How to Put on a Successful Event + Get Sponsors with Lauren Goldstein, Sugar + Spice Summit

Lauren Goldstein created The Sugar and Spice Summit, which brought  influential female food industry professionals to Northwestern’s campus for a day of panels, breakout sessions, career workshops, and of course, tastings. Female chefs, food writers, food critics, social media personalities, and CEOs from the Chicagoland area and beyond will tell their stories, discuss trends, and network with Northwestern students, specifically female under-grads, interested in pursuing careers in all aspects of the food industry.


Big Take-aways:

  • Lauren saw the need for a summit and went for it. She secured a big guest first and used it to leverage it for other guests/speakers.
  • Lauren got involved in Spoon University.
  • Lauren helps Spoon Fest put on their community event + raise funds for their magazine.
  • To get involved in Spoon University, go onto your chapters individual page on Spoon University and apply. If your campus doesn’t have a chapter of Spoon, become a founder!  SU also has a high school chapter!
  • The Sugar + Spice Summit has opened doors for Lauren for jobs for the summer, as a junior in college. She’s working as a special events contractor for Spoon University.
  • Figure out what your attraction point is and use it when pitching brands. Make sure you follow up! Get them on the phone! Whatever it takes to get the person on the phone is worth it to me!

First Steps to putting on an event:

  1. What is the point of the event? What are you trying to achieve with the event?
  2. Figure out who your event is for? What is your demographic you’re targeting?


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Instagram: @lauren_goldstein


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