Getting Your Blog Posts to Rank with Glenneth Reed, Glenneth.com

In this episode you will learn how to get your blog posts to rank in search and how to increase your understanding of Search Engine Optimization. This is for you if you want to increase your traffic in search and learn how to optimize your blog posts!

Big Episode Takeaways

  • Know where traffic is coming from and how you use your data.
  • 9 steps it takes to optimize old posts and current posts.
  • Not every post is going to rank. (Example: What I Ate Wednesday verse Gluten Free Banana Bread Pudding)
  • Spend time optimizing + promoting posts that WILL rank!
  • Go in Google Analytics + find your top 10 – 25 posts and see what’s resonating + evergreen. Optimize those posts!
    Start with the ones getting the most traffic + make those evergreen. Those will bring you even MORE traffic!
  • After you optimize, set them back up to promote after!

SEO Myths

Myth: It’s just a word you’re optimizing for. Truth: Use Key Phrases – Optimize for something like Strength training for beginners. Use a long tail phrase.

get your blog posts to rank in search

What are great phrases that work?

Go to google.com and type in a phrase you’re thinking about. See what google suggests and also scroll to the bottom and see what it says.

Check common searched for terms and phrases.

When going to write a blog post:

  • Nail down what phrase you want to rank for.
  • Key phrase in mind.
  • Title
  • Then create your content.
  • Do your research using google.
  • Make sure your keyword is in first paragraph, last paragraph and in heading.
  • Images should have the keyword in their name and in their alt-text.
  • Optimize your meta description.
  • Make sure your meta description entices people to click through to your blog post.
  • Try to draw the reader in and ask a question.
  • Use your keyword in meta description.
  • Do your meta description last. Think about what people are getting from your blog post. What would make YOU read that post? What are you answering for people?

After you publish: start promoting across the board.

  • Make a promotion schedule for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Promote it for more than that day or that week.
  • Spend an hour so it auto-posts for the next 6 months.
  • Content creation may make you happy, but don’t forget to promote.

For every hour you spend creating content, spend 4 hours promoting your content!

SEO Things to Know!

  • SEO can take awhile!
  • It takes time to rank for a phrase!
  • Go for something attainable!
  • A big site is going to hold rank over you (for the most part)
  • Take a look at analytics once a month. Go back and optimize the posts that are doing well!

Glenneth Reed is an SEO and online marketing consultant for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Her goal is to help make SEO and online marketing simple and quick. Glenneth lives in Knoxville, TN and works for an internet marketing agency full-time. Her hobbies are weight lifting, walking, and social media. Find her at glenneth.com

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