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With new platforms and plug ins and all new shiny objects, it can be hard to figure out what you should be working on to grow your blog for your digital businness. Follow these tips to improve website traffic and focus on what’s working! If you try to be everything to everyone you end up not being successful on any front. Figure out what’s really working and let the rest of it go! Search Engine Optimization is a great tool you should be using on your blog and website, whether it’s for business or personal use! Listen to this episode of the Blissful Bites podcast to hear Katy Widrick break down how you should be using it to grow your traffic, repurpose your content and the plug-ins you need to get to make it easy! 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to look at your google analytics to find the numbers you should be tracking on your website.
  • How to easily implement SEO to grow your traffic
  • 3 changes you can make to improve your website
  • What is important in growing your online brand.

Search Engine Optimization to Improve Website Traffic

Search engine optimization is the best tool that you’re not using on your blog or website. You have to think, what can you do to your website or products to make them stand out in google? How can you make sure your site comes out ahead of other sites? It’s so much simpler than people realize. There’s great tools you can use. Search is pretty friendly to beginners if you do the right things.  There’s also an art of storytelling that search engines reward you for also!

Three suggestions to easily implement SEO on your website:

  1. Yoast SEO: On wordpress, if you’re self hosted, there is a plug in called Yoast for SEO. It allows you to unlock a few new fields when you’re creating a blog post or posting a product. It asks you what is the headline, you put in meta-description with key words. The boxes tell you exactly what to put in. It’s like a game because when you submit it, it will tell you if it’s green, yellow or red and will give you changes to make to make it green to improve website traffic.
  2. Google Analytics: No matter what platform you’re on you need to understand you’re Google Analytics. That’s apiece of code you can put on your website to track your page views and visitors. You can see how many people are finding you through search and what keywords they’re using to get there.
  3. Google Search Console: You can to verify it with a small piece of code. You can see what everyone is searching for in Google in reference to your niche. If you see you’re getting a lot of impressions but very little click through, then you can look at why. You can tweak things on your website to help you get more clicks.

They’re all user friendly and have an immediate impact on how you appear on search. At the end of the day as much as you can learn about your website traffic and where it’s coming from and look for opportunities to get more of those people to click through; it’s easier and more effective than trying to these big community on social networks.

Focus on what’s working! If you try to be everything to everyone you end up not being successful on any front. I would rather see people pick one or two places and figure out if it’s working. Figure out what’s really working and let the rest of it go!

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3 changes you can make to improve website traffic

  • Email Marketing: I have been spending a lot more time in email marketing in the last month or two. I’ve really been doing a lot more templates for my newsletters I have been looking into automation which is a drip campaign. I’m really focusing a lot of my design work, a lot of my set-up on my newsletters campaign and I’m seeing a lot of success on that.
  • Historical optimization: I told you I’ve been blogging since 2007, well a lot of the posts from when I first started are terrible. I’m going through and I’m taking some of the posts that I know would resonate with people today that I have written years ago. I’m cleaning them up, I’m fixing typos, I’m doing photography and graphics and I’m actually republishing them in my site.
  • Repurpose and republish: This week I republished a post back in 2011 I put all new graphics on it. It’s a how to on being a good guest poster. When it got republished and re-pinned and re-shared, it’s like a brand new post except it actually took very little time to clean up.

Best tip for building your brand and website

You have to look at your analytics. If you have nothing else to do after this podcast then go find your analytics, otherwise you are operating blind. You need to know if your users are looking at you on mobile or desktop. If they’re looking at you on mobile, how’s your site doing? Is it working? You need to know if they are coming to you from pinterest or Facebook or a referral source and then figure out how to reward those people or figure out how to get more of the people from the referral sites.

Katy Widrick is a multimedia producer and social media manager. She blogs all about technology, health, fitness, parenting and current events at katywidrick.com. She’s a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor  and she also shares tips and tricks for staying healthy in a hectic world. Katy also offers brand building and increasing blog traffic at makemediaover.com and is a syndicate living blogger for the Huffington post and fix.com. She lives in Petersburg, Florida with her husband and two beautiful daughters. 

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