Two Things to Do Right Now to Grow Your Business

How do you know it’s time to take a break and just take care of yourself?

My theme for the past few weeks here has been working on taking care of yourself, avoiding frustration and moving past it to feel really good?

People are worried about facebook and page engagement, but really when you look at the info directly from facebook – it’s not the time to freak out. They’re testing out different page and feed layouts in countries like Sri Lanka, not the united states. They also said IF they decide to roll it out here it won’t be for a few months.

So before we jump ship on facebook and go into a hole, I want you to do two things.

  1. Figure out how you can serve your audience. It all comes back to helping and serving. If you take care of your people, they’re going to find you. Make sure you have a place to connect outisde of social media! Use your email list.

      2.  Figure out how to take care of yourself.

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Because I’ve seen so many of us (myself included) feel bummed out about where we are in business…

And I want you to know you’re not alone and that we CAN fix this and feel excited about our businesses again!

I’m sharing with you ways to feel really good about your business AND a free training from the last Food Summit with Georgie Morley. She’s talking about what she does to come back from feeling burned out.

Two weeks ago I was feeling really heavy, frustrated, burned out…and overall negative…but I had NO idea why.

I had a support call with Adrienne Dorison and she asked me one question that really helped me unravel my feelings of confusion, burnout and frustration.

She asked me: What are you doing that feels really heavy, not fun and like a TON of work for you?

Before I knew it…my answer that came spilling out of my mouth without my brain realizing it. I said…  “enrolling people into my blogger to business group.”

I created a two week free trial to test out in the group after a free challenge I held.

I feel very “mama bear” about who I let in the Blogger to Business group and I really only want people who are truly aligned with the mission + purpose of the group.

I don’t run the group for just numbers. I don’t do it to hit an easy X amount of money per month in recurring revenue. While that would be great, I run the group to provide support + accountability (and RESOURCES) for women who want to be a part of a group of entrepreneurs who have their back.

Everyone in the group is amazing and I am quite literally brought to tears at least once a week from the support in the group. Sound cheesy? Maybe, but it’s true. (plus..third pregnancy makes me…weepy 🙂 )

So…when I decided to test out a free two week trial of the group, I was nervous about it. It didn’t align with my purpose for the group.

Honestly, it just didn’t work out that well and I’ll probably never run a free two week trial again.

I was left kind of bummed out, but I had no idea why. I was just…kind of in a funk.

When I had the call with Adrienne it allowed me to step back and discover what was going on…and made me aware of the burn out path.

It also made me stop and take care of myself and my business and realize a few things:

  • I don’t need to run my business how anyone else runs theirs.
  • I can test out ideas and realize…they are not good ideas (and let it go!)
  • Talking out loud helps me understand what I’m going through
  • Journaling should be daily (funny enough the days I was feeling the worst… I had skipped my morning pages)
  • Find a mentor/coach/support group who you can lean on and talk with.

So today, like Adrienne asked me…I’m asking you:

What are you doing that you really love?

What do you do that is fun + light and makes you feel really good?

What are you doing the feels heavy and is dragging you down?

(This may be something like running your instagram account, setting up your tailwind account, creating graphics, your latest blog series)

How can you change this and prevent or walk away or improve your burn out?

Some ideas:

  • Talk with someone who has your back and try to dig into WHY you’re feeling this way.
  • Journal daily and start with gratitude.
  • Take a break.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Join a group of people who get it.
  • Try another impactful task in it’s place.
  • Hire someone to do what isn’t in your zone of genius.

When I let go of what I SHOULD be doing… that’s when my growth started happening.

Why don’t you deserve to run a blog and business that you love? Why NOT you?

So together, let’s improve burn out and the quality of our businesses.

If you want to see how Georgie from In It For the Long Run deals with burnout, watch this video of from the food summit here! (no email required!)


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