Figure Out What Works for You in Your Life with Nancy Kalish, Pure Genius

As a former health journalist and certified Health Coach, Nancy Kalish knew she should only eat healthy food. Nancy turned her Brooklyn kitchen into a mad cooking laboratory. Her objective was to make the most incredibly tasting healthy treats ever. One year and a lot of dirty pans later, she succeeded with Pure Genius! *Note: Pure Genius recently changed their name to Rule Breaker!

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Big takeaways:

  • Nancy jumped in not knowing ANYTHING about the food industry. She joined Expo East and went down without even any products and was a big hit.
  • It took a lot of trial and error to get the recipe right AND to make sure her products lasted on the shelf without molding.
  • Small food companies work had to bring you quality products without artificial ingredients.
  • Entrepreneurs have highs and lows! Nancy’s first Whole Foods order arrived spoiled and she had to go to each store and pull the product from the shelves.
  • Stand up for your brand and your business.
  • Check your trademarks before you build a business!
  • Pure Genius won an award in Sept 2016 for best new sweet at Expo East!
  • Nancy has figured out what works for her right now in her life…like giving up cooking elaborate dinners!
  • Rule Breaker is really committed to not only healthy stuff, but healthy stuff that tastes great!

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