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The LVTD impact report was created because we are dedicated to making a positive difference in the online coaching world. By creating an impact report, LVTD is able to measure the effectiveness of our mission.


Elevate empowers founders with the strategy, tools and mindset needed to have wildly profitable fun businesses so they can be cycle breakers. Here are just a few of the wins our community is celebrating right now!

Our goal with LVTD is not only to make a difference in our clients’ lives but also to create a new standard in the coaching industry, by getting real, measurable results. Because changed lives, change lives.

Our simple systems help our clients make revenue more predictable, recurring and leave space for CEOs to be present for their lives while running a wildly profitable business

IMPACT to us is defined as revenue collected, hours worked and time well spent. Every client in our program is out for the GOOD of the world.

Member Win Wall

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“One huge takeaway, is just speaking more about how it's different to work with me.”

“I love working with Nicole and Dan because they care so much about their students and they put so much into developing us, every week with the calls and one on one coaching.  It’s just a a fabulous program.”
Karen F.
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“To work with dan and nicole has been an absolute game changer. They are the board room in my business.”

“They advise me, are always there for me and built a community that is exceptionally supportive of one another.”
Rachel D.
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“I am taking away some actionable steps to increase my revenue so that I can take off this summer.

“The best thing about working with Dan and Nicole is that they have so much knowledge to share but find a way to make sure it applies to everyone in the room.”
Ren L.

“We are on track to increase our revenue by 28% this year, pushing us closer to becoming an 8-figure business.”

“We leased two new buildings to expand our business, and added 7 new team members. We took our entire family on all-expense paid vacation and have had more time to enjoy life outside of the business. The support system is like no other program. It’s well worth the investment.”
Jennifer Shreckengost


Audience Growth Wins

“Elevate helped solidify the next steps in our business.”

After ten years as a full service agency, we realized we wanted to transform our book and author marketing expertise into a program that helped more people reach their marketing goals. Working with the Elevate team has helped sharpen our vision and provided us with the tools to live a more holistic life as business owners.
Rebekah Sine & Nikki Pierce

“Elevate is more than just coaching.”

“You get real support and guidance. plus multiple opportunities to connect, via group coaching calls, 1:1 support, and prompt responses and support from coaches and the FB group community.”
Jill Romig

“If you’re looking for coaches who actually care about you getting results, and having a successful business look no further. ”

“I’ve never had someone care about me as much as the Elevate team does. It feels awesome to know I’m supported by this pro team.”
Jeff Wenberg

“I have pivoted to follow more of my passion and I LOVE it. ”

“I have been supported along the way and I can see my vision coming to life! I have a big mission and I am bringing it to life as I live my best life with my kids and husband. I am so grateful!”
Ali Hively

“I have felt more confident in my coaching skills as I continue to help women every single day either on a one to one call or over a simple text.”

“Joining Elevate will give you the support and confidence to grow your business no matter what stage of business building you are in.”
Kristi Goode

“Elevate is not a course, it is a program where they are invested in your success and you are supported in every level of your growth.”

“Being surrounded by like minded people with similar goals is truly a gift.”
Kristin Maahs

“In October alone I’ve brought in an additional $25,000 in sales on evergreen JUST from what I’ve learned in Elevate.”

“And that included taking a week off and taking another week slowly to train a team member. So exciting! No other program I’ve joined has ever given me such a quick and direct return on my investment. The level of support is incredible and the strategies WORK. I highly recommend Elevate!”

Krista Miller



Community and Team Wins

Elevated Service

“As a business owner it can be challenging working on our own.”

“Elevate not only gives you the strategy and mindset you need but a community of peers and mentors who are always there to support, teach, and lift you up. Elevate is more amazing than you would ever expect. Your future self will thank you for joining!”
Jenna Gorham

“This is the ONLY coaching program I’ve ever been a part of (and I’ve done quite a few) where I feel like I matter. ”

“I’m not just a number. The whole team really cares and wants to support us in any way possible and they move mountains to do just that.”
Rachel Perry

“My biggest wins of 2023 include hiring an assistant coach, getting 2 new clients (and all former clients renewed!).”

“Plus, I went to Prague and Vienna with my husband, had a LOT of family vacations, went to Sedona and the Long Beach live Elevate events! Elevate is an awesome community, with great energy. They aim to serve.”
Tawny Kross

“My biggest wins include building a business that I enjoy, valuing my time, putting family first...”

“…working less, becoming a CEO, caring less what others think of me, creating a program around what I enjoy teaching. If you are ready to move away from the stress of live launches and into easy sales every week, DO IT.”
Katherine Beck

“You’ll get the tools & strategies, but Elevate is so much about the ongoing weekly bonkers amount of support.”

“The only way you’d feel like you aren’t supported is if you literally never showed up.”
Rachel Wood

“My first couple of weeks inside Elevate were so transformational.”

“The level of support and coaching is second to none and yet I feel as though the 7 to 7 model for doing business is so simple and easy to implement, I can move my business forward so quickly. I am so relieved to have so many eyes on my business, it’s not just me anymore!”
Sheri Johnson

“Every time I come to something like this, they have always innovative and created something new.” 

“It’s was really just what I needed to get myself to that next level, like that missing piece.”
Lauren M.

“One of my biggest take aways was getting new ideas for my messaging and things to implement.”

“I love working with Dan and Nicole because I feel so supported.” 
Nicole C

“I absoluteley love working with Dan and nicole.”

“They foster such great relationships and collaboration.” 
Heather S

“My biggest takeaway from the elevate event was Really stepping into getting clarity on my messaging, and what I do offer, and going deeper.”

“What I love about working with Dan and Nicole is how inclusive they are, I am very shy person. They’ve included me and it has helped me elevate in my own confidence.”
Jennifer K
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