3 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is something I’m passionate about because it has really changed and helped my business. When we started with the Food Entrepreneur Summit, we basically had no idea what we were doing, but we spent hours researching, reading articles, listening to podcasts, speaking with experts, asking to speak to more experts and TESTING to learn how to get these ads to work for us. We tested everything and kept up with what worked and stopped what didn’t. Eventually, they actually WORKED for us.

When we go back to the ads and look at the stats, I’m actually not sure how we figured it out, but it really opened doors for us. From there we started reaching, testing, running split tests and invested a lot of time (and money) into our ads and have found a strategy that is working for us and our clients who’s ads we manage.

Between my Facebook group and just hanging out on Facebook a lot, I see a lot of bloggers using boosted posts and just overall, running ads without really having a strategy.

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I hate to see anyone running Facebook ads + boosted posts without a strategy in place because you really are not getting the most for your money.

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3 Reasons You’re Wasting Money on Facebook

  1. You don’t have a strategy in place. You just throw up anything, like a boosted post. Boosted posts are really only shown to people who have the behavior of “liking” or commenting on a post, NOT clicking through to your website. If you’re running ads without a clear strategy in place and you’re not getting sales, then you’re likely wasting money.
  2. Your images are not good. Facebook puts A LOT of emphasis on your images. If you have too much text (even though they have done away with the 20% rule) then likely you’re being charged more to be pushed out into the newsfeed. If you’re images just straight up aren’t good or relevant to the people you’re targeting, your relevancy score will be low, which = more money spent and less reach.
  3. You’re not targeting correctly. Maybe your audience is too small or too big. We aim for a target audience of 500,000 people. We also upload our email list and create a lookalike audience. You can target different pages/interests (example: Amy Porterfield, Chalene Johnson, etc)

Stop making these mistakes and learn how to fix them! I want to help you fix them and show you what works for us. Facebook is a GREAT marketing tool if used in the right way and you can make it work for you by learning and testing!

I want to help you learn more about Facebook ads, which is why I’m hosting a FREE webinar on how to stop wasting money on Facebook!

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