Viral Recipes and Sweet Potato Toast with Kelsey from Little Bits of

Kelsey loves to share her journey to find balance in health and how learning a bit more about food and how it effects you can make a drastic difference in your daily life.  Finding unique ways to turn healthy food into delicious and comforting dishes is what has helped her turn her real food blog into a business. She believes that we can get through this crazy life, one brussels sprout at a time, and of course cheers to it with some wine on Friday night!

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sweet potato toast

Big Takeaways:

  • Kelsey committed to blogging two days a week while she had a full time job.
  • Kelsey read books, did personal development, listened to podcasts to help her build her blog.
  • Niching down really helped grow her blog.
  • It wasn’t until Kelsey did a Whole 30 and documenting her meals that she started to see growth. She quickly realized there wasn’t a huge amount of bloggers that had a lot of Whole 30 recipes, she moved into the area.
  • PRO-TIP: People like having a place to go for one certain thing.
  • Find people in your community and immerse yourself in it. Find other bloggers doing what you’re doing and share content.
  • She reached out to the Whole 30 account to collaborate and take over the account. Kelsey emails and pitches herself all day!
  • She only reaches out to brands she loves and uses. When she pitch she sends some recipe ideas and shows how your blog and their brand line up together.
  • Know who you’re talking to!
  • People that follow blogs like to experiment in the kitchen too. They like to try a new recipe a week, so don’t feel like you need to post more.

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