"Nicole not only has a knack for helping coaches uncover the limiting beliefs and objections that are keeping their ideal clients from saying yes! but she teaches you how to bust through them from the highest place of compassion so you can sign more clients/close more deals, get more yeses. Nicole assisted and supported our clients at varying levels of business and they all felt supported through their questions! I’d recommend her to anyone looking to get to the next level and really understand what is preventing them to get to their personal next level, no matter what stage of business they are in! "
Christina Jandali
Deliver Your Genius
Nicole is one of the best coaches I've ever experienced. Her ability to ask questions that get to the root of what's been holding you back, from a space of pure compassion and non-judgment, helps her clients get truly transformational results and epic breakthroughs. I was so impressed with how she shared her gifts with my Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ clients. I'd recommend her work to anyone looking to make a quantum leap in business — and in life!”
Sara Anna Powers
Conversion Copywriter and Founder of The Congruent Life, LLC
You don't know what you don't know. Even when you know, you need help working through limiting beliefs. Even as a trained coach, it doesn't mean I'm not immune to my own fears and beliefs. This is why it's so important to work with a coach. I did a session with Nicole recently to help uncover some emotions and limiting beliefs I didn't realize that was still there. We have taken on so much external programming that we're not aware of, but are running the show. Working with a coach can help pull out what those beliefs are and it's massively powerful. Everyone needs a coach. If you've done the strategies, and things aren't lining up, it's all hidden in the subconscious. Working with a coach is the key to moving forward. Thank you Nicole for working with me and helping me as a coach. I look forward to many more sessions.
Danya Brooke
Performance Coach
Working with Nicole and Dan has helped me build my confidence in my business so much. They helped me plan, design and launch a group program. I’ve only ever offered 1:1 programs and they helped me identify and release limiting beliefs that were holding me back from launching a group program. I love how they customize their coaching to each individual. There is no cookie cutter strategy provided here. The quantum launch has really helped me identify what is important in my business and how to protect my time and energy. I started this at the busiest time of my life, selling a home, buying a new one, living apart from my husband, still meeting with my 1:1 clients while managing my corporate job and mom life. They held space for me during this time while guiding me through how to take care of me, my business and launch a new program! Quantum Launch is worth the investment and Nicole and Dan are amazing coaches!
Tawnya Stapp
EFT Practitioner

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Nicole helped double our launch and the profits from our launch really quickly and really easily so bit of backstory. We approached Nicole to help us out with our next launch. And so what they did was they not only helped us get really clear on our message, to get really clear on what pieces of content to produce that are going to help people to recognize that they need our program in that launch. Through their help, we actually doubled more than doubled our revenue for that second launch. So our second launch, we did $55,000, which is incredible. It was such a game changer for us to have that level of revenues. With the help of Nicole and Dan they helped me get really clear on why we do it, help us get really clear on how to launch and go through this process. And so having those kind of people in your corner during a launch is so invaluable. And I think this is what makes their service so unique. That's what makes their ability to help businesses grow is they've got the they've got the results behind them. They've done it a thousand times with people, and so they know they can keep you calm during your launch. And they can bring that years of experience to ensure that your next launch is successful. So if you're thinking about working with Dan and Nicole, well,, if you want to possibly double your revenue through your launch, and you want to make launching a whole lot less stressful, these guys are the team for you.
Testimonial from a satisfied male client discussing the success of using predictive lead scoring, lead nurturing strategy, nurture campaigns, email nurturing, and lead calling for a scalable business approach.
Jake Currie
Mind Body Masters
I've been working with Nicole and Dan over the past couple of years. They've helped me go from someone who has a hobby to a CEO of a legitimate business, all while doing this without stressing out unreasonably or doing busy work. They've helped me hone in on my message and figure out what are those tasks that will actually get me to my goals make me money. It's been so valuable to have someone to bounce business ideas off of and to and say you need to step into this role. If you told me in 2018 the type of things I needed to do to get here, I wouldn't believe you. It's amazing how so much of the work is getting your mindset in order and how you think about yourself and how you think about your business. When you do those things it will make a difference in your life and your business. Instead of being a blogger with a hope and a dream, I'm a blogger who makes a full time income off my blog. Slowly and surely I'm crushing those goals and I'm building my business into something amazing.
Kristen Raney
Shifting Roots
There are a million wonderful things that I could say that would let you know Nicole is an amazing resource for entrepreneurship and building your online business. To make it more personal, when I look back on the last 5 years when I first came across Nicole, Nicole's advice and direction, transparency was life changing to me. It played a huge role in the confidence I needed to build in order to create a business of an idea and really move forward. From Nicole's advice I was able to take an idea and launch a business and find success in a way that ended up changing my life and my family's life. I was able to be home and be present for my kids and put family in the priority list in the level I always wanted it to be. To me that's the most meaningful and most important outcome of owning my own business. I love how Nicole empowers women and how she speaks to them. And how she is so true and honest and authentic in the way she guides you and I would hands down recommend Nicole for anyone who is looking to take their idea and grow it and build a business. Thank you so much for everything you helped me with.
Sumner Brooks, RD
Founder, EDRD Pro
I started building the bones of my business when I was a senior in high school. The mindset of scarcity, judgement, low self esteem, imposter syndrome and a lot of other toxic work habits started and to be honest, they were not even addressed until my 10th year in business! Now, after working with them for a few years everything has changed!! After 12 years of running my business I am now working less than ever and making more money! And, most importantly, I am finally taking care of myself, not just my business!!! I run my business - it doesn't run me!! I have more time to do the things in life that I love and not feel guilty about it! THANK YOU NICOLE AND DAN! Nicole and Dan not only give me the 1:1 help but they also have created such a wonderful group of women that I feel completely comfortable sharing all of my woes and wins with. Running a business alone can be so isolating, but since joining their groups I have never felt completely alone.
Ren Lenhof
Studio 29 Photography

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