Paula has been blogging for 12 years and has a handful of sites to show for it. She runs the Actionable Blogging “Quick Tips” Facebook group and co-hosts the annual Profitable Blogging Summit all from her home in Houston Texas. Paula is a little bit obsessed with travel, considers herself an accomplished chocolate eater, and is a proud Hufflepuff.

Grow Your Blog

Big Takeaways from the episode:

  • Be different. Don’t just go along with what people say!
  • If something intrigues Paula, then she’s going to test it. Don’t feel like there’s no room for failure…because there is. The people who are succeeding…have failed first!
  • Paula wants to see what happens. More often than not it fails, but you learn so much from the failures.
  • Figure out what doesn’t serve your readers and why they didn’t respond. Tweak from there. This goes from post titles, to new images to a new blog series.
  • Paula needed to cut a corner and figure out what was eating up her time…and stopped doing what wasn’t working at the time.
  • Paula will try anything for two weeks and if it’s not working, then go back to where she was.
  • Have clear set goals for yourself. There are so many voices in the blogging community. Know where you’re going and why you’re going there. This is how you can keep from getting distracted.
  • Serving your readers + providing what they need is so much more important than a formula. That lasts forever!
  • Try to get inside your reader’s head and write down the problems they have. (Look at what posts did well and think WHY). How can you solve similar problems? Make a list of problems and then a list of solution. Offer things you use, or can create…whatever would help your reader.