No More Shiny Object Syndrome!

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? Or the acronym of FOCUS? That’s what we’re talking about today. The Pareto principle is named after an economist who figured out that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. I really think focus is so important. I want you to get away from the shiny object syndrome, which means you’re always rushing to do the next best thing in your business because it’s going to be “it”. FOCUS on one thing until you’ve had success! FOCUS = Focus on One Course Until Success. Keep powering on and working on your one course/product until you’ve had success with it!

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Don’t add other things until you’ve really perfected your first thing. If you’re working on streams of income and you know having passive income is a way for you to make more money BUT  If you’re offering five different programs and you’re just making a little bit of money and you’re not giving anything your full focus it deserves and you’re not doing any one thing great. Take a look at that one thing that you can do really great and give that you’re full focus and energy. Stop being all over the place and focus on one thing.

Let’s talk about the Pareto principle. 20% of your time produces 80% of your results. You should be spending more time on the activities that are giving you 80% of your results. If you have a blog or website, look at what is giving you most of your traffic and spend more time there. Like Katy says, look at what is working and what is fun? If Instagram is working and twitter isn’t, then spend more time on instagram! Look at your analytics. What is creating the most business and traffic for you? What can you do to reward those people/platform? How can you produce more content that works? If there was a recipe that got tons of engagement and feedback then take note of that and produce more of that content. If we’re talking about instagram, look at what gets the most engagement from you. Is it a recipe, workout tip, quote, picture of your kids?

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We think we need to be everywhere and do everything, but that’s not true. Figure out what is working. You don’t need to be everywhere. Focus on quality, NOT quantity. What do people like to see? What do they resonate with? Get more traction by doing more of what is working well. I want you to think about what is working the most for you? Put more effort into that. Shift your focus. Instead of thinking you need to be doing 2 pictures on instagram, a blog post, 10 Facebook posts and Pinterest, just pick a few!

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Brainstorm ways you can improve on your 20% (what’s working)! Schedule those tasks into your calendar. Try theme days! Have a focus and a plan for every single day so you’re not multi-tasking! Get focused! What do you need to focus on? Make sure you figure out what the 20% is that produces 80% of your results!

Let me know what activities you’re doing to produce more results for your business!

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