Just be Genuinely Helpful with Prerna Malik

Prerna Malik is the gourmet copywriter and community manager for time starved entrepreneurs for Content Bistro. She loves crafting great content, reading good books and drinking gallons of coffee which is probably why I feel a strong connection to her.

Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

I’m an SEO copywriter, a business blogger, a community manager and I’m also a mom, wife and I bake very good brownies. I also work with entrepreneurs to help them craft strategy for their blog, to help monetize it for their business, to help grow it; I’m a consultant as well.

Why are you so passionate about helping women in business?

It would be easy for me to say because I’m one. Here’s the thing, I work with my husband, were very blessed in that way that we can both work together on this business and together we gotten this where we essentially we want to help both men and women entrepreneurs who feeling stuck or slow down because they may not have the time or even the budget to grow their businesses. We’re passionate about helping women or men so that they can reach the full potential of their business without feeling that they need to mortgage their house or max out their credit cards.

I love your story about how you got started really on a budget. Can you talk a little bit about that? And then why it’s so important to help people to save time and money?

When we started, my husband and I, I’ve been blogging at my personal blog for a while and we had few clients who started reaching out to us via that blog asking if we can help manage their social media or write blogs for them. We have a few clients, not many, and my husband got really, really sick. He had this chronic inflammation and was really painful and he had to quit work and he was our sole honor at that time. We had medical bills and we had nowhere else also to take him and so we talked, “Let’s just do this.” We had really very little money to spend. The only things we invested in were hosting for the site because we wanted like a self-hosted site and not like a wordpress.com or something like that and paying for the domain. Our site was designed probono by a friend and it wasn’t the prettiest, I’m sorry for listening, but it did its worth. We stuck to that budget and we discussed this with each other and we said that our focus is going to be delivering great work and just getting the word out there about ourselves and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a fancy website. It doesn’t matter if you’ve not done any high-end courses or we’re not making enough great big mastermind, groups or something like that but we just need to focus on doing great work. We started investing 10% of what we would earn back into our business so we stuck to that since. You shouldn’t let a budget stop you it’s what we believe in.

What do you think every website needs on it to drive traffic and convert customers?

Personality and authenticity. Good SEO always help.

Do you have 2 or 3 tips on how that can actually translate to your website or your social media channels?

First, just start by being who you are. Sharing parts of yourself that you would want to share with someone you will meet in person. One of the things that I would say is social media is all about being social. How would you interact with someone if you would meet them in person? You are not just going to whip out business card and say you already give them your product and say you need to buy this. Similarly I don’t see why people on social media will always go buy this… Instead of really taking out the time to engage and connect. Start by engaging and connecting your audience, start by finding out who they are, what they want and sharing more of who you are as well. Letting yourself be open, letting yourself be real, letting yourself be just out there and it may not work with everyone and that’s okay. You want to essentially hang out with people who actually get you. The second thing I would tell someone who would say starting out and wondering how do you start by being authentic or showing that you’re passionate of what you’re doing is by genuinely helpful with your content, with your posts on whether it’s on Facebook groups or whether it’s on commenting in other people’s blogs. Just be genuinely helpful it works wonders. And finally focus on building relationships. Relationships where you may or may not get anything in return.

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Prerna Malik

Tell us why great content is so important.

Great content is a lot like your legacy online. It’s what you’re putting out there, it’s what going to remain for a very long time unless of course you have decided to just leave your site to something like that but great content on social and great content on your site is how people get to know who you are. It’s how people get to trust you. It’s how people come to respect what you do. I’m not just talking about the written word I’m talking about podcast, video blogs; great content is what sets you apart from the rest. You would add your own personality to it, you would add you own unique spin to it, you would add your own special value to it, great content is pretty much an essential for any business, any blog.

What does every product description need to have?

Benefits. Product description need to showcase how a product is going to change someone’s life or how a product is going to make a difference to them, how a product is going to make things easy for them, how a product is going to solve a problem that they’ve been struggling with and you do that to benefits.

Tell us about your Facebook Mastermind group.

We have a Facebook Mastermind group for Parent entrepreneurs actually call the bistrol. The reason why we created it it’s because parent entrepreneur is facing unique challenges that entrepreneurs may or may not. You have to juggle meal planning and school pick up and drops and volunteer work and projects along with planning you marketing strategy, launching a product, the usual entrepreneurial stuff as parent entrepreneurs ourselves we realized that a Mastermind group where we could discuss things that make life simpler both at home and business hold each other accountable for whether making a personal change or achieving a professional milestone would be just so perfect.

What has it done for our business?

A lot. It’s big but intimate. We know each other, people are helpful and from a business perspective it’s really helped us build relationships with entrepreneurs all across the world.

Would you say that the mastermind has been a game changer in your business then?

The greatest game changer, I would think being out there and building relationships.

What would be some advice on how to get started with guest posting/blogging?

Start by being who you are, identifying blogs that would be a great fit for you. If you’re just starting out I would advise you to not just go straight for this really big blogs but start by places that feels like more comfortable to you, smaller blogs probably the same size as yours or slightly bigger than yours and then just reaching out to them.

Tell me your favorite social media platform for entrepreneurs building a business.

Contrary to popular opinion I would go to Facebook.

Do you have a secret online tool?

My latest love is ConvertKit.

Tell us one thing you do in your day that contributes to your success.

I use a planner. A real paper planner. I’m using a passion planner to be precise. I’m so much more productive, I’m more focused, and I have a clear idea of how my goals are getting accomplished.

Share one thing that you want our listeners and your audience to know about you that you think they don’t know yet.

My 8-year-old daughter and I have the same shoe size. I have tiny feet.


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Prerna Malik is a gourmet content chef, copywriter and community manager. She is the co-founder of Content Bistro , a full service
content marketing agency serving up scrumptious SEO, social media and content solutions to time-starved entrepreneurs. Prerna has worked with over 200 clients, in the last 5 years, helping them to double and even, triple the sales and traffic they get from social and search. She brings with her a wealth of “kitchen-tested” experience and strategies that guarantee results. 

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