stream event.

Now say you’re totally new, you have no products, you have no services, you even don’t really have a business yet, the best thing you can possibly do is after you’ve built that value with them, built that trust and got them into that point, invite them to apply for a consultation with you. A phone conversation where you are going to explore their needs, explore the solution that they want, help them walk away with some key tips and strategies that are going to help them achieve whatever outcome they want or need and obviously in the process of that conversation you’re going to explore whether or not they’re going to be a fit to partner with you.

How do you stay balanced?

First and foremost, I think about my priority, and my why every second of every day and my priority and my why is my family.

I’m very,very focused on team building. I have a really seller support team. I work very hard to engage them, to empower them, to train them and to make sure that they’re in a position to help me.

How do you think the readers and listeners can start to figure out the life that they want to live?

I think with everything it’s about starting with the end in mind. I think it’s asking yourself what do you want your day to day life to look like. What time do you want to wake up? What do you want your environment in your home to be like? Do you want to be home? Do you want to be traveling? What would make you feel the most purpose and the most in alignment with who you really are and what you’re meant to do with your life? Once you identified what those things are it’s up to you to show your family through your results and through your actions that you’re in a position to make that happen.

How can we find you and how we can work with you?

If you text the word PROFITCLASS to 44222 you will be invited to the next webinar that we have coming up. We’re doing webinars and live Google Hangouts all the time where we’re basically breaking down for people how do you monetize, how do you generate leads, how do you create scale in your business, how do you attract clients vs. chasing them.

Get in touch with Kelly:

  • Email me at Roach
  • Twitter: @kellyroachint
Kelly Roach is the host of the top rated podcast Unstoppable Success Radio, an International best-selling author, and the CEO of Kelly Roach Coaching.
As a former NFL Cheerleader and Fortune 500 Executive where she was promoted 7 times in 8 yearsKelly brings a powerful combination of proven and profitable business growth strategies coupled with the mindset, wellness and productivity practices required to help entrepreneurs build a profitable business around a life they absolutely love.Kelly’s passion and purpose is in helping entrepreneurs around the world achieve exponential profit, sales and income growth.Kelly runs business coaching programs, mastermind groups, online courses and does private consulting with individuals and organizations.

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Put it into the wild and see the response with Jenna from Greenblender

Jenna Tanenbaum is the founder of Green Blender, a smoothie delivery service based in New York City. She believes that healthy should be easy and fun. Green Blender sends out all the pre-portion ingredients in Super Foods to make healthy wholesome smoothies at home. When she’s not blending up the latest smoothie recipe for Green Blender she is running through prospect partner training for her next race.

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Tell us a little bit about you and Green Blender.

My name is Jenna and I’m the founder of Green Blender a smoothie delivery service. We send all the pre-portion ingredients in Super Foods to make amazing smoothies at home. I really believe that creating a healthy habit is really important to creating a sustainable healthy life.

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How did you actually get started on having a smoothie box service?

I am very health minded and my boyfriend is not so much. I’m really just into experimenting with different work out exercise things. I really enjoyed experimenting with different foods and diets.  I got a blender and I started making a bunch of smoothies in the morning before I went to work and giving Amir, my boyfriend, my leftovers.

He would then just chug down the smoothie and he started feeling like he had more energy just by simply drinking the smoothie every morning, incorporating fruits and vegetables in his daily diet. Then he started making healthier choices and having more energy and craving healthier foods. We realized, changing a little part of your day or your environment can have a big, long lasting effect.

As we started experimenting more with smoothies we quickly realized that it was really tough to find a wide variety of ingredients, it was expensive and it was wasteful. We started sharing these ingredients with our friends and realizing that people really enjoy connecting with the food that there eating and they’ll do it if it’s right in front of them but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to go to the store and frankly expensive to go to the store and buy everything full price and by the pound.

How do you get the idea of the box service and actually doing it and getting into people’s hands?

Amir and I are big subscribers of the Lean Start up.  We both grew our professional careers in tech and the whole idea is to test it first and before you build out a whole complex production. We basically put up a website and drove traffic to it with what our offering was going to be to see if people were interested in doing it.

I think as entrepreneurs, I think a lot of times people go into this pitfall of needing to have a finished product and have every little tiny detail worked out without actually putting it into the wild and seeing the response. We were able to tweak the product offering before we even have a product because we were able to see what people wanted.

What has been your all time most proud moment so far?

I think when we were in Vogue.

Can you share a flop or disappointment you had with your business?

Early on we were working on with a co-packer in The Bronx and the packing times were from 2 AM to 11 AM twice a week. We probably did that for 6-8 weeks and it was just a low point because of the hours. it was just the major grind of just getting up going to bed at 6PM and waking up at 1 AM and getting yourself over to the Bronx, working all night and into the morning than kind of having to actually run your business after that. I think keeping those weird hours really took a toll on me. It made me realize the importance of a schedule and sleep because when you’re sleep deprived or you’re in a weird sleep schedule everything becomes a big deal. You react in such a strange way because you have this lack of sleep. I think that was a low point for us and we realize that we had to get out of there and bring the production into our own hands in normal working hours.

How did you grow your team?

We grew our team just going back to the Lean Start up mentality. We really focused on creating a lean team. People are very valuable on the team and they do a lot and it grew from Amir and I doing everything, from packing the boxes to doing all the marketing to writing all the copy. When we grew big enough and realized some part of the business is taking up way too much of our time that could be better spent something else like growing the business. We brought people in to do that. We did it step by step we didn’t just go out. And that’s our whole mentality and philosophy even today. Just work on things slowly and make sure that everyone adding a lot of value to the team and that were constantly working on the business instead of in the business.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you were starting out?

I think just getting something into the hands of your potential customers as soon as possible. At the beginning we did wait a little bit too long before we pulled the trigger to actually send people boxes. You will learn so much more with one day of your customers using your product than a month of you just mulling around over this idea. Getting your product into the hands of your customers and getting feedback immediately so you can change and iterate is key.

What has been a successful marketing technique for Green Blender?

Our most successful advocates are our customers.  We created a strong friend referral program and word-of-mouth program was really key for us. Allowing people to gift smoothie boxes to their friends after a certain amount of time being in our product really helped us grow some really valuable customers.

What do you think is the benefit was to building the friend referral program?

At first it was about a necessity because we were at that point a team of two trying to get this business off the ground. We had very limited resources in ways of marketing. We wanted to empower the customers we did manage to get to help be marketers for us. Equipping them with a free gift really help them become evangelist for Green Blender because they can easily give one to one of their friends so they could try it out.

Jenna Tanenbaum Greenblender

What is your biggest piece of advice is for someone who is just starting out?

Just get your products out into the hands of your customers and even if it’s not perfect don’t worry about it, don’t just do it, just get it out there as fast as you possibly can.

Grow your food business
Do you have a company or business owner that you looked up to?

I looked up to my co-founder Amir.

What makes Green Blender so unique?

What makes Green Blender so unique is that we really want to help people create a healthy habit that lasts a lifetime.

Where do you see you and Green Blender in 5 years?

We really see ourselves as a health company first and foremost in any way we can further people’s relationship with their health in a sustainable way that’s not a diet. It’s about creating healthy habits and it’s about connecting with whole amazing foods that are not processed. Our mission is simply to make the world a healthier place simply. Anything that helps us along in that mission is where we’re going to be spending a lot of our time.

How do you stay balanced?

It’s really tough to stay balanced but I do it in ways that I can incorporate into my busy lifestyle. I meditate everyday on my way to work and I really incorporate working out and making that a point. I actually schedule workout sessions onto my calendar so that I make sure that I do them.

Share one thing you want our customers to know about you that you think they don’t know.

One thing that people don’t know is just that I am constantly working towards improving my health and I don’t always eat healthy.

Follow Jenna!

Jenna Tanenbaum is the founder of GreenBlender, a smoothie delivery service based in New York City. She believes that being healthy should be fun and easy. GreenBlender sends out all the pre-portioned ingredients and superfoods to make healthy, wholesome smoothies at home. When she’s not blending up the latest
smoothie recipe for GreenBlender, she is running through Prospect Park training for her next race.

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Every Single Day Take Action in Your Business with Rachel Luna

I met Rachel Luna at the 90 Day Year in April. The 90 Day year totally changed my business and being able to meet her and interview her was an amazing experience!

Rachel Luna is a best-selling author of the book Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P (Courage, Resilience, Authenticity and Perseverance). She’s a speaker and chief confidence creator at She helps individuals get clear, confident and take consistent actions so they can do the big things they are born to do.

From this episode you will learn:

    • How and Why you need to be more confident in what you’re doing
    • 6 areas you need to be more confident in
    • How to follow through your actions with confidence

6 areas you need confidence in NOW @rachellunatv #blissfulbitespodcast Click To Tweet

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Tell us a little bit about you, Rachel Luna and what you do.

I am the best selling-author of the book Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. I’m a former marine and I’m the creator of the Confident Entrepreneur Academy. Now, I’m a certified professional life coach and I’m really proud of that because these days everybody’s calling themselves a coach but I like to make sure people know I actually went to school for this. I trained for many, many months. I’ve done 10,000 hours of coaching to date and my real secret sauce is in helping entrepreneurs find more confidence and clarity, which is important, so that they can make more money and an even bigger impact. My core belief is that the fastest way to build your business is to build your confidence.

When you work with people and you really want to build their confidence, what is the first thing you do when you work on that?

The first thing that we do is we have to make some decisions together. As a coach, it’s not my job to be giving advice that’s a consultant; it’s my job to really ask you powerful questions. The first thing I want to do is we’re going to figure out exactly what you want because sometimes we say we want something but upon further research and a little more digging around that’s not what we want at all. It’s what we think we should want, it’s what other people told us we should want. It’s not exactly what we want.

The first thing is making really powerful key decisions and what you want for your life, your business, your family, your relationships and it’s really holistic. It’s like looking at every aspect of making those decisions.

In order for you to really stick to your decisions and feel really, really good about it they have to be value based and value driven and that’s why it’s really important to take a look at everything that’s going on even to challenge your own beliefs.

The 6 key areas an Entrepreneur Needs to Feel Confident:

  1.  Decision making. 
  2. Owning your expertise and really feeling that you are somebody with authority in whatever industry.
  3. Money mindset: what I have found is that there are so many entrepreneurs who their income potential is limited because they have these money blocks that they have not yet identified. When I have a client who’s struggling with money blocks what I like to do is I have them go through their money story e.g. what’s you first memory about money? What do you think about rich people? What do you think about poor people? On this deep dive, questioning everything that you believed about money so that we can find the block, clear it and you can become a magnetic money master.
  4. Leadership and systems: If you are not a leader whether you are a solo-preneur or you have a team you need to know how to be a leader in your business.
  5. Offerings, pricing and position: It’s really about feeling good about what you’re putting out there and not having that guilt that a lot of people take. This is one of the reasons why we also have to talk about money is that some people feel guilty about asking for money from their clients or prospects and what I hear a lot of times is, “I know that they’re really struggling. I know they can’t afford it…” That’s none of your concern. It’s none of your business whether or not they can afford it. Do you have something that can change, transform, support or help improve their lives? If the answer is yes then let them worry about where the money is coming from your job is to position it with passion.
  6. Following through and making sure that you know how to take confident action and that.


There are 5 steps to following through with confidence:

  • 1 st step:  It starts with decision making. You have to decide you are going to do, whatever it is you said that you’re going to do.
  • 2nd step: Batch. This means that you’re going to schedule some time where you only work on that thing that you trying to follow through it.
  • 3rd Step: Plan and schedule for consistency. We can all do something for one minute but can you schedule something for the long haul? Can you really create something and stick with it and you’re going to follow through.
  • 4th Step: Honor your commitment. Here’s the thing most of us don’t like to let other people down but we have no problems letting ourselves down and when I am on this crusade is to teach you to honor your commitments to yourself, to make yourself a priority above anybody else. You’re no good to other people if you’re constantly letting yourself down because when you let yourself down you also chip away yourself confidence and this is something people are not recognizing. Every time you break a promise to yourself, you have just programmed your brain to believe that you are not trustworthy to follow through with what you said you were going to do.
  • 5th step: Visualizing how you’re going to feel once it’s done. 

Here’s a bonus tip. I like to tell people to condition yourself for small wins and what that means is put less on your daily schedule. If you put less on your daily schedule but get it all done you will feel so much better at the end of the day than if you put everything in the schedule that you thought needed to get done and didn’t get half of it done.

Why do you think it’s so easy for women, especially, to say yes to everyone else in their life, they can say yes to doing favours for 10 different people for 2 days but when it comes themselves they can’t say yes?

Because most women, even the most confident women, do not feel worthy and they’re looking for validation and acceptance. Women by nature are nurturing and we need to feel needed. So when people need us it is validation that we are worthy and that we have a purpose.

What do you think is the first step just saying no to other people and yes to themselves?

The thing is when people make decisions they’re not looking at the opportunity cost. Every time you say yes to one thing you have to say no to something else, it’s mandatory otherwise you’re never going to sleep. The first thing is you have to weigh out the opportunity cost. I feel most of us women are such big dreamers and we don’t really realize how much time things are going to take.

We want to be the superhero which is fine but you also have to recognize if you want to be a superhero, if you want to get it all done, you better have some help otherwise you are going to burn out. You have to think about those things and most women are not. The third thing to recognize and remember is that while people may appreciate whatever you’ve done for them at the end of the day they’re only thinking about themselves and what they need.

Rachel Luna

How do you actually convince women to get paid what their worth?

That’s going back to owning your expertise and doing the work to feel confident in what you know, you know. What we first do is you have to make a list of everything you know to be true of I know, I know this. Then you have to create your own little praise file of any positive comments, anything on social media, anytime someone said you’re amazing even if they never paid you.

When it comes to actually charging your work here’s what I find, some people want to, write off the back say, “I want to charge $500 an hour because that’s what everybody else is charging in my industry.” But they don’t believe that they have $500 an hour worth of experience and no matter what I say, no matter what you say, until they believe that they’re not going to be able to bring that income in. The way that you get them to believe that is by having them take action and helping them help others get results.

What is the number one piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs to get started?

In business it’s never just one thing. There’s never a day where you just have to work on one thing to move your business forward. I think it’s a combination of things but if you are putting a gun to my head right now and you’re making me pick one thing it is to stay in action, no matter what, because every action step you take, will help you decide where you want to go next and you might find that you are taking the wrong action and that’s okay. Once you know what you shouldn’t be doing you won’t do that again, you’ll switch and you’ll do something else. It’s really important is to be the kind of entrepreneur who takes action and when you see that you’re not getting where exactly you want to go. Don’t be afraid to turn around. Don’t be afraid to move to the side. Don’t be afraid to get help from somebody else.

Every action step you take, will help you decide where to go next @rachellunaTV #blissfulbitespodcast Click To Tweet


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Follow Rachel!

Rachel Luna is the best selling author of the book, Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. (Courage. Resilience. Authenticity. Perseverance): A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Together & Achieving Your Dreams, speaker, + Chief Confidence Creator at RachelLuna.Biz. She helps remarkable individuals just like you get clear, confident and taking consistent action, so you can do that big thing you were born to do. She’s helped thousands of people around the world through her book, weekly emails, speaking tours, workshops and digital courses. Rachel’s been invited to speak all around the globe from Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson Spark & Hustle tour and Princeton University to as far away as Germany and Japan!  She’s also been featured in Latina Magazine, Success Magazine and is a Huffington Post contributor.

*Disclosure:  Since I saw such huge results from the 90 Day Year, I decided to become an affiliate of Todd’s 90 Day year. I may receive compensation if you decide to purchase the program! 

Every overnight success has so much hard work with Maddy Hasulak, Love Grown Foods

Maddy Haslack is the co-founder of Love Grown. Everyday is different but one thing stays the same her passion and enthusiasm to make healthy food available to as many people as possible. Love Grown believes in making health less of a privilege and more of a right. In the last seven years, Love Grown has gone from one store to over 11,500 stores and growing.

In this podcast you’ll hear:

    • How Maddy started Love Grown Foods
    • When they decided to move on beyond their first products.
    • Where she found inspiration for a new product.
    • What the best marketing technique is on a shoe string budget!

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Maddy Hasulak on the Blissful Bites Podcast

Tell me a little bit about you and Love Grown Foods.

My background is in nutrition and I love to cook. My husband is really the mastermind behind Love Grown and had the vision for Love Grown foods. We met and started dating while we were in college and Alex was the one who was like, “We should take your cooking and we should sell it,” And that’s how Love Grown got started. That was over seven years ago, it was in the summer of 2009 when we got our first products, an oat clustered granola, on the shelves in our local city market. We went from one store to 1300 stores in a year and a half and today we are in 11,500 stores throughout the U.S.

Tell us how did you get the idea for your product?

Alex and I started with oat clusters. It was actually my mom’s granola recipe which he loved. We started bringing samples to our classmates friends and professors and as we launched Love Grown we really stayed focused on one product for the first three and a half years. I think that was some of the best advice that we were given, to really focusing and not spreading ourselves too thin too quickly.

Then as we started branching out into more products we really leveraged economies of scale and that meant using more oats because we were already buying them. We launched into hot oats, instant oatmeal cups and we launched our super oats hot cereal blends with gluten free oats, quinoa flakes, amaranth flakes and chia seeds.

A few years ago we knew it really made sense for the brand to grow beyond granola and hot cereal,  into the box cereal segment. We really want to bring innovation and excitement to a category that really has been stagnant for the last 10-15 years. We got a lot of inspiration from the chip aisle and actually saw how Benito’s revolutionized chips. They said, “We don’t have to make chips out of wheat or corn, we can make them out of beans,” and we took the same idea and said, “We don’t have to make cereal out of wheat, corn or oats we can make them out of beans.”

It was such a crazy process. It was a combination of my background in nutrition and understanding ingredients and Alex’s understanding of supply chain. We worked really closely with the manufacturer for the first time outsourcing essentially our research and development because we weren’t able to do it in house. We didn’t have these multi-million dollar pieces of cereal equipment and we came up with a three-bean blend of navy, lentil and garbanzo beans and launched power oats in 2014 and it was a wild success.

I think so much of that stems from the need for cereal which is such a convenient comfort food. It’s an easy breakfast and often not necessarily the healthiest option. We made it more healthy by adding more protein from the beans, more fiber from the beans but also naturally gluten-free. Plus it didn’t contain corn like so many cereals do. It was so successful that we continued and we launched Mighty Flakes a year ago and then this year we just launched our new kids cereals that come in fun shapes and flavors. They have lower sugar and are all made from navy, lentil and garbanzo beans and all of them are wheat free and corn free.

What has been your most proud moment in the 7 years of doing this business?

Most recently in January we were named one of Forbes thirty under thirty for really revolutionizing cereal by food and the food industry. It was a huge recognition by an amazing publication. We were among really phenomenal individuals and I think that, I mean, it just really is a huge honor and a huge validation of how far we’ve come.

And the last thing I think I would add to just proud moments that really continue to this day to really shock me is the fact that walking into a different grocery store all the time and seeing Love Grown on the shelves.

Can you tell a specific flop or disappointing moment?

When we were first starting out we just moved to Denver to expand our production. The commercial kitchen we were baking at, the ovens weren’t producing the same texture and consistency of our granola. We had just gotten a massive order from King Super’s and we panicked. We had to drive all of our ingredients which was hundreds of pounds of ingredients making sure we didn’t forget anything. We drove it back actually up to Aspen where we had launched the company initially; the commercial kitchen was 4 hours away. We had 2 cars that we drove all this product up in. We baked for 24 hours straight. We had a little cot set up in the kitchen where we took little 20 minute naps. It was probably one of the biggest unexpected moments, but in order to fulfill it we just had to do it. We had to make it work and make it happen. We called in my parents and my brothers over the holidays for them to come in and help us bag all of the products so that we could take it back to Denver and ship it out in time.

Was there a specific unexpected moment that you’ve had in the past 7 years something that either caught you off guard whether it was in a good or not so good way?

I think some of it, even just the response to the Power Oats and bean cereal. We knew we were taking a really big leap with something that was so different and such a new concept. There was nothing on it on the shelves and it totally shocked us how positive the response was. We kind of went into the launch saying, “This can be an epic success or an epic failure,” and it was totally really exciting to see the response that we got.

How did you grow your team?

When Alex and I started it was the two of us baking from 4 o’clock at night to 4 o’clock in the morning and then everyday we were doing Farmer’s Markets, races, demos and events. It was when we went from 80 King Supers which within 6 months we went from one store to 80 stores. A year after that we went into 1300 Kroger stores which is unheard of in this industry. I joked if we even tried to repeat the same steps it would be nearly impossible. It was just being in the right place at the right time, with great products and a lot of hard work. When we went from 80 stores to 1300 stores we raised capital, we hired employees, we got our own commercial baking facility and we start ramping up production just in order to fill the 1300 stores alone. We really knew that this is no longer Alex and Maddy. It’s going to require a team of employees who can bake and package the product. From the sales marketing side being able to then support it once it’s gets on the shelves and get the word out. It happened really quickly in the scheme of businesses especially in this industry we definitely went in this lightning speed.

Is there something that you wish you knew when you were starting out?

How much capital is required if you really want to grow a brand in this industry. I think that it’s something that continues to be an area I don’t think that you can be prepared enough for. I mean we didn’t have any business experience prior to this. It really takes a lot of capital to support not just the raw materials and the production, but really the growth aspect and the promotional aspect. You have to make sure that you can be in some of these larger retailers that require slotting fees or that require ads and promotions in order just to be on their shelves.

Do you have any specific tips on raising money?

A couple of tips that I would have is finding the right partners is so critical. So many of those investors in early stage businesses, they are investing in you as a person. That’s what it takes to get those initial investments and then the business takes off.

You recently underwent a rebrand, what sparked it and how has it gone?

It’s gone so well. It’s really fun. We went through a very big process in this rebrand for the first time in the history of Love Grown. Over the course of the last seven years the brand really didn’t capture the excitement, the energy, the enthusiasm that Love Grown is. We had great clean packaging but it was a bit square. We wanted to bring this aspect of loving and energy to it that the packaging didn’t have. So we hired a great consultant who helped us with the work and we interviewed our consumers and our retailers. We got a ton of information and what we concluded was 5 characteristics of Love Grown that we wanted to embrace in this rebrand : real, strong, active, loving and inspiring. It was these 5 characteristics that drove us to really design the packaging and the new look and feel of Love Grown.

What has been a successful marketing technique?

I really think it’s word of mouth. Our bloggers have been such a great part of that when we started a Love Blogger program three and a half years ago.

grow your food business

What would be your biggest piece of advice to someone who is just starting out?

I think you have to be passionate and really love what you do because there are so many ups and downs that we’ve talked about. You have to believe in it and you have to believe in yourself more than anyone else will. It takes sacrifice and I think that it takes the willingness to endure through those hard times. It doesn’t come easy. Every overnight success has so much hard work behind it and so many years likely behind it, even though people kind of see it as this quick overnight success.

Where do you see you and Love Grown 5 years from now?

I really get excited thinking about branching out beyond just breakfast and beyond just cereal but into multiple aisles and categories of the grocery store. I think that we’ve really laid the foundation in Love Grown to be able to do that and to be able to be a brand that people know and trust. We’ve done our research as a company to use ingredients and make sure that they are just clean and simple. Being able to bring this platform into other categories, that gets me so excited, thinking about where can we take Love Grown and how can we meet this need for the growing demand for high quality yet affordable products that are natural and clean and simple but that taste good but that there families will eat, enjoy and love.

Can you share one thing you want to share to our listeners that you think they don’t know already?

One of the things is that I truly eat Love Grown every single day in one way shape or form.

Listen to Maddy from Love Grown Foods on the Blissful Bites Podcast in iTunes

Maddy Hasulak, Love Grown Foods

Follow Maddy and Love Grown!

Maddy Hasulak is always spreading the Love. From managing domestic and international sales to new product development, each day is different from the last. But one thing remains constant – her passion and enthusiasm to make healthy food available to as many people as possible. Love Grown believes in making health less of a privilege and more of a right.

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Are you a serial freebie collector? Stop the information overwhelm!

Staying focused is really hard. We are in major information overload, especially if you’re in the business space. There are freebies everywhere that are SUPER enticing. You could literally “freebie” hop and just download PDF after cheat sheet after webinar after course all for free. But really, what does that do for you? Can you think back to the last 3 freebies you signed up for? Did you open them? Did you read them? Did you actually implement what it was teaching you?

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I have totally been there and am actually working to STOP doing this everyday. I could get sucked in to webinar after webinar.  Back in September I was just starting to work again and I was downloading just about everything. I probably still have Natalie Lussier free email course in my inbox if I went back far enough. At some point I took Amy Porterfield’s List Building Lab and her words just STUCK and resonated with me. They were something to the affect of, figure out what season of your business you are in and JUST focus on that. Amy’s voice is like butter to me. (anyone else?)

From that day forward I’ve been trying to focus on what season of my business it is, and ONLY sign up for things that directly relate to that. Example: For a few months I was in a list building season. Everything I did revolved around that. I tried (yes tried) not to download or sign up for anything the didn’t directly move me forward in list building. I took Amy Porterfield’s List Builders Lab and just really worked on lead magnets, etc. Now I’m in a different season (the summit!) so I’m all in on that. The only freebies I’ve sign up for (actually today!) was a Facebook cheat sheet because I wanted some tips on ads.

I want you to think about this. Are you a freebie junkie like me? Do you need to clear your inbox? Next time you go to hit “SIGN ME UP” I want you to think about what your goals are for this season and if aligns.

Freebie Collector: Say No!

*Another tip I got from Todd Herman in the 90 Day Year is that you can make a Pile Up Zone. So if you see something that’s SUPER intriguing to you and you know you want to get to it, put it in your Pile Up Zone. Then one day a week take the time to go through it. 

Back to it. Let’s take some action.

  1. Over the next few days (ESPECIALLY if you’re signed up for the summit!) take the time to clear out your inbox.  Let’s get down to 0. Delete everything you know you’re not going to use. Categorize what you WOULD like to use.
  2. Next time you’re temped to hit “sign me up” think about what season of your business you are in. Does it align? Does it help get you closer to your goal?
  3. If you choose to keep some courses/freebies. Sit down RIGHT now. Read them and make a plan to IMPLEMENT what it’s teaching you!

You don’t reach your goals by just thinking about them. Change comes from action.

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If you have questions about the summit, just leave them here or email me! If you clear out your inbox (and your brain!) let me know! I want to hear!