How To Price Your Services with Danielle Liss

Danielle Liss is back as a repeat guest and sharing how you should price your services as a blogger. It’s not all about the page views! Listen to the podcast to listen to her tips on how to figure out what you should be charging.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why you should have pricing for the areas that you are most likely to be hired for
    • How to analyze your Google analytics to see how your sponsored verse non-sponsored content performs
    • How you should track your campaigns
    • PRICE framework for you to figure out your pricing to include all platforms

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Pricing Has Changed

Once upon a time the, main thing that a brand wanted to say was, “We’ve got mentions on this blog.” It wasn’t about anything. It was about saying, “We’re mentioned on 50 different blogs.”  Now the market has changed, and there’s concentration in a lot of different areas now. But most of the time, the pricing models just haven’t changed enough to reflect that. People are so uncertain how to price themselves within the market. It’s not just a blog post now, you’ve got Facebook live, you’ve got Snapchat, you’ve got so many channels and people’s audiences’ responds differently on different types of channels. Everyone is different, everyone creates amazing and unique content, so you need a framework that’s going to allow you to create pricing that just as unique as that contact.

Danielle Liss

What do you need to have pricing for as a blogger?

One thing that I want to remind people of is even if you have lower page views or lower visitors,  it is not easy for a product to get in front of a thousand to two thousand people that they know will be interested in your product. Even if you’re numbers seem low, compared to some really big blogs out there, you still have a great opportunity for a brand as long as it is a right fit for your audience.

Concentrate on your strengths. If your strengths are on Instagram and your blog, make sure you have pricing set for that. If you do not have Snapchat, and you don’t have any interest on being in Snapchat, if that’s not the channel that interests you or you don’t have audience on there, you don’t need to concentrate on that. Have pricing for the areas that you are most likely to be hired for and you have a comfort level, analyzing your statistics. Analytics are so important and analytics are something that most people want to avoid. You need to dive into your analytics and say, “Okay, this does well, this does well and this does well, here’s how I priced it based on the results that I’ve seen.”

Is there one social media platform that converts best or has the best chance of reaching the largest audience?

I think it is entirely individual, and I feel like it seems a copout answer, but it depends on where your audience is and how your audience best connects with you. Every person’s channels are going to depend entirely on their audience and what their audience responds best too.

When you’re working with the brands, do you think a media kit is a must have?

I love media kits. I think they are amazing.  Katy Widrick has outstanding resources regarding media kits.

How do you figure out what resonates with your audience?

When looking at Google analytics, first I want you to analyze all of your top performing posts. Next I want you to analyze your top sponsored posts. If you see a big difference, in the way that your sponsored contact performs versus your non-sponsored contact, I really want you to sit back at look it back. Are you telling the stories a different way? Did you become more of robotic in your conversations when you’re talking about a product or client? If that’s the case, you need to work on your sponsored contacts more than on your non-sponsored contacts.

how to price your services

Tell us about your price framework and how you developed it.

Most people want a secret formula about how to price.  I have to tell you that it doesn’t exist. That’s not a bad thing. The secret formula would be a one side spit all approach, and it just doesn’t work because everybody is different. What it came down to was, what type of framework can we create to give people about what is and isn’t working when you’re working with clients? So that how’s the price method was born.

PRICE Acronym:

P: Potential Impressions

R: Reach

I: Investment

C: Content

E: Engagement

Danielle LissDanielle Liss is a partner and founder of Businessese. She is also the owner of Hashtag Legal, a law firm that focuses on social media law. Danielle is the former Chief Marketing Officer of FitFluential, an influencer network concentrating on health and
wellness initiatives. She’s been blogging since 2004 at Kitten a Go-Go. Danielle and her partner started Businessese with one goal in mind, to make it easier for you to run your small business. Danielle is an attorney and experienced business leader. Danielle shares about her specialty dealing with the fine print of businesses.
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