Two Things to Do Right Now to Grow Your Business

How do you know it’s time to take a break and just take care of yourself?

My theme for the past few weeks here has been working on taking care of yourself, avoiding frustration and moving past it to feel really good?

People are worried about facebook and page engagement, but really when you look at the info directly from facebook – it’s not the time to freak out. They’re testing out different page and feed layouts in countries like Sri Lanka, not the united states. They also said IF they decide to roll it out here it won’t be for a few months.

So before we jump ship on facebook and go into a hole, I want you to do two things.

  1. Figure out how you can serve your audience. It all comes back to helping and serving. If you take care of your people, they’re going to find you. Make sure you have a place to connect outisde of social media! Use your email list.

      2.  Figure out how to take care of yourself.

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Because I’ve seen so many of us (myself included) feel bummed out about where we are in business…

And I want you to know you’re not alone and that we CAN fix this and feel excited about our businesses again!

I’m sharing with you ways to feel really good about your business AND a free training from the last Food Summit with Georgie Morley. She’s talking about what she does to come back from feeling burned out.

Two weeks ago I was feeling really heavy, frustrated, burned out…and overall negative…but I had NO idea why.

I had a support call with Adrienne Dorison and she asked me one question that really helped me unravel my feelings of confusion, burnout and frustration.

She asked me: What are you doing that feels really heavy, not fun and like a TON of work for you?

Before I knew it…my answer that came spilling out of my mouth without my brain realizing it. I said…  “enrolling people into my blogger to business group.”

I created a two week free trial to test out in the group after a free challenge I held.

I feel very “mama bear” about who I let in the Blogger to Business group and I really only want people who are truly aligned with the mission + purpose of the group.

I don’t run the group for just numbers. I don’t do it to hit an easy X amount of money per month in recurring revenue. While that would be great, I run the group to provide support + accountability (and RESOURCES) for women who want to be a part of a group of entrepreneurs who have their back.

Everyone in the group is amazing and I am quite literally brought to tears at least once a week from the support in the group. Sound cheesy? Maybe, but it’s true. (plus..third pregnancy makes me…weepy 🙂 )

So…when I decided to test out a free two week trial of the group, I was nervous about it. It didn’t align with my purpose for the group.

Honestly, it just didn’t work out that well and I’ll probably never run a free two week trial again.

I was left kind of bummed out, but I had no idea why. I was just…kind of in a funk.

When I had the call with Adrienne it allowed me to step back and discover what was going on…and made me aware of the burn out path.

It also made me stop and take care of myself and my business and realize a few things:

  • I don’t need to run my business how anyone else runs theirs.
  • I can test out ideas and realize…they are not good ideas (and let it go!)
  • Talking out loud helps me understand what I’m going through
  • Journaling should be daily (funny enough the days I was feeling the worst… I had skipped my morning pages)
  • Find a mentor/coach/support group who you can lean on and talk with.

So today, like Adrienne asked me…I’m asking you:

What are you doing that you really love?

What do you do that is fun + light and makes you feel really good?

What are you doing the feels heavy and is dragging you down?

(This may be something like running your instagram account, setting up your tailwind account, creating graphics, your latest blog series)

How can you change this and prevent or walk away or improve your burn out?

Some ideas:

  • Talk with someone who has your back and try to dig into WHY you’re feeling this way.
  • Journal daily and start with gratitude.
  • Take a break.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Join a group of people who get it.
  • Try another impactful task in it’s place.
  • Hire someone to do what isn’t in your zone of genius.

When I let go of what I SHOULD be doing… that’s when my growth started happening.

Why don’t you deserve to run a blog and business that you love? Why NOT you?

So together, let’s improve burn out and the quality of our businesses.

If you want to see how Georgie from In It For the Long Run deals with burnout, watch this video of from the food summit here! (no email required!)


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If you want to be added to the 2018 Planning Party go here! We’ll be writing, creating and planning goals and projects that WORK!  Find Your Focus, Make Your Plan, Increase Your Profits! Make this your most profitable year yet!

plan your goals

Stick to your main mission and beliefs with LuAnn Nigara, A Well Designed Business

LuAnn Nigara is the host of the 5 star rated podcast A Well-Designed Business. A Well Designed Business is the definitive resource for interior design professionals interested in operating a profitable and productive business. Every Monday and Wednesday LuAnn conducts in depth interviews with interior designers and industry professionals who have created profitable careers. For Power Talk Friday she gathers experts from all fields eliciting their insights and lessons on all business topics including entrepreneurism, time management, marketing and beyond.

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Big Takeaways

  • Stick to your main mission and core beliefs.
  • Her podcast benefits her main business.
  • She’s gained clients + built relationships from her podcast.
  • You have to know who is the right person that you are attracting for your business.
  • The clearer you get on that person, everything you do supports that.
  • Figure out what your niche is and TALK to them. Don’t worry about leaving the rest behind.
  • If you do your best every single day you have nothing to worry about.
  • Run this like a business, not a passion project. It should be 80% work, 20% passion.

You HAVE to stick to your company mission. You have to first know what your mission is and then you have to stick to it! When you’re a person with a lot of energy and a lot of talent creativities almost everyday of the week you can think of another idea that you do well. You have to filter them if you want to be successful and if you want to further the success of your main business. Every little shiny object that you come into, has to go through the filter of supporting that mission.

To start a podcast:

  • Make a clearly defined avatar.
  • Stick to your mission so they know every time what they’re going to get.
  • Tremendous marketing
  • It’s intentional! It’s an intentional business plan.
  • Get help and get a mentor to get you a roadmap.

Find LuAnn:

A Well Designed Business

Window Works

Instagram @luannnigara

How to be Mentally Tough with Todd Herman, 90 Day Year

Your business moves at the speed of relationships. Todd Herman

Having two kids and two businesses, I could get caught up in A LOT of time wasting activities…and truth is I used to. I was busy all of the time and didn’t know what activities actually caused me to make money. This free video series that Todd puts out twice a year has absolutely changed the way I work. As a work at home mom, I have to be focused and smart about how I spend my time….and this series is the first step.

Listen to the interview and then check out his download + video series! 

Todd Herman

disclosure: I really want you to watch these free videos because I know they are SUPER SUPER valuable….by themselves! They only come out 2x a year and he adds new content every time. So PLEASE watch them! If you did decide to join the 90 day year which is beyond not required to watch these I would get a % commission. I love + support the program because it was a life + game changer for me….so watch the darn free videos! :

I had the chance to interview my biz coach + mentor Todd Herman and there are so many gems + A-HA moments that you’re about to have.

In this episode:

  • You’ll hear how Todd started out almost losing money in his sports coaching business
  • How he started locally with free workshops and grew his business
  • Why you should have a WOW mindset, not a OW mindset + how you can flip your mind to be naturally success minded
  • Todd has the complete inability to quit when he should…and why that’s paid off.
  • Why women are really good at task based thinking, but not so good at achievement.
  • The deathtrap of entrepreneurs
  • How to validate your idea
  • How doing 68 speeches in Alberta, Canada launched Todd’s business

todd herman interview

Best quote:

The thing about start up is a lot of the business you’re not good at yet. That’s natural. Don’t feel insecure about that. If you keep moving through it other people will stop. Just keep moving forward.

Listen to the podcast here on your computer

Listen to the podcast here in iTunes

increase income with 90 day year

Todd Herman

Check out the post I wrote in June about my progress because of the 90 day year! 


How to Grow at Your Stage of Business with Kamila Gornia

Kamila Gornia is the “Blow Up, Scale Up” Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs blow up and scale up their businesses to become true leaders online. By teaching her clients and community how to leverage their own natural personalities into strategic marketing campaigns that are both profitable AND fun, Kamila is proving over and over again that if you can dream it, you CAN really achieve it!

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Big Takeaways

  • When you’re seen as an authority, you’re there to serve the world.
  • Women struggle with self doubt. When we step into our authority self, our confidence skyrockets because we’re leading our movement.
  • Not everyone should try to be an authority. It’s for people who want to be known and not hide behind a brand.
  • They want to be known as a person leading a specific movement. You’re able to make a bigger impact.
  • You can’t try to please everyone when you are an authority. You’re putting yourself up for rejection + scrutiny. You have to be willing to hold strong.
  • You have to stand strong in your truth whether you’re online or in person. You have to hold strong and be known as YOU.
  • If you have a feeling inside of you that tells you I have this message to share, then you need to be doing that.
  • Use your connections. Relationships are never going to go out of style. That’s how we connect and grow.
  • There is huge power in partnerships + connections.
  • If you have an agenda when you’re trying to connect, that’s not going to work. It’s not a long term strategy.

scale your business

Stages to Blow Up Scale Up Method

Depending on the stage you are at you have to be focusing on the right things and grow from their.

Think Up Stage: You’re thinking of what your business is going to be. Foundational decisions.

What is your business? Who are you serving

Talk to people. Be confident in what you’re doing. You’ll get fast clarity on how you run your business. You have to work with people.

Set Up Stage: Set up foundational systems. Get your first clients. Focused on doing webinars, growing your list.

Blow Up Phase: Get booked solid with clients.

Scale Up Phase: Leveraged business models + offers. This is where you focus on sales funnels. Have more leverage in your business.

Free Up Phase: So close to 7 figures. Hire full time employees and looking at scaling in a bigger way. Step up into a CEO role.

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Don’t disregard the audience you have with Paige Kumpf, Trainer Paige

Paige Kumpf is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, and has helped hundreds of women lose body fat, see changes in their body, and perform feats they never thought they could since 2009. When she’s not coaching clients, she can be found hiking in the colorado mountains, playing volleyball, skiing, or killing brain cells watching reality TV. An enthusiast for balance, she vehemently believes in using fitness and nutrition to enhance your life – every single area of it – not take away from it. … And it’ll also help you get the body you want and deserve

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Big Takeaways:

  • Paige grew her business on the side, before she jumped in and quit her job.
  • She trained clients in the morning and at night for 1.5 years.
  • She had her long term vision and she worked hard to get there for 2.5 years.
  • Keep it simple at the beginning.
  • Use the knowledge and the tools you have right now. All the fancy tools came come later.
  • Launched first bootcamp in 2013 at a low cost, $40 or $50. Because she was charging so little, and her marketing strategy + execution strategy was poor, she felt like it wasn’t the right fit. She took a break and didn’t focus on group programs.
  • Her audience is mostly on instagram. She spends most of her time on email list, blog + instagram.
  • Find where your clients hang out and then go there!
  • Always put your ideas out there first and see what sticks! Test the waters first and see what your audience wants before moving forward with it!

paige kumpf

To come up with pricing:

Look at what other people charge.

Combine it with what is this worth, how much am I spending on it a week and consider your hourly value.

Give enough value away for free that it’s valuable. Give away bits and pieces, but not everything all together. You’ll see moves + tips, but you’ll never see the entire programming.

Let audience know why or what, but not the HOW. Save the how for those who are investing in your programs.

A lot of people don’t realize they have a warm audience. Don’t disregard the audience you already have and word of mouth in face to face interactions. That can help you build your audience as you grow!

If you really want it it will be worth it. Whether you work a full time job or not, it’s going to be a hustle and it’s going to be a lot of work. Just keep pressing at it. You’re going to work hard, but it’s worth it in the end.

Connect with Paige:

Instagram: TrainerPaige

Facebook: YourTrainerPaige

How to Stand Out and Position Yourself Day 1

Do you have an understanding of how your audience sees you? Do you really understand what they view you as or what they think you do?

How are you positioned in the marketplace?

The STAND OUT workshop is for bloggers and health professionals who want to figure out how to stand out and grow their business.

The online world is so crowded and you really have to figure out how to build your authority. The standout workshop is three days taking you through exactly how to do that.

I’m actually teaching my new method that I’ve been putting together for the past year. It’s called the Authority method and it is what I use to help me and help my clients basically build awareness and authority for their brand to get more clients, to get more readers and to grow their businesses.

It’s really important to build your awareness and authority with your audience because you work so hard creating such great content. If you don’t know how to market it and if you don’t know how to position yourself to stand out in the marketplace then people aren’t going to really come to you or understand what you or your brand and your business is about.

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What makes you different?

Every single one of my guests on the Blissful Bites Podcast has figured out how to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. They have something that makes them special. This week’s episode with Rebeka Borucki is a great example of that.  When she started out she wasn’t teaching meditation. She built her entire platform on fitness and then she pivoted to teach meditation.

When you’re listening to the podcast, think about what their differentiating factor is. Think about how they have differentiated themselves and how you can do that yourself as well.

The first thing to have a successful business is to start with that differentiating factor. It’s so important for you to set yourself apart. It’s not necessarily something that you’ll figure out immediately.  It has it’s taken me a while to not only come up with my own differentiating factor but to refine it. It is the big idea that I built my business around. My big idea and differentiating factor  is that page views do not equal success.

My message is that you should not wait to start a business or start making money until you reach a certain amount of page views or a certain amount of followers or a certain size of your community.

More important than the page views is that you can make a big impact on your audience no matter how big or small your audience is.

You can make an impact whether you are in front of ten people, 100 people, 1000 people or 100,000 people. I’m showing you exactly how to do this at the STAND OUT workshop.

You have an important message to share. The first thing is figuring out that differentiating factor, what really makes you set yourself apart, what makes you special and why are you different from other people?

The next thing is your positioning, figuring out how do you want people to see you and your business.

What do the people you want to work with care about? It’s about them it’s not about you.You have to position yourself so they understand what your business is.

Think about what is that special thing that sets you apart? Figure out your differentiating factor. Figure out the positioning for your business. That is the first step to growing your business, really understanding what your people are looking for ,how you can connect to them and how they see you. That is so incredibly important.

If you want to get started on this, you can watch these four videos. (FYI, the STAND OUT workshop is completely wait listed and not open!)

image78 - March 11, 2017

Additionally, if you’re struggling with comparing yourself…and want to figure out how to move on and forward, watch the video included here from Nickey Rautenberg. She’s talking about how to stop comparing yourself and how to really figure out why other people’s successes are really a good thing for you. She also gives you a little mind set trick to really figure out what is blocking you and stopping you from moving forward. 

So now…

  1. Figure out your differentiating factor.
  2. Figure out how your audience views you and your positioning.
  3. Stop comparing yourself! 🙂



Genuine interaction is the best thing with Kirsten Oliphant, Create If Writing

Kirsten Oliphant is a writer with a Master’s degree in fiction and has been blogging for ten years. In 2015 she launched the Create If Writing podcast for writers and bloggers who want to build an online platform…without being smarmy. She is an email marketing nerd and is the author of Email Lists Made Easy for Writers & Bloggers. She is a mom to four (soon to be five!) kids ages 8 and under and lives with her youth pastor husband just outside Houston.

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Big Takeaways

  • She’s a writer and a blogger and understands both world and talks about things you need to know to connect with your perfect audience.
  • She follows her own curiosity
  • With your blog ask yourself: What is your WHY? Who is the audience you want to reach?
  • She gets excited about connecting with her bloggers and readers.
  • Look at who your audience ACTUALLY is.
  • Be intentional with what you do and realize the cost of what you do!
  • Niching down may be best practice but if you REALLY don’t want to, then don’t but realize the cost!
  • Get out of share groups and go where your ideal audience is!
  • Look at what is already working for you and do more of it.
  • SECRET: There are great groups that are NOT blogger groups!
  • Don’t get stuck in the blogging bubble.
  • There’s not enough disclosure in affiliate programs.
  • Think about: Where do I want to put my energy?
  • You will learn as you go and improve. There’s no overnight success.

Kirsten Oliphant

Genuine interaction is the best thing you can do.

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Every Single Day Take Action in Your Business with Rachel Luna

I met Rachel Luna at the 90 Day Year in April. The 90 Day year totally changed my business and being able to meet her and interview her was an amazing experience!

Rachel Luna is a best-selling author of the book Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P (Courage, Resilience, Authenticity and Perseverance). She’s a speaker and chief confidence creator at She helps individuals get clear, confident and take consistent actions so they can do the big things they are born to do.

From this episode you will learn:

    • How and Why you need to be more confident in what you’re doing
    • 6 areas you need to be more confident in
    • How to follow through your actions with confidence

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Tell us a little bit about you, Rachel Luna and what you do.

I am the best selling-author of the book Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. I’m a former marine and I’m the creator of the Confident Entrepreneur Academy. Now, I’m a certified professional life coach and I’m really proud of that because these days everybody’s calling themselves a coach but I like to make sure people know I actually went to school for this. I trained for many, many months. I’ve done 10,000 hours of coaching to date and my real secret sauce is in helping entrepreneurs find more confidence and clarity, which is important, so that they can make more money and an even bigger impact. My core belief is that the fastest way to build your business is to build your confidence.

When you work with people and you really want to build their confidence, what is the first thing you do when you work on that?

The first thing that we do is we have to make some decisions together. As a coach, it’s not my job to be giving advice that’s a consultant; it’s my job to really ask you powerful questions. The first thing I want to do is we’re going to figure out exactly what you want because sometimes we say we want something but upon further research and a little more digging around that’s not what we want at all. It’s what we think we should want, it’s what other people told us we should want. It’s not exactly what we want.

The first thing is making really powerful key decisions and what you want for your life, your business, your family, your relationships and it’s really holistic. It’s like looking at every aspect of making those decisions.

In order for you to really stick to your decisions and feel really, really good about it they have to be value based and value driven and that’s why it’s really important to take a look at everything that’s going on even to challenge your own beliefs.

The 6 key areas an Entrepreneur Needs to Feel Confident:

  1.  Decision making. 
  2. Owning your expertise and really feeling that you are somebody with authority in whatever industry.
  3. Money mindset: what I have found is that there are so many entrepreneurs who their income potential is limited because they have these money blocks that they have not yet identified. When I have a client who’s struggling with money blocks what I like to do is I have them go through their money story e.g. what’s you first memory about money? What do you think about rich people? What do you think about poor people? On this deep dive, questioning everything that you believed about money so that we can find the block, clear it and you can become a magnetic money master.
  4. Leadership and systems: If you are not a leader whether you are a solo-preneur or you have a team you need to know how to be a leader in your business.
  5. Offerings, pricing and position: It’s really about feeling good about what you’re putting out there and not having that guilt that a lot of people take. This is one of the reasons why we also have to talk about money is that some people feel guilty about asking for money from their clients or prospects and what I hear a lot of times is, “I know that they’re really struggling. I know they can’t afford it…” That’s none of your concern. It’s none of your business whether or not they can afford it. Do you have something that can change, transform, support or help improve their lives? If the answer is yes then let them worry about where the money is coming from your job is to position it with passion.
  6. Following through and making sure that you know how to take confident action and that.


There are 5 steps to following through with confidence:

  • 1 st step:  It starts with decision making. You have to decide you are going to do, whatever it is you said that you’re going to do.
  • 2nd step: Batch. This means that you’re going to schedule some time where you only work on that thing that you trying to follow through it.
  • 3rd Step: Plan and schedule for consistency. We can all do something for one minute but can you schedule something for the long haul? Can you really create something and stick with it and you’re going to follow through.
  • 4th Step: Honor your commitment. Here’s the thing most of us don’t like to let other people down but we have no problems letting ourselves down and when I am on this crusade is to teach you to honor your commitments to yourself, to make yourself a priority above anybody else. You’re no good to other people if you’re constantly letting yourself down because when you let yourself down you also chip away yourself confidence and this is something people are not recognizing. Every time you break a promise to yourself, you have just programmed your brain to believe that you are not trustworthy to follow through with what you said you were going to do.
  • 5th step: Visualizing how you’re going to feel once it’s done. 

Here’s a bonus tip. I like to tell people to condition yourself for small wins and what that means is put less on your daily schedule. If you put less on your daily schedule but get it all done you will feel so much better at the end of the day than if you put everything in the schedule that you thought needed to get done and didn’t get half of it done.

Why do you think it’s so easy for women, especially, to say yes to everyone else in their life, they can say yes to doing favours for 10 different people for 2 days but when it comes themselves they can’t say yes?

Because most women, even the most confident women, do not feel worthy and they’re looking for validation and acceptance. Women by nature are nurturing and we need to feel needed. So when people need us it is validation that we are worthy and that we have a purpose.

What do you think is the first step just saying no to other people and yes to themselves?

The thing is when people make decisions they’re not looking at the opportunity cost. Every time you say yes to one thing you have to say no to something else, it’s mandatory otherwise you’re never going to sleep. The first thing is you have to weigh out the opportunity cost. I feel most of us women are such big dreamers and we don’t really realize how much time things are going to take.

We want to be the superhero which is fine but you also have to recognize if you want to be a superhero, if you want to get it all done, you better have some help otherwise you are going to burn out. You have to think about those things and most women are not. The third thing to recognize and remember is that while people may appreciate whatever you’ve done for them at the end of the day they’re only thinking about themselves and what they need.

Rachel Luna

How do you actually convince women to get paid what their worth?

That’s going back to owning your expertise and doing the work to feel confident in what you know, you know. What we first do is you have to make a list of everything you know to be true of I know, I know this. Then you have to create your own little praise file of any positive comments, anything on social media, anytime someone said you’re amazing even if they never paid you.

When it comes to actually charging your work here’s what I find, some people want to, write off the back say, “I want to charge $500 an hour because that’s what everybody else is charging in my industry.” But they don’t believe that they have $500 an hour worth of experience and no matter what I say, no matter what you say, until they believe that they’re not going to be able to bring that income in. The way that you get them to believe that is by having them take action and helping them help others get results.

What is the number one piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs to get started?

In business it’s never just one thing. There’s never a day where you just have to work on one thing to move your business forward. I think it’s a combination of things but if you are putting a gun to my head right now and you’re making me pick one thing it is to stay in action, no matter what, because every action step you take, will help you decide where you want to go next and you might find that you are taking the wrong action and that’s okay. Once you know what you shouldn’t be doing you won’t do that again, you’ll switch and you’ll do something else. It’s really important is to be the kind of entrepreneur who takes action and when you see that you’re not getting where exactly you want to go. Don’t be afraid to turn around. Don’t be afraid to move to the side. Don’t be afraid to get help from somebody else.

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Rachel Luna is the best selling author of the book, Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P. (Courage. Resilience. Authenticity. Perseverance): A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting it Together & Achieving Your Dreams, speaker, + Chief Confidence Creator at RachelLuna.Biz. She helps remarkable individuals just like you get clear, confident and taking consistent action, so you can do that big thing you were born to do. She’s helped thousands of people around the world through her book, weekly emails, speaking tours, workshops and digital courses. Rachel’s been invited to speak all around the globe from Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson Spark & Hustle tour and Princeton University to as far away as Germany and Japan!  She’s also been featured in Latina Magazine, Success Magazine and is a Huffington Post contributor.

*Disclosure:  Since I saw such huge results from the 90 Day Year, I decided to become an affiliate of Todd’s 90 Day year. I may receive compensation if you decide to purchase the program!