Are you a serial freebie collector? Stop the information overwhelm!

Staying focused is really hard. We are in major information overload, especially if you’re in the business space. There are freebies everywhere that are SUPER enticing. You could literally “freebie” hop and just download PDF after cheat sheet after webinar after course all for free. But really, what does that do for you? Can you think back to the last 3 freebies you signed up for? Did you open them? Did you read them? Did you actually implement what it was teaching you?

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I have totally been there and am actually working to STOP doing this everyday. I could get sucked in to webinar after webinar.  Back in September I was just starting to work again and I was downloading just about everything. I probably still have Natalie Lussier free email course in my inbox if I went back far enough. At some point I took Amy Porterfield’s List Building Lab and her words just STUCK and resonated with me. They were something to the affect of, figure out what season of your business you are in and JUST focus on that. Amy’s voice is like butter to me. (anyone else?)

From that day forward I’ve been trying to focus on what season of my business it is, and ONLY sign up for things that directly relate to that. Example: For a few months I was in a list building season. Everything I did revolved around that. I tried (yes tried) not to download or sign up for anything the didn’t directly move me forward in list building. I took Amy Porterfield’s List Builders Lab and just really worked on lead magnets, etc. Now I’m in a different season (the summit!) so I’m all in on that. The only freebies I’ve sign up for (actually today!) was a Facebook cheat sheet because I wanted some tips on ads.

I want you to think about this. Are you a freebie junkie like me? Do you need to clear your inbox? Next time you go to hit “SIGN ME UP” I want you to think about what your goals are for this season and if aligns.

Freebie Collector: Say No!

*Another tip I got from Todd Herman in the 90 Day Year is that you can make a Pile Up Zone. So if you see something that’s SUPER intriguing to you and you know you want to get to it, put it in your Pile Up Zone. Then one day a week take the time to go through it. 

Back to it. Let’s take some action.

  1. Over the next few days (ESPECIALLY if you’re signed up for the summit!) take the time to clear out your inbox.  Let’s get down to 0. Delete everything you know you’re not going to use. Categorize what you WOULD like to use.
  2. Next time you’re temped to hit “sign me up” think about what season of your business you are in. Does it align? Does it help get you closer to your goal?
  3. If you choose to keep some courses/freebies. Sit down RIGHT now. Read them and make a plan to IMPLEMENT what it’s teaching you!

You don’t reach your goals by just thinking about them. Change comes from action.

Speaking of action! Have you signed up for the Food Entrepreneur Summit yet? Listen to the BGB Community founder’s summit preview class below. There’s only a few days left to register (May 27th is the last day!)

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If you have questions about the summit, just leave them here or email me! If you clear out your inbox (and your brain!) let me know! I want to hear!


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