It’s Okay to Ask for Support with Tara Newman

Tara Newman is a successful coach, mom of two, chronic illness sufferer, and a wife of an ironman tri-athlete. Tara helps her high achieving clients gain clarity, get focused on the right goals, lead from their strengths, and create their next level life. Tara has over 15 years of experience as a performance coach and has a MA in organizational psychology.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Value of a business coach
  • 5 main coaching elements (vision, strategy, strengths, mindset, energy management)
  • Importance of self-awareness
  • How to eliminate limiting beliefs

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Tell us a little bit about you, Tara Newman, and what you do.

I work with ambitious, high achieving women to help them leverage their leadership style to build sustainable businesses and, I like to add, with greater ease.  As women we’ve been programmed that success has to be hard and painful, and I’ve come to realize two things about that over the years. One, it’s a myth; and two, it’s very literally killing us. We’re burning out, fatigued, and have chronic health issues. So much of it stems from the stress we put on ourselves to succeed.

What do you actually do with your clients?

I could break it down into two pieces. I coach around strategy because when we wake up everyday we need to know what we’re doing. I also coach around mindset because you can take that strategy and hand it to the same strategy to person A and person B and they’ll get executed differently. Why? Because of the mindset. I firmly believe that when we grow as a person, we grow our business. It’s not until we experience this personal growth that we experience business growth.

How do you actually teach your clients to align their life and their business?

I take a very holistic approach to business. I believe very strongly that the same strategy, vision, strengths, mindset, and energy that you put in your business needs to be managed in your life as well. I think that you build a successful business when you build a successful life.

Tara Newman

Why do you think every single person whether you are a food blogger or a business coach needs mentors and coaches?

I don’t think food entrepreneurs or food bloggers need a coach. They can certainly find a level of success without a coach, but I have reasons why they might want a coach. When I have people who come to work with me, I don’t want them coming to me because they think they need me. I want them coming to me because they want to work with someone. They want a partner in their business and they want to accelerate their results. They want to save some time and money. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same result, which could be really costly, they want a different result. They hire a coach because they want that different result and want to be pushed to get it. They want a partner or a sounding board or someone to sit there and validate some ideas, but challenge them on the ideas they have to make them even better. As ambitious, high achieving entrepreneurs, there are few people willing to tell you the absolute truth. There are few people who will stand toe-to-toe with you and challenge you. That’s what you’re going to pay a coach to do. You’re going to pay a coach to hear the things that you need to hear that no one’s willing to tell you.

Tara Newman

What would be your advice be to finding that perfect fit coach?

I would say have some kind of understanding or do some work around like what do you really need? What’s the skill gap? People can coach you on Facebook ads. People can coach you on setting up internet marketing, systems, and passive income. People are coaching on so many different things these days. I think really understanding what your skill gap is and where you need the support is helpful when you find the person. You find the people who you think is in the niche that you need. I would say have a conversation with them and you might even have to have more than one conversation with them. Follow them on social media and read their blog.=

Tara NewmanTara Newman is a business and leadership coach and the founder of The Bold Leadership Collective.  She helps high achieving clients gain clarity, get focused on the right goals, lead from their strengths, and create their next level life. Tara has over 15 years experience as a performance coach, an MA in Organizational Psychology, and is a mom to two ridiculously energetic kids.  She will challenge the way you think and how you see the world. Tara will encourage you to dump your never-ending to-do list, and focus on the things you value the most.

Find Tara!

Website: www.taranewmancoaching.com
Facebook: Tara Newman Coaching
Twitter: @taragnewman
Instagram: @taragnewman 

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