Get rid of the overwhelm and SIMPLIFY!

Let’s talk about simplifying your life. So often I feel overwhelmed and like life is super chaotic. I’ve been working on simplifying things. We have so much information delivered to us. It’s information overload. Everywhere you look there’s an amazing freebie to download, or a business development course to take. I get it. I’ve been there and totally fallen into the I NEED MORE EDUCATION trap. It’s so tempting. My inbox was overflowing with offers, PDFs, courses and more. I wanted to know how to grow my blog, social media following, email list, how to get more clicks on videos and MORE MORE MORE. If I’m doing this, then I bet you are doing this too.

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Let’s simplify. It will help us in our personal life AND our business. We need a clear path and direction. Let’s pair down and get rid of things that drive us crazy in our life. How can we take control of the overwhelm.

If you have the mindset of “I could never”. I could never buy a house in that community. I could never have a 6 figure business. If you’re thinking that then you are putting constraints on your business. By simplifying your thinking…and you’re life, you will hopefully change your mindset.

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How can we simplify?

Let’s take those negative constraints and use it in a positive way. Todd Herman talks about the Prada Protocol, which is basically just simplifying. What are frustrations you have? Is it your inbox? Laundry? The piles of paper in your house? ‘

Write down 5-10 things that really bring you overwhelm. Start with one of those things, reduce it down and simplify it. Something that has made me crazy is setting up interviews for my podcast. My fix was setting up calendly. Now I just send my scheduler and they pick from my available times.

Other examples: set up streak in gmail.


Make systems, streamline things for you and make life easier! If it’s a pile of paper, make a system for filing and disposing of mail right away. What else?

  • I implemented theme days! Every day of the week has a specific theme. It made my life a lot simpler. I was al over the place. Theme days made me way more effective.
  • Set your priorities. Say no more than you say yes. If you have your priorities in place it’s easier to say no.
  • Simplify colors on your website or pictures on your instagram.
  • Simplify the social media platforms you use. If twitter isn’t working for you, give it up. Use MeetEdgar.
  • Batch work. Take a ton of pictures at once for your platforms. Batch blog posts.
  • Meal plan and prep once a week.
  • DO things that are going to make your life EASIER.

Focus on what’s going well and do more of that. 

Go to your list of things that are frustration you and think HOW can I simplify this. THINK about your constraints and use them in a positive way. Set up systems and SIMPLIFY. Take control of the overwhelm!

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I want to hear from you! What are you going to simplify?

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