4 Ways to Get Out of the Comparison Trap in Business

Living in overwhelm and the comparison trap can be a given in blogging and business, but it shouldn’t be. It doesn’t have to be that way. As I go through my third pregnancy, I have felt myself get caught up in the comparison trap lately…and I’ve seen other people feeling the same way.

Read on to learn four ways I deal with the comparison trap, PLUS watch the [free] video I’m sharing today with Lindsay Cotter from CotterCrunch.com on how she deals with the comparison trap, burn out and blogging roadblocks!

leave the comparison trap behind

Free Video How to Deal with the Comparison Trap + Blogger Burnout with Lindsay Cotter from Cotter Crunch!

Here’s what I’ve been getting caught up with this month…

Do you have to travel to have a successful business? Do you have to leave home…spend a good chunk of money…to grow your business?

It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about. I’ve been thinking a lot about it because the people who I know and network with…and look up to…travel a lot. They go to conferences, networking events, in person mastermind events.

And they have MASSIVE pay-offs.

I know this. And…I’ve experienced it! I’ve gone to two 90 day year live events and if you’ve been on my list at any length of time then you know I had life changing A-HA moments at both of them. I also go into NYC (which is only 35 minutes from my house) 4 times a year to hang with Todd Herman and some other awesome business people.

But….like…I have to be honest here.

I see people traveling to amazing places…and I have the opposite of FOMO.

I just want to be home with my kids.

Am I alone in this? Or weird? Maybe…

I get totally caught up in the comparison trap though wondering if I NEED to be traveling to grow my business.

Or if I SHOULD make some type of effort to actually WANT to go places…

But then I remember that life is cyclical. That my kids are only little once. That I can do business how i WANT to do business. That I CAN make time for what REALLY moves me and I WANT to go to. That when my kids are older, it will be easier to leave.

What do you find yourself getting in the comparison trap about?

One of my online mentors that I really look up to Maru Iabichela taught me that when I feel I’m headed into that comparison trap I should do a few things…

reduce overwhelm

4 Ways to Get Out of the Comparison Trap

  1. Notice what is sending you down that path. Think about WHY? What does it say about you? Say thank you for realizing it’s sending you down the comparison trap path, call myself out and get back in my own lane.
  2. If it’s about a specific person, realize that there is room for us all. Send them best wishes for more success. Realize it’s just more evidence we can do it too!
  3. When I feel like giving up I remind myself that doesn’t get me closer to my dreams or goals.
  4. And this may be my FAVORITE one…and the most WOO WOO 🙂 When I feel behind, I’ll remind myself the Universe always has perfect timing no matter what.

So now…

I want you to notice when you are caught up in the comparison trap… go back to these four steps in this email.

Reduce Overwhelm

Watch here to learn more about how to get PAST the comparison trap! (no email required!)

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