More Important than Pageviews with Danica Kombol, Everywhere Agency

Danica Kombol is the CEO of the Everywhere Agency, a leading social media & influencer marketing firm that works with Fortune 500 companies crafting and executing successful campaigns. With clients such as Macy’s, Cox Communications, and Carter’s, her agency is no stranger to big names and big projects. She founded the blogger network, Everywhere Society to power the agency’s many award winning influencer campaigns.

As a social media marketer, Danica draws on her extensive background as a television producer and public relations executive. She began her career at Sesame Workshop where she was involved in the international versions of Sesame Street. She went on to become a successful television producer working on such legendary shows as Saturday Night Live, Kids in the Hall and VHI. She blogs alternately about social media trends on her own site and

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Big Takeaways

  • Television producer for many years and she wanted to be with her kids, so she came up with her agency as a need!
  • She shifted from television to marketing and advertising.
  • Danica made it work for her!
  • Everywhere Agency’s mission is to be phenomenal storytellers. She wants to create stories for their brands and create great stories for influencers to share.
  • Influencer marketing is people talking about things they’re passionate about!
  • It’s not all about pageviews! Knowing your audience + engagement is super important!
  • To get better at writing, read great stories! Read, look, study, practice.
  • Writing is like a muscle, you have to practice it!
  • Think long and hard about what you’re naming your blog. Practice your elevator speech!
  • Fine tune your speech so when you meet people you can tell them what you write about + create content about!
  • Earn your keep by campaign reporting! They’re measuring the return on investment!
  • Brands are looking being pageviews and looking for engagement.


how to make money with brands

What can influencer do to highlight their strengths?

  • The number one thing is quality of content!
  • Stay true to yourself. Practice your writing.
  • Look at the brand you want to work with and what their marketing initiatives are.
  • Don’t just think about what you want!

To build a great brand

  • Have a great name
  • Practice your elevator pitch.
  • Be true to your content.
  • Say no to opportunities that aren’t right for you.

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Connect with Danica!

Everywhere Agency

Facebook: Be Everywhere

Twitter: @Beeverywhere

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How to Grow at Your Stage of Business with Kamila Gornia

Kamila Gornia is the “Blow Up, Scale Up” Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs blow up and scale up their businesses to become true leaders online. By teaching her clients and community how to leverage their own natural personalities into strategic marketing campaigns that are both profitable AND fun, Kamila is proving over and over again that if you can dream it, you CAN really achieve it!

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Big Takeaways

  • When you’re seen as an authority, you’re there to serve the world.
  • Women struggle with self doubt. When we step into our authority self, our confidence skyrockets because we’re leading our movement.
  • Not everyone should try to be an authority. It’s for people who want to be known and not hide behind a brand.
  • They want to be known as a person leading a specific movement. You’re able to make a bigger impact.
  • You can’t try to please everyone when you are an authority. You’re putting yourself up for rejection + scrutiny. You have to be willing to hold strong.
  • You have to stand strong in your truth whether you’re online or in person. You have to hold strong and be known as YOU.
  • If you have a feeling inside of you that tells you I have this message to share, then you need to be doing that.
  • Use your connections. Relationships are never going to go out of style. That’s how we connect and grow.
  • There is huge power in partnerships + connections.
  • If you have an agenda when you’re trying to connect, that’s not going to work. It’s not a long term strategy.

scale your business

Stages to Blow Up Scale Up Method

Depending on the stage you are at you have to be focusing on the right things and grow from their.

Think Up Stage: You’re thinking of what your business is going to be. Foundational decisions.

What is your business? Who are you serving

Talk to people. Be confident in what you’re doing. You’ll get fast clarity on how you run your business. You have to work with people.

Set Up Stage: Set up foundational systems. Get your first clients. Focused on doing webinars, growing your list.

Blow Up Phase: Get booked solid with clients.

Scale Up Phase: Leveraged business models + offers. This is where you focus on sales funnels. Have more leverage in your business.

Free Up Phase: So close to 7 figures. Hire full time employees and looking at scaling in a bigger way. Step up into a CEO role.

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Don’t disregard the audience you have with Paige Kumpf, Trainer Paige

Paige Kumpf is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and has helped hundreds of women lose body fat, see changes in their body, and perform feats they never thought they could since 2009. When she’s not coaching clients, she can be found hiking in the colorado mountains, playing volleyball, skiing, or killing brain cells watching reality TV. An enthusiast for balance, she vehemently believes in using fitness and nutrition to enhance your life – every single area of it – not take away from it. … And it’ll also help you get the body you want and deserve

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Big Takeaways:

  • Paige grew her business on the side, before she jumped in and quit her job.
  • She trained clients in the morning and at night for 1.5 years.
  • She had her long term vision and she worked hard to get there for 2.5 years.
  • Keep it simple at the beginning.
  • Use the knowledge and the tools you have right now. All the fancy tools came come later.
  • Launched first bootcamp in 2013 at a low cost, $40 or $50. Because she was charging so little, and her marketing strategy + execution strategy was poor, she felt like it wasn’t the right fit. She took a break and didn’t focus on group programs.
  • Her audience is mostly on instagram. She spends most of her time on email list, blog + instagram.
  • Find where your clients hang out and then go there!
  • Always put your ideas out there first and see what sticks! Test the waters first and see what your audience wants before moving forward with it!

paige kumpf

To come up with pricing:

Look at what other people charge.

Combine it with what is this worth, how much am I spending on it a week and consider your hourly value.

Give enough value away for free that it’s valuable. Give away bits and pieces, but not everything all together. You’ll see moves + tips, but you’ll never see the entire programming.

Let audience know why or what, but not the HOW. Save the how for those who are investing in your programs.

A lot of people don’t realize they have a warm audience. Don’t disregard the audience you already have and word of mouth in face to face interactions. That can help you build your audience as you grow!

If you really want it it will be worth it. Whether you work a full time job or not, it’s going to be a hustle and it’s going to be a lot of work. Just keep pressing at it. You’re going to work hard, but it’s worth it in the end.

Connect with Paige:

Instagram: TrainerPaige

Facebook: YourTrainerPaige

How to Stand Out and Position Yourself Day 1

Do you have an understanding of how your audience sees you? Do you really understand what they view you as or what they think you do?

How are you positioned in the marketplace?

The STAND OUT workshop is for bloggers and health professionals who want to figure out how to stand out and grow their business.

The online world is so crowded and you really have to figure out how to build your authority. The standout workshop is three days taking you through exactly how to do that.

I’m actually teaching my new method that I’ve been putting together for the past year. It’s called the Authority method and it is what I use to help me and help my clients basically build awareness and authority for their brand to get more clients, to get more readers and to grow their businesses.

It’s really important to build your awareness and authority with your audience because you work so hard creating such great content. If you don’t know how to market it and if you don’t know how to position yourself to stand out in the marketplace then people aren’t going to really come to you or understand what you or your brand and your business is about.

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What makes you different?

Every single one of my guests on the Blissful Bites Podcast has figured out how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. They have something that makes them special. This week’s episode with Rebeka Borucki is a great example of that.  When she started out she wasn’t teaching meditation. She built her entire platform on fitness and then she pivoted to teach meditation.

When you’re listening to the podcast, think about what their differentiating factor is. Think about how they have differentiated themselves and how you can do that yourself as well.

The first thing to have a successful business is to start with that differentiating factor. It’s so important for you to set yourself apart. It’s not necessarily something that you’ll figure out immediately.  It has it’s taken me a while to not only come up with my own differentiating factor but to refine it. It is the big idea that I built my business around. My big idea and differentiating factor  is that page views do not equal success.

My message is that you should not wait to start a business or start making money until you reach a certain amount of page views or a certain amount of followers or a certain size of your community.

More important than the page views is that you can make a big impact on your audience no matter how big or small your audience is.

You can make an impact whether you are in front of ten people, 100 people, 1000 people or 100,000 people. I’m showing you exactly how to do this at the STAND OUT workshop.

You have an important message to share. The first thing is figuring out that differentiating factor, what really makes you set yourself apart, what makes you special and why are you different from other people?

The next thing is your positioning, figuring out how do you want people to see you and your business.

What do the people you want to work with care about? It’s about them it’s not about you.You have to position yourself so they understand what your business is.

Think about what is that special thing that sets you apart? Figure out your differentiating factor. Figure out the positioning for your business. That is the first step to growing your business, really understanding what your people are looking for ,how you can connect to them and how they see you. That is so incredibly important.

If you want to get started on this, you can watch these four videos. (FYI, the STAND OUT workshop is completely wait listed and not open!)

image78 - March 11, 2017

Additionally, if you’re struggling with comparing yourself…and want to figure out how to move on and forward, watch the video included here from Nickey Rautenberg. She’s talking about how to stop comparing yourself and how to really figure out why other people’s successes are really a good thing for you. She also gives you a little mind set trick to really figure out what is blocking you and stopping you from moving forward. 

So now…

  1. Figure out your differentiating factor.
  2. Figure out how your audience views you and your positioning.
  3. Stop comparing yourself! 🙂



You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life with Rebekah Borucki

Renowned Meditation and Yoga instructor Rebekah Borucki is on a mission. Affectionately called a ‘real-life superhero’ by her peers, “Bex” is known as the practitioner for peace of mind, and in her new book, You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life: Simple 4-Minute Meditations for Inspiration, Transformation and True Bliss, she explores highly effective methods to soothe life’s daily stressors with meditation.

In this book, Rebekah shows readers how to create a simple, practical, no-nonsense meditation practice that can fit into even the busiest schedules.

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Big Takeaways from the Episode:

  • Bex was hospitalized for violent outbursts when she was 8. She grew up in a chaotic households and with her parents struggling.
  • She didn’t have the tools able to cope with life. Anxiety and depression was something she suffered with for a lot of her young life.
  • When she was 15 she discovered the book Be Here Now and it was a way for her to look inward instead of outward.
  • Her daily prayer practice became a practice of short meditations that she used to deal with moments of panic and high stress.
  • It was never a practice of just sitting down for a long period of time. It was always just dealing with the moment and how can I navigate that specific moment.
  • Bex wrote a book to serve others. She wanted to tell her story and how to heal from it using her tools. She wanted something that showed the whole picture.
  • The book consists of half memoir (grief, confidence, self-esteems) with three meditations from her own practice.
  • Being able to share her meditations is Bex’s greatest blessing, besides her children.
  • Over time she revealed more about herself on her platforms, when she was ready.
  • “We have many many layers to yourself that would benefit many people. It’s a really beautiful thing to reveal yourself to your audience again and again and in new ways. It keeps it fresh and exciting for them as well.”
  • The results of meditation is that people will see you loving yourself and they will love you more. They will respect you more.

Rebekah Borucki

Who is Meditation for?

It’s for everyone. If you don’t believe that, you need to change your perception of meditation. There’s a billion different ways to do it.

For Bex it’s a way to connect with yourself and to check in. It’s to tell yourself “I see you. I see that you deserve to be listened to.”. That’s the essence of meditation. It’s the acknowledgement that you are worth your time. Spend a few minutes to check in with yourself and see if you’re ready for the next thing.

Take moments to recharge and reconnect between activities, so you can give yourself fully to the next time. Take 4 minutes between activities to check in so you can show up better. Next time you switch activities, take a few minutes to re-group and recenter. It only takes a couple of minutes and it’s so worth it.

Bex’s Morning Routine: This keeps her on track.

  1. Take a few minutes to check in.
  2. Say thank you 3 times. It bring instant joy.
  3. Think about 3 things you’re grateful for.
  4. Ask yourself “how may I be of service today?”


Close your eyes. Pay attention to your breath as it is in the moment. Watch your inhales. Watch your exhales. Peace on the inhale. Release on the exhale. Do this ten times.

Great quotes from the episode:

“The truth is we all have busy lives. We should learn to live within them. And to use the chaos around us to be able to train ourselves to be better in the chaos and more balanced in the chaos. My goal in meditation is to quiet the mind so I can focus on a single thoughts or a couple of thoughts. Allow the ebb and flow of thoughts.”

“I really love my life as crazy as it is. I love my kids, my husband and the stuff going on. I feel no need to escape it. I want to find a way to live in it. I can’t have a meditation practice that takes me away from my life. It’s really those 4 minutes that I steal away in the laundry room that allows me to be in the life that I love but in a place of peace and calm, instead of with anxiety and stress.”

“You have to be flexible. My life is changing all of the time. I’ve had two more babies in the course of having this online career. I’ve lost my parents. I’ve changed my platforms from being entirely about fitness to being about meditation. It would be impossible for me to stay rigid in my messaging. I’m always open to the pivot. I love changing it up.”

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Think about your personal assets with Nellie Akalp, CorpNet

Nellie Akalp is a serial entrepreneur, small business advocate, speaker and author.  Her first business was started with $100 and sold eight years later for $20 million. Today she is the founder & CEO of, an online legal document filing service.

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Big Takeaways from the Episode:

  • No matter how small you are, you should always be thinking about your personal assets and liability protection.
  • You should be set up properly at the get-go.
  • Check with your CPA and see what they suggest.
  • Have your business structure in tact and know you are protected.
  • Set yourself up in the state you are doing business in, where you are physically located, otherwise you’re subject to other states filing taxes and laws.
  • Believe and love what you do. When you believe in it, it’s not work.
  • Network on social media platforms that are in alignment with what you’re doing.
  • Provide tips, guides and information that is useful!

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Don’t Rush Your Success with Laura Clark, Whole Food Nanny

Laura Clark is the creator of, and she is passionate about finding simple solutions to making eating healthy easy. She wants to help create healthy eating habits for her readers family and help you fall in love with whole foods

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  • Hire people that you trust!
  • Laura has switched to Facebook live to find her tribe instead of Periscope.
  • Engage with your audience and ask questions so you can actually hear from them!
  • To get engagement on Live video – ask questions!
  • Make it geared towards your audience, so they know you want to build a relationship with them!  
  • Pre-sell your courses! Sell first and then develop it!
  • Find someone that can motivate you and help you find confidence!
  • Don’t rush your success!


Laura Clark

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How to Become a Convert Kit Expert with Elizabeth Goddard

Elizabeth specializes in strategy and delivery of content for awesome online businesses, focusing on the user experience so her clients get better engagement, sales and results. You probably didn’t start your business to stay on top of, or be elbow deep in, tech and systems… but she did! In June 2016 she was invited to become one of the first 4 ConvertKit Certified Experts.

She offers a range of ConvertKit services including full migration/setup or checking your setup, 1:1 screenshare training/strategy sessions, hourly ad-hoc support/troubleshooting, and ongoing Virtual Assistant support. She also runs ConvertKit Club, a monthly membership site for taking your email marketing to the next level through ConvertKit.

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  • You have to take action. You can’t just write it down.
  • A little bit here and there can set the wheels in motion.
  • Convert Kit is for more than anyone that has more than one list and one opt-in.

Reasons why Elizabeth loves CK:

  • Content upgrades
  • Forms
  • Single or double opt in
  • Resend up-opens!
  • Community
  • Great automations
  • Full hosted landing pages

convert kit

Top Tips

  • If you’re moving from another provider, bring your subscribers across last.
  • Resend to unopens feature should be used – wait 48 hours and change subject line and check text.
  • You can share your broadcasts as a link!

Get a FREE month of Convert Kit here with my affiliate link! 

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Podcasting is the New Networking with Katie Dalebout

Katie Dalebout is a writer, workshop host, yoga teacher and podcast host. She explores creativity and has a gateway to developing a positive body image and true holistic wellness. She’s a contributor to Refinery 29, Mind Body Green and her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, Yahoo Healthy and the Daily Mail. Her first book was published with Hay House in April 2016 and is a collection of journaling tools to help people find self acceptance beyond their physicality.

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Takeaways from the episode:

  • Started podcasting in 2013
  • Podcasts are becoming what blogs were 10 years ago.
  • Put yourself out there, anybody can podcast. Podcasting creates community.
  • With podcasting you’re really yourself and creates an intimate relationship.
  • As an entrepreneur, you have to be able to figure it out.
  • You have to have the creative idea AND take ACTION. When it gets hard, ask for help or push yourself to figure it out.
  • Celebrate your wins, even on days where you don’t get a lot done.
  • Spent a summer journaling and it brought relief and was cathartic to Katie.
  • Journaling allows you to be free and not be judged. You can sort through what’s true, what’s a limiting belief and bring you self awareness. Self awareness is key to growth, development and improving.

You can’t go somewhere else if you don’t know where you are. Katie Dalebout



To get started with journaling:

  • Ask yourself – how are you feeling right now? Deal with your stuff while you’re in it. 
  • Accept how you’re feeling right now and process it. 
  • Get honest, knowing that no one else is going to read it. It’s exclusively for you.
  • Allow yourself to FEEL so you can release it and move on with your life. 
  • It’s not always pretty and it doesn’t always feel good.

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Nothing Should Get in Your Way with Daina Trout, Health-Ade

Daina Trout is the CEO of Health-Ade Kombucha which she co-founded in 2012 alongside her husband Justin Trout and best friend Vanessa Dew. Daina’s enthusiasm to make a difference speaks to the importance of the company’s tagline “Follow your Gut.” The story of Health-Ade is owed to the belief that following your gut is integral in one’s journey to happiness and health.  

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • How she started HealthAdeThe importance of following your gut (and a good tag-line!)

      Why you should be committed from day one!

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Tell us a little bit about you, Daina Trout, and what you do.

Health-Ade was started by my husband, my best friend, and I in 2012 out of our tiny apartment in Los Angeles where we had a very tiny credit card, but a big dream. We wanted to make a better tasting and higher quality kombucha. We wanted to find ways to make this product without compromising quality, and we felt there wasn’t anything in the market like that. Out of our closet was born this company, Health-Ade. We started in the farmer’s market. It’s a real old school American start-up story with crazy fast growth ever since. Passion, tenacity, and hunger has gotten us through. None of us had a big background in business. None of us had a lot of money. We started the company with $600. Four years later, we’re nationally distributed, in all states, and have about 65 employees. We just completed a 50,000 square foot brewery. We’ve done all of this without ever having to compromise quality. We make kombucha the real way, and that’s really important to me. My background is in nutrition so I’ve always cared a lot about real food.

Can you tell us what sets Health-Ade apart?

We committed ourselves from day one to one thing. We aim to be the best tasting and highest quality kombucha you can buy. We make kombucha the old school way, the way you make it at home. We do things like ferment 100% in glass to prevent plastic and metal leaching. We’re the only glass brewer. Everyone else brews in either plastic or metal. Kombucha is an extremely active and acidic process so it can really interact with the vessel it’s fermented in. We ferment in small batches. We flavor with the highest quality ingredients. We don’t use fake fermentation agents or engineered probiotics. We let the kombucha completely brew naturally. We call ourselves, simply put, real kombucha. That’s the difference.

Tell us a little bit about your company’s tagline, “Follow your Gut.”  

“Follow your Gut” was initially a quick tagline that we came up with in a couple hours. The three of us were sitting around, and we decided to sell my kombucha at the farmer’s market. We thought, “Follow your Gut” was great because the probiotics. You follow your gut to kombucha, probiotics are good for your gut. It made sense. I had no idea then when we made that tagline in a couple of hours how important it would become. We’re the fastest growing brand in the category. I’ve never been here before. I don’t have a background in business. A lot of my decision making has been fueled by my instincts, my passion, my ethics or, a lot of people call that altogether your gut. I learned that following your gut is the best business practice I could adopt. I didn’t know when I created the tagline that it would literally be the thing that made me successful.

What would you say to bloggers about getting out in the community and doing outreach?

I would say nothing should get in your way. Being in front of the consumer is one of the most important things you can do.

Daina Trout

How do you stay balanced?

It is really hard to stay balanced. One of the things I’ve had to do is manage my expectations. You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. I learned that I just have to tweak my expectations a bit. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’ve got this business going like crazy. I have a body that needs to be taken care of. I have friends. I have family. When I took my standard and focused it a little bit more, I started to feel a lot better. Maybe on Monday I’m the best mom, but I didn’t get a chance to work out. Tuesday I got to work out, and maybe I missed out on an hour of time with my son. Wednesday, I was the best CEO you could even imagine. At the end of the week I tasted success in every department that was important to me. I feel like that’s the way I’ve been able to balance. It’s just managing the expectations of being the best all the time at everything. Just be good at one thing at a time and allow yourself to congratulate yourself for that. You didn’t fail at seven things, you succeeded at one. That has been a real shift for me this year.

Daina TroutDaina Trout is the CEO of Health-Ade Kombucha which she co-founded in 2012. Daina’s enthusiasm to make a difference speaks to the importance of the company’s tagline “Follow your Gut.” Her company aims to be the best tasting and highest quality kombucha. The story of Health-Ade is owed to the belief that following your gut is integral in one’s journey to happiness and health.  

Find Daina!
Instagram: @healthade
Twitter: @healthade1
Facebook: Health-Ade

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