Are you an imposter?

Are you an imposter? Today I want to talk about something that I’ve been feeling: Imposter Syndrome.  I don’t know if you ever heard of it but if you are someone who sets really high expectations for yourself, you are a high achiever and you don’t settle for mediocrity then I am guessing that you’ve probably felt like an imposter before. Imposter syndrome is basically feeling like you’re an imposter or a fraud and everyone is going to find out. It’s like you have this secret that you’re not really as good as everyone thinks you are or your not really the expert that some people think. Let’s chat about how we can get over those feelings of being an imposter because if you are saying, “Oh yeah! I’ve totally felt like this before,” then I’m pretty sure you are a really high achiever.  I’ve heard about this from celebrities like Tina Fey, Kate Winslet and Don Cheadle just saying they woke up in the morning and they’re thinking, “How did I get here…” “I can’t go off to work because people are going to find out that I’m not who I say I am…”

I’ve been experiencing that for a little bit recently especially from this podcast because I’ve had so much amazing feedback and so many people, listeners and friends have been saying, “I love your podcast. I can’t believe you’re doing so much. You are really rocking it. I’m so proud of you. You’re so successful.” And I’m kind of like, “Me? What are you talking about?” I have been having a little bit waves of that and my husband is really, really good about helping me stop and kind of smell the roses and he always says”You have accomplished this…” My downloads have been increasing every podcast release and honestly I am proud. I have been trying to take time and celebrate it a little bit but I am the queen of just blowing through successes, not stopping and really appreciating them and feel like an imposter.  You’re going to find out that I’m a normal person who wakes up early, just works hard and has a goal and a vision. There’s nothing really special to what I’m doing or there’s nothing really I’m doing that you couldn’t be doing if you wanted to be…so Imposter Syndrome basically. If you feel like this then let’s talk about some ways we can get over it.

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Ways to get over imposter syndrome

Take ownership of the successes you had.  I have a hard time with this one but I’m really working on it. Accept that you created your success and you deserve it. You obviously did something right to get where you are so take time, stop and appreciate the success.

Stop thinking so much about yourself. Have you ever just thought, “What are other people going to think of me if I put this out there, if I put this product out there, or this recipe out there or share this story. What’s everyone else going to think?” Stop thinking about what everyone else’s going to think about you.  Just stop making it so much about you. No one is really worrying that much about you. Just focus on giving, sharing out value and sharing your story. People will really appreciate that and resonate with it. If someone else has something to say then they shouldn’t be part of your tribe and they can just move on.

Appreciate the people who are supporting you.  I’m sure you have a little tribe or a community of people who really take the time to build you up. Go back and look at those blog comments or those reviews you’ve had or anything that you have that can build you up. For me that might be my Amazon reviews for Blissful Eats, that might be Tweets or emails that you guys have sent me about the podcast and links that you’ve posted about the podcast. Go back and look at those things that really build you up and make you feel really good. That will just kind of help you get grounded and focus on the fact, “Okay. I am where I am supposed to be and I am doing this. I deserve the success that I am having.”

Stop comparing. You are on your own journey; your chapter 40 is not going to be the same as someone else’s chapter 40 so stop comparing yourself…especially to someone else’s highlight reel. We tend to share our highlight reel and don’t share our failures. We mostly just share successes. You don’t know what the next person has been through so only compare yourself to yourself.

Share out your story. Be authentic, stay true to you and share what you’re comfortable with. Share the high’s and the low’s. This podcast is to share other entrepreneurs ups and downs so you can get a tiny little glimpse into what they’re doing. I hope you can find something tangible that you can kind of walk away with and also see that other people obviously have failures too. If you share out your highs and low’s people will kind of be drawn to you because you are just being honest and putting yourself out there.

Everyone Has Doubts

Everyone has doubts and everyone started somewhere. I personally love Chalene Johnson. She is someone who just always shares her truth and doesn’t ever try to sugar coat her story. I was listening to one of her podcasts this morning and she was just sharing about how she used to be a personal trainer with a broken down jeep. She used to go to people’s houses in her dream community and eventually now obviously she lives in that dream community. She totally doesn’t have to share about her start  when how she used to work out of her jeep. The point is everyone started somewhere and just because you aren’t having all the success that you want to have right now, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Be authentic, share what you know and share what you don’t know. Also regarding Imposter Syndrome don’t let that hold you back. Stop avoiding things just because you think that you’re not good enough. Just believe in yourself and tackle them. Maybe you haven’t started a new job or maybe you haven’t written the book you want to write or write a certain blog post or develop a physical product like granola or nut butters because you don’t think that you can do it or you don’t believe in yourself enough. Well you CAN do it. Make a plan and start and tackle all those things.

Imposter Syndrome can be very real and it can definitely hold us back. I hope  by doing these 5 things: accepting your own success, stop thinking so much about yourself, appreciate the people who support you, stop comparing and share your story (the high’s and the low’s) that you will get over this Imposter Syndrome. Your message is so important and you’re trying to just make the world a little bit of a better place and that’s so important and we need people like you.

Stop the Imposter Syndrome. You are doing an amazing job.

I would love to hear from you. I want to hear what has been holding you back and how you have glimpses of Imposter Syndrome. If you try any of these 5 things then definitely Tweet me or find me on Instagram or Snapchat. I think a lot of times even just saying it to someone can even help us get over that. Share out your story, share out your message and stop being or feeling like you are an Imposter because you’re not.

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