Get past $100k Months with 7 Hours per Week: The NEW Way to Scale using The Rich Niche High Ticket Evergreen Leads System

Ready for a reliable flow of leads who are ready to buy coming in every single day…and predictable, sustainable weekly sales in just 7 hours a week – every week?

The NEW Evergreen Model has leads coming in every single day and high ticket sales coming in every week. 

This is the new formula that guarantees predictable, increasing monthly sales while eliminating the overwhelming pressure of traditional launches and one and done evergreen models. THIS is how you profitably scale your business by having leads who are ready to buy coming in every single day.

Business gets to be this good. And you get to be the Elevated CEO you’re meant to be.

Get to $100k Months with 7 Hours per Week with The Rich Niche High Ticket Evergreen System

Unlock the power of a scalable business with the NEW Evergreen Model. Bid farewell to underwhelming launches, leads that don’t buy and complex sales funnels. Predictable leads coming in and sustainable weekly sales in just 7 hours a week. This revolutionary formula gets you high quality leads daily, increasing monthly sales, freeing you from the stress of old outdated models.
The Rich Niche : A segment of your audience that is ready to buy right now. No convincing. No massive persuasion or sales tactics needed because they are actively looking for a solution to their problem and ready to go now. When you implement The Rich Niche Leads System, conversations are easier and sales come in effortlessly.

Empowering CEOs to Create a Wildly Profitable Business with The 7 to 7 Formula

Founded by Nicole Culver, Elevate empowers founders with the strategy, tools and mindset needed to have wildly profitable fun businesses so they can be cycle breakers.

Full time income, part time hours?! Seriously?! → Absolutely. Because you can increase your revenue, your energy and your time with family, all while falling deeply in love with your life.

Your Success is inevitable. What you desire is destined for you.

The only thing you’re missing is the Elevate community.

Elevating Your Business, The Ultimate Solution to Increased Sales with The Rich Niche High Ticket Leads System

Elevated CEOs (or Elevate-ors) are guided through The 7 to 7 Formula, a proven four-phase framework for getting weekly sales in just 7 hours a week, and receive personalized support and accountability through weekly advisory board calls, live trainings and more.

We are mission-driven to empower you to step into your power, have a positive ripple effect on your family and community, and we are committed to your success.


Meet Your Elevate Advisors

Elevate’s team of experienced advisors is dedicated to guiding you on your journey to a profitable, scalable business. The level of support and accountability inside this community is unparalleled, and the advisory board includes experts in sales, marketing, systems, service, leadership and more. Each week, this team reviews all Elevate clients’ progress and data and provides personalized feedback and strategic recommendations. Additionally, advisory board members host regular workshops and live trainings for Elevate clients.

Wait…you’re saying that Elevate includes a full advisory board of experts who help guide me and my business, each and every day?

You bet! You won’t find this in other programs – and it’s because we know that Elevated CEOs can’t do it alone. We’re here to be your support team, your cheerleaders and so much more.


Nicole Culver

Founder and CEO

Transforming the approach to evergreen sales, Nicole Culver, CEO of Elevate, equips entrepreneurs with the tools to yield consistent weekly sales from small audiences. Using her savvy as a master mindset coach and former teacher, she advocates a revolution in work-life balance, making full-time income achievable on part-time hours. Committed to her mantra “Life gets to be so good,” Nicole empowers her clients to make their dreams a reality. Away from the hustle, she’s a coffee-loving mom of three, cherishing every moment of her journey.


Dan Culver

Chief Marketing Officer

Dan’s strategy for attracting and engaging new clients centers around a combination of content marketing and targeted Facebook ad campaigns. By consistently delivering valuable content that showcases the power of the 7 to 7 Formula and leveraging precise targeting through Facebook ads, he successfully connects with entrepreneurs who resonate with the mission of making an impact, generating substantial profits, helping others, and prioritizing their family life.


Katy Widrick

Head of Systems

As Head of Systems for Elevate, Katy Widrick is responsible for developing and implementing and robust back-end tools and processes that support scalable growth for the internal team and Elevate clients. Often called the “Olivia Pope” of systems and communication, Katy has served in leadership roles with multiple fast-growing companies, overseeing marketing operations and impact. When she’s not nose-deep in spreadsheets and workflows, you’ll find Katy with her husband and two daughters, living in St. Petersburg, FL (and probably listening to Taylor Swift).

Jess Webb

Client Success Manager

As Client Success Manager, Jess Webb empowers and supports all Elevate members, starting from the moment they join the program. If you’re sending an email to the team, asking a question in the portal or Facebook group, requesting extra support, sharing a win in your data tracker — or anything else! — you can be sure that Jess is reading, cheering you on and then getting you the answers (and accountability) that guide you to becoming an Elevated CEO and cycle breaker. Jess is also a military wife and mom, currently living in eastern North Carolina, and she brings years of experience in non-profit and volunteer service to the Elevate team.


Katie Soy

Messaging Advisor

Passionate about marketing and creative direction, Katie Soy’s work is rooted in brand voice and business storytelling. Katie empowers Elevated CEOs to tell authentic personal stories in business, marketing, and messaging. As a high-performance coach for multimillion-dollar programs, Katie helps business owners become Bold Thought Leaders by shifting audience perspectives, effectively sharing personal experiences, and applying story-selling strategies in content creation, books, and business copywriting.


Kristine Iandiorio

Sales Coordinator

Kristine brings nearly two decades of experience in corporate America to the Elevate team, guiding clients to find clarity around their values and goals, gain confidence, improve time management and master their mindset to sell and serve. Kristine is a certified coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, where she also earned her Leadership Specialist certification, and is recognized as an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) in the International Coach Federation. She holds a BA in Accounting from University of Delaware and currently lives in Long Island, NY alongside her husband and two daughters.



Sales Advisor

With over 23 years of sales and marketing experience, Kandis helps entrepreneurs feel confident and comfortable in the art of selling and increase their sales call conversions through the application of mindfulness, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and sales psychology. No sleazy sales tactics or pushy energy required.



Performance Advisor

Danya is a Mindset Performance coach who draws on her experience as a former Olympic Athletic Therapist and Strength and Conditioning coach to help visionaries, thought leaders, entrepreneurs & experts get out of their own way, bust through income and impact plateaus and become unf*ckwithable. She is a YES SUPPLY certified Neuro-Linguistic Programing Practitioner (NLP), Life + Success Coach, TIME Techniques™ Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Emotional Freedom Techniques facilitator (EFT), Reiki Level 1 & 2, and is currently studying RRT under Dr. Jon Connelly. When she isn’t coaching, you can find her either lifting weights or adventuring outside on a beach or mountains with tea and her big dog named Tabata.

"Get More Yesses!"

Nicole not only has a knack for helping coaches uncover the limiting beliefs and objections that are keeping their ideal clients from saying yes! but she teaches you how to bust through them from the highest place of compassion so you can get more yeses. Read More>>

- Christina Jandali

"Doubled Our Launch!"

Through their help, we actually doubled more than doubled our revenue for that second launch. So our second launch, we did $55,000, which is incredible. It was such a game changer for us to have that level of revenues.
Read More>>

- Jake Currie

"Key to Moving

If you've done the strategies, and things aren't lining up, it's all hidden in the subconscious. Working with a coach is the key to moving forward. Thank you Nicole for working with me and helping me as a coach. I look forward to many more sessions.
Read More>>

-Danya Brooke

"Best Coach Ever!"

Nicole is one of the best coaches I've ever experienced. Her ability to ask questions that get to the root of what's been holding you back, from a space of pure compassion and non-judgment, helps her clients get truly transformational results and epic breakthroughs. Read More>>

-Sara Anna Powers

"Life Changing
To Me"

There are a million wonderful things that I could say. Nicole is an amazing resource for entrepreneurship & building your online business. To make it more personal, when I look back on the last 5 years, Nicole's advice and direction, transparency was life changing to me. Read More>>
-Sumner Brooks

"My Goals Make
Me Money"

I've been working with Nicole and Dan over the past couple of years. They've helped me go from someone who has a hobby to a CEO of a legitimate business, all while doing this without stressing out unreasonably or doing busy work.
Read More>>
-Kristen Raney
The 7 to 7 formula, your guide to evergreen sales in 7 hours a week

Become an Elevated CEO Through The 7 to 7 Formula

The 7 to 7 Formula ‘s your blueprint for ready to buy leads coming in daily.
Laptop, tablet, and phone displaying the evergreen sales phases.

Phase 1: Cash Conversions

Learn how to speak to your rich niche – the people who truly want to invest in your expertise – and create a scalable, profitable offer. Through the exclusive Cash Conversations methodology, engage with your best future clients and help them get your warm traffic to buy (and make their minds up more quickly).

Phase 2: Predictable Sales System

Build the system that gets your profitable offer in front of new and more people, in just one hour a week! With the NEW Hybrid Model, you’ll build a system that has your Rich Niche eagerly asking how they can work with you. Get a consistent stream of high-quality leads and predictable sales.

Phase 3: Multiple Chance Selling

Apply the 7 to 7 Formula’s Multiple Chance Selling to efficiently convert leads, accelerate processes, boost weekly high-ticket sales, and expand your rich niche. This is the magic of The 7 to 7 Formula!

Phase 4: Scaled Success with Open Enrollment

Evolve into a Visionary CEO, scaling sales and exceptional, elevated service with an efficient team, optimized client experience, and sustainable growth mechanisms. Increase retention, get better client results and drive referrals from happy, successful clients!

Scaling Business with Remarkable Growth

Nicole is amazing. You’re crazy if you’re not listening to Nicole or taking her advice. I’ve watched her from the past few years, and holy cow. We all grow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone grow as fast as Nicole. I’ve seen so much tremendous growth in Nicole. I use people like Nicole to describe the differences I see between those who have figured out how you need to be and how you need to operate and show up if you're deciding to be an entrepreneur and want to have a business – vs. how most people show up because they saw a picture on Instagram of how it’s supposed to look. When you find those people like Nicole, pay attention to not only what she says but how she conducts herself. There's no coincidence why she has the success she has.

-James Wedmore

See what James Wedmore, Business Performance Coach, says about The 7 to 7 Formula

"You’re crazy if you’re not listening to Nicole or taking her advice."

How Elevate Empowers Scalable Business

Hear firsthand from individuals who have created scalable businesses thanks to Elevate and The 7 to 7 Formula. These are stories of transformation and triumph.

"Million Dollar Funnel!"

Nicole and Dan helped us build an automated evergreen funnel that on its own has a run rate of a million dollars a year (and it’s growing every month). We’ve been trying to do this on our own for years, and they helped us get here in under four months. I think that [Elevate] can help almost anyone go from $0 to $1 million a year with evergreen funnels Read More>>

- Brandon Lucero

"Worth Every Dime"

It's been a lifeline that I didn't even know I needed. I never realized how much I needed the support of, of them, the other coaches, and the mindset work we do to keep growing my business.
The group has been transformational and worth every dime
Read More>>

- Michelle Lake

"Life Back on Track"

I was exhausted, emotionally stressed, and I relied on my business to bring me happiness. After working with Nicole and Dan, I've been able to 180 my business. They gave me my life back! Read More>>

-Ren Lenhof

"Magic with Elevate"

Elevate completely turned around everything I was thinking about my business. When I started following the system, I made sales immediately. Magic starts to happen when you join Elevate. Read More>>

-Michelle B

"Monthly Income Boost!"

I am bringing new clients into my program every single month, my monthly income numbers keep increasing, and I am working in less time. I also feel so much more focused on what I need to do every day. Anybody that's really on the fence about joining Dan and Nicole's program, take that leap of faith.
Read More>>

- Athena Concannon

"Freedom Unleashed!"

The most amazing thing for me has really been about the freedom that Dan and Nicole's program has allowed me to have. I really am living my dream life, running my dream business.Read More>>

-Lauren McLoughlin

"A Game Changer"

If you want to grow your business, having experts and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs on your side is a GAME-CHANGER! I feel so much relief as we grow to new levels and face bigger problems, that we have a team of experts guiding us and cheering us on.Read More>>

-Megan Penrod

"Seen, Heard, Supported"

I've never felt so seen, heard, and continuously supported before. No other business-building program or mentoring group ever made me feel that way. So if that's what you're craving too, this is the place to be.
Read More>>

- Alena
Happy client sharing their experience with our scalable business solutions.
A successful client sharing their experience with our scalable business solutions.
Satisfied client sharing their experience with our scalable business model.
A client from one of the most scalable businesses sharing their success story.
A happy client sharing their success with our evergreen sales strategies.
A client expressing their satisfaction with our evergreen funnel strategies.
A happy client sharing their success story with our evergreen funnel strategies.
A client sharing their journey of success by working less and achieving more.

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