Take Yourself Seriously with Erin Bahadur, Erin’s Inside Job

I love this episode because Erin talks about how she wasnt making money blogging and what she did to increase her income AND how important building relationships are. This episode is for you if you want to hear from a blogger on how she got her start and increased her income stream as a writer!

Erin is a Chicago-based blogger, personal trainer, and fitness instructor. Her blog, Erin’s Inside Job, is an exploration of finding true wellness from all facets of life including the physical, mental, and emotional. Prompted to begin writing after entering recovery from drugs and alcohol, she is also passionate about breaking the stigma surrounding addiction. In her spare time you can find her writing for such publications as The Huffington Post, sweating her way around Chicago, and finding the best coffee and desserts in the city!

Big Takeaways

  • Make a writing portfolio, which you can put on your blog. The more links you have in there, the more impressive it looks! You can write for places for free to start. This gives you leverage to approach other places and gets you longer term contracts!
  • Treat yourself seriously. This is your time! You can negotiate. There’s a huge range of work you can do!
  • It took confidence (to ask for money from writing) and I figured i’m going to put it out there. If they say no, they say no. By doing this more often, I got more confident. As people said yes, I realized I can continue to do this!  
  • I wasn’t making a ton of money from my blog at the time, which is why I wanted to write for publications so I could get more income. I wanted to make more money and write as a regular thing. You can use your blog as a piece of your portfolio. Go out and DO IT!

grow your blog through relationships

True wellness, I believe, comes from within. For so many years I tried so many things to try and make the outside look good. I thought if I looked good on the outside, I would be good. The times when I looked the best, I was the most miserable inside. My blog is an exploration on how to deal with yourself and how to work on what’s inside because then that’s always reflected on the outside, no matter what.  Erin Bahadur, ErinsInsideJob.com

I lost everything and had to start over again. I’m going to start over as a person who is able to be open and honest and talk about these things. When I do the opposite, I go back to the person I used to be and that’s not a person I want to be. In order to change I had to do a 180 on how I dealt with things and how I talked or not talked about things. That made it easier.

Network with other people. You can talk forever, you can write forever. Reach out to people and communicate…actually try to establish a relationship with them. Don’t blindly just comment on every blog because that’s what you’ve been told to it. It makes a genuine difference. They’re more likely to be invested in who you are.   Erin Bahadur, ErinsInsideJob.com

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