Facilitating Those LIGHT BULB Moments with Nikki Elledge Brown, The Naptime Empires ™

Nikki Elledge Brown is known online as The Communication Stylist® and creator of A Course About Copy®. She’s a proud military spouse, mom, former park ranger and college professor who built a multi-six-figure business in under 18 months by helping thousands of entrepreneurs communicate with clarity and confidence.

*Note from Nicole: This is one of my most favorite podcast episodes ever. Nikki is the REAL DEAL. This episode is filled with tons of business gold + you’ll hear about Nikki’s new podcast, which I know you’ll LOVE!

Big Takeaways:

  • Nikki studied Social science of communication – how and why we communicate the way we do.
  • Before she started her business Nikki was teaching.
  • She loves facilitating those LIGHT BULB moments and helping people feel more confident.
  • Divine breadcrumbs: Always leading and pointing us to our path and true zone of genius and true mission in the world.
  • Nikki worked as a park ranger and started by volunteering and facilitating courses online.
  • Nikki felt a calling to share her gifts in a bigger way.
  • One step at a time she started helping entrepreneurs communicate more effectively.
  • Nikki got started by offering free sessions
  • You build a business through real genuine connections with people
  • From doing 1:1 calls Nikki took the themes + patterns that her clients needed help with and created a course around that!
  • Nikki VALUED her time and clearly communicated her value + laid out what they could expect. From her free sessions she had confidence, clarity and raving testimonials.

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how to write great copy

Business Success Boils Down To:

  1. Know your value
  2. Know who needs it
  3. Communicate your value to the people who need it in a smart authentic way.

I love facilitating those lightbulb moments. I love helping people get more confident and comfortable.

Questions Nikki asked when figuring out her business:

  • What are ways people are sharing their messages
  • How are people adding value
  • How are people building a platform

How do you write copy that sells?

  • Present information in a way that makes sense
  • Make it easy for them to see they want to do business with you.
  • You have to find the RIGHT people.
  • Sharing your value + communicating your value to the people who need it in a smart, authentic way.
  • Meeting me where I am (start a copy bank) pay attention to what your ideal customers are SAYING – use the words that they’re using!
  • It’s your job to help them hear you before they hire you.

At the top of any page – to get their attention, the magic words are THEIR words. When people feel heard and think “how did you know that” they’re going to start paying attention and think wow she knows me.  It doesn’t have to be hard, but whatever language they’re using, is what you should use.  Let them know you’re listening to THEM.

Basic copy tips:

  • Use contractions!
  • Take the BFF test. Would they roll their eyes and say “this is something you would never say?”
  • If you wouldn’t say it outloud – don’t say it in your copy!
  • Don’t have NEWS ANCHOR voice!
  • It’s cool to be who you are. Being who you are is what is going to draw in the right people!
  • Make it representative of you and what they’re going to get!
  • They want to know YOU.
  • It takes time – give yourself grace. It will evolve.
  • Be you ON PURPOSE!

Check out Nikki’s Podcast The Naptime Empires: refreshingly honest conversations on the realities of parenthood + entrepreneurship.

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