How to Create Your Own Business with Dana Harrison, Eats 2 Know

Dana Harrison works in the nutrition niche and designs nutrition education programs for firefighters. She presents simple, realistic, sustainable and dynamic plans for positive nutrition behavior changes, which allows for change to occur on a cultural level. You can find her on Instagram at @eats2know!

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Big Takeaways

  • Relationships always are key!
  • Dana saw a need in the fire community and took the initiative to fill that need for that niche.
  • Dana basically created her position and business herself! It wasn’t something that existed before.
  • “If this is something you can’t quit and you’re going to be thinking about it all the time. Why not make it a business?”
  • Think about: what do you have to lose? If you don’t pursue this, what will happen? If you get a no, nothing will change!
  • The worst that can happen is someone can say no!
  • You have to keep going with it, trust yourself and increase your confidence!
  • Make a list of wins so you can see how far you’ve come!
  • Dana’s instagram provides balance to health and wellness.
  • Social media is so scewed. It’s just a snapshot and a glimpse.
  • Dana wanted her pictures to count. She uses her pictures to draw people in and get across her message.
  • Dana’s community relates to the message she’s posting!
  • Interact and show your people you care by interacting with them!
  • Treat people like actual humans!

grow your account on instagram

5 Ways To grow on Instagram

  • Don’t sway from your original message unless it evolves for the better.
  • Create quality content. Don’t just post with out a message.
  • Create a sense of community. Engage with your audience.
  • Collaborate with followers + friends.
  • Create a hashtag to check in.

Find Dana:

Instagram: @eats2know



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