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Meet Nicole.

11 years ago I decided to quit my teaching job and start my own business. I do things differently. In these videos I show you why people who just find me, invest with me quickly. It has nothing to do with complicated funnels, fancy webinars or long sales pages. 

If you want to learn how I freed up my schedule, have clients that get amazing results and have a program that sells every week….without any long sales pages or fancy tech webinars watch this video. If you want to learn how to do it, the simplest way I can put it is…apply to enroll in The 7to7 Formula. 

Over 7 figures in revenue and hundreds of clients helped later, this is exactly what I’m doing with my clients right now to help them turn their 1:1 clients into a scalable business, so they can make a lot of money, take less 1:1 calls and actually enjoy their life! Let’s do the same for you.