Pinterest is a Curated Resource for Your Brand with Kate Ahl

Kate Ahl has a passion for helping bloggers and business owners grow their business using Pinterest. She aims to teach actionable simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed. Kate runs Simple Pin Media.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

      • How Kate got her start in her very niche Pinterest business
      • How you can make money as a blogger
      • Why Pinterest is your next step to focus on for blogging

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Tell us a little bit about you, Kate Ahl, and what you do.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my family. We have four kiddos. I work as the owner of Simple Pin Media, a Pinterest management company. We started by helping people manage their page for their business around 3 years ago. I have a team that I work with and now I’m breaking into creating products.



How can you find your next business idea?

1.  Look at your gifts. What gifts are you good at and what do you like to do? Remember that most people are looking for people who are dependable and helpful in the area you’re good at, you will knock it out of the park. Be consistent, dependable, reliable and helpful! Hit those areas in your gifts and in where you see a need and you will be successful!

2. You’ll make mistakes. Don’t set your sights so big. Set it small. Make $100, then $500 and it will build on each other!

What is your best Pinterest practice when you publish a blog post?

There is the personal side and the technical side. The technical side is that you obviously want to make sure that everything is optimized for Pinterest-vertical image, alt text filled out, and that your boards to communicate the message of who you are. I would say a next step beyond that would is are you creating content that can go on Pinterest that furthers your message, niche or mission?  Are you just creating content because that’s what everybody else is creating? The most successful Pinterest users are those who understand their audience. Look for patterns. It’s going to take awhile because Pinterest traffic is very slow to start. It takes about 6 months or so to get into the system and get going. If you’re new just keep pinning and don’t pin a ton. Pin what you love. Pin to communicate who you are through those pins and through your content. If you’ve been in Pinterest for awhile you still want to find that same strategy to be as helpful as possible because ultimately your Pinterest boards are a curated resource for your brand.

Kate Ahl

You developed a Tailwind course, so why Tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduling programs that I discovered probably a year-and-a-half ago after I had been using another scheduling program, It made my time on Pinterest so much quicker because I was able to fill out my schedule. It has a smart scheduling tool where it just fills in all the times and then I’m off and way. We also realized that Tailwind has more features that people aren’t using like board lists and tribes. All of these things on Tailwind make my time on Pinterest that much more streamlined.

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You mentioned 30 pins, is that the ideal number of pins you should be pinning a day?

I say it’s no more than 30, but the ideal number is whatever number you can be consistent at.

Can you share one final powerful Pinterest tip?

One of the things that anybody can do right now is just make a sweep through your boards. Do they communicate your message? Do you love them? Do they look nice? Are there boards you have not used for awhile? Are there group boards you still want to be a part of or not be a part of?

Kate AhlKate Ahl has a passion for helping bloggers and business owners grow their business using Pinterest. She aims to teach actionable, simple steps that help business owners move forward successfully instead of feeling overwhelmed. Simple Pin Media started in January of 2014 with just three beta clients and has grown to serving over forty monthly maintenance clients and hundreds of consultation, clean up, and review clients.

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