How to Use Google to Plan Your Blog with Glenneth Reed

Glenneth Reed is the blogger behind yourpathtofit.com and an AdWord specialist at First View Online in Knoxville, Tennessee. As a certified health coach and personal trainer, she loves helping women take charge of their health while learning to love their bodies. As an AdWord specialist, she handles PPC marketing for her clients making sure they get the most visibility for whatever budget they have to work with.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why you should use Google and Google Adwords
    • Who should use Google Adwords
    • What you should be willing to spend to get seen
    • How to use Google to plan your blog posts

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Tell us a little bit about you, Glenneth Reed, and what you do.

I am an AdWord specialist for a local internet marketing company. I’ve been doing this for 5 years. I spend about 75% of my time just working on and in my clients AdWord accounts, making sure that whatever their budget is, they’re getting the most that they can out of every dollar. Marketing is expensive and that you need to get ROI on whatever you’re doing.

What situations do you think that are really great to use Google AdWords for?

If you’re a blogger with a specific product or service. You should consider AdWords if you’re a little more broad tailed and have something that you’re going to sell and are making a profit on it. I get asked a lot, “Should I do AdWords for a specific blog post?” No. You don’t want to be paying for something like that. I have clients who pay up for it to $100 every time somebody clicks on their ad. You have to think about how much you are selling it for, how much it costs you, and what you’re willing to pay to spend to get seen.


How do you figure out if you should use AdWords?

The first place I would start is go to Google, put it in what you think your ideal client would type in to find your product or what you want to show up for in the rankings, look at the suggested searches that Google is making as you start typing that in, and write those keywords down. As you get your keyword in the tool, see who is showing up. Are those truly your competitors? Is that something else? Go to the bottom and look at the other recommended search terms, and write those down. Keep going until you have yourself a list of words and phrases that you would like to show up for where people are advertising, where your competitors are, and where you would like to be. That’s the first step.

Glenneth Reed

How do you get started using Google AdWords and the search tool?

You can sign up for a free account with Google AdWords. You can sign up,  start building out your campaigns, and do a lot of searching though. When I set up an account, I spend 2-3 hours just at Google putting in phrases, seeing who shows up, trying other phrases, trying other words, and just kind of cultivating my list before I ever go into AdWords and start organizing it.

If you want to start in one place as a food blogger who is considering promoting an eBook, should you start with AdWords or Facebook ads?

I would start with Facebook ads because I think that’s cheaper to do in the long run, quicker to set up, and people are on Facebook all day long. Another thing that I would do within AdWords, are re-marketing ads which are the display ads that show up as people go from site to site. I would set up a re-marketing campaign that targets anybody who’s been onto your site so as they’re going through other sites on the web, your display ads shows up. I’ll always tell people with re-marketing that you can start that for as little as $5/day. It’s a great way to brand and get people to remember your site.

If you decide you’re going to do an AdWords or a Facebook ad, how do you figure out what you should spend?

The minimum for Facebook is $5/day depending on your audience and what you’re selling, I think you can get a lot from $5- $10 a day,especially if you’re running it for 30 days. If you’re just going to run something for a 5 day period, I might run $20-$25 a day. For AdWords, if you’re doing a search campaign, really the minimum it’s going to be start $25/day. You can go less than that, but you need to give it some budget so that Google will show your ad.

What is the first step to move forward with this?

If you’re doing a recipe post or a kitchen tips post, go to Google. Don’t spend anymore than 10 minutes trying to search out what you think your title is, but do get out there and look for it. If it’s a more lifestyle post or more general, maybe it’s not truly going to be evergreen, I wouldn’t even worry about going to search it. I would just make sure it’s a good post, looks good, that you’re doing all the SEO stuff correctly, but it’s probably not ever going to be found in the search results.

Glenneth ReedGlenneth Reed is is the blogger behind yourpathtofit.com and an AdWord specialist. She loves helping women take charge of their health while learning to love their bodies. As an AdWord specialist, she handles marketing for her clients making sure they get the most visibility for whatever budget they have to work with.


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