Why Everyone Needs a Business Coach Mentor with Nicole Rautenberg

Nicole is a Personal and Professional Development Coach. She coaches entrepreneurs who crave success and balance in all areas of their lives. Nicole works with people who are ready to learn self care, create a schedule that reflects their priorities, want stop feeling trapped by money, identify the things that drain them, find healthy sources of fuel, learn how to surround themselves with positive relationships, connect closely to their inner self and create their best life. Nicole is all about working with you to discover your true passion, conquer your fears and create a high-quality life. 

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In this episode you’ll learn:

    • How Nicole changed her business model to be happier and more fulfilled.
    • How to work through your limiting beliefs.
    • Why you shouldn’t just be happy with what you have.
    • Why you need a mentor and business coach

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Tell the listeners about you, Nicole Rautenberg and what you do.

I’m a professional and personal development coach. I got into coaching just over a year and a half ago. I created an online marketing business and that business grew really quickly. I was having a lot of fun with it, and then it got to a point where I wasn’t having a lot of fun with it anymore.  I sought out the help of a coach to help me work through it. I changed my business into a coaching model instead of a consulting model. I work with mostly professionals, anyone that’s an entrepreneur or an executive. I work with them to work through mindset stuff that we have blocking us from success, stuff in our journey, history, and past that affects us in our present day.

how to find a business coach


Wisdom from Nicole:

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs.
    • “In 2016, we have every option in front of us and opportunity to go for whatever we want.”
  • Train your thinking.  
    • Repeat mantras such as “I am worth more. I deserve more. I can get more. It’s okay to want more.”
  • Explore your money story or money history.
    • “Identify specific things that you were told, specific money habits that you have, and where you learned them. Which ones are holding you back? Which ones are pushing you forward?”  
  • Invest in yourself and in your work on order to see a return on your investment.
  • Move outside embarassment.
    • “It’s so important for your overall success that you’re allowing yourself to be visible in order to start to see the rewards.”
  • Admit that you need help and you can’t do everything by yourself.

Why you need a business coach

What would be your top tips be to get started on moving forward right now?

My top tips would be:

  1. Admit that you need help and you can’t do everything by yourself. That’s a huge thing especially for side hustlers because you already have your 9-5 job or whatever you’re doing while trying to build your blog, build your business, or whatever way that you’re trying to market your creative venture. People either don’t have the money or they don’t want to train somebody. Admit that you can’t do it all on your own. Whether that’s seeking out free resources, setting aside time to read a professional or personal development book every single day, investing in a coaching program, going to Toast Masters, or whatever it is that you need to do to get that extra level of support, 100% you need to do it.  Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. You can sit in Facebook groups and be on as many live chats and Zooms as you want with other entrepreneurs, but it’s really about creating that support system around you. We all know we have those parents or those friends who don’t understand what we’re doing.
  2. Going deep with your money story. Figure out where you have those blocks because that’s the only way you’re going to get to the point where you’re making a lot more money once you get pass all your qualms about it.
  3. Structure your day like crazy. It makes such a huge difference.

How do I find a business coach?How to find a business coach

I would recommend messaging somebody that you admire or that is successful.  This could be outside the box such as a hyper successful CEO from a big company.  Find a way to get in touch with them and ask them who they work with or who they recommended.

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About Nicole

I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible step into their power so they can have a positive ripple effect on the world.

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