Your Business Support Guide: How to Build a Strong Business + Mind During Difficult Times

These are completely unprecedented times, where together as a world, we’re experiencing something we haven’t before. This is a time for the helpers to help. The leaders to lead…and if you’re called to step into this role, then we are putting together to help you be a leader…and take care of you.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been through a lot of emotions…and you’ve been riding the highs and lows. Overwhelm, fear, nervousness, gratitude, joy, calm…are just a few feelings I’ve been working through. Are you in the same boat? 

As Dan and I navitage this time, we are running our business and keeping three kids mostly happy and sane, we wanted to create a resource that will help you figure out how to move forward and stay sane as well.

We are staying inside, social distancing (physically…not virtually!) and doing what we can to help flatten the curve.

I wanted to put together this resource for you to help you do whatever you need to do to shift and pivot during these times. I believe in being a helper and a leader, but that can’t come at the expense of you. Take time to take care of yourself, your family and your business. You can do this.

Remember: goal right now is to just do the best you can with what you have until you get back to higher ground. Take what you need from these resources and if you know someone who this would help, please share it with them. 

Bookmark this page if you want! We will update your guide as we find more resources. 

You can submit specific business / work at home questions here that I will be answering on an upcoming Facebook live. *Some of these links listed are affiliate links. 

Corona Virus Stress + Anxiety Reduction

Your mental health is extremely important. Your feelings are valid. The most important thing we can do is not force ourselves to pretend we are feeling positive. You can get there eventually, but it’s important not to bypass your feelings. 

The Receiving Method Group: If you’re into spirituality and oracle card reading my friend Patty Lennon has an amazing free group and she’s going daily readings right now. 

Why Staying Positive may not be the best idea for you: Live stream Patty and I did to explain why you need to feel your feelings and not bypass them right now. 

Self Care Guide by Kerry Axelrod: 10 Ways to Create A Feel Good Self-Care Routine at Home

5 Ways to Reduce Stress at Home

6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

Turn Fear into Love Meditation by Aaron Doughty

Additional Mental Health Resources:

Virtual therapy/counseling:

Productivity Help:

My Productivity Process for Getting Work done in Two Hours or Less 

Business Financial Help:

LAYPERSON’S GUIDE TO GETTING YOUR STIMULUS MONEY How to navigate the legislation and the private options available to small business owners so you can have cash-on-hand and relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. By Jennifer Kem, Founder, Master Brand Institute

Business Tools

These are tools to help you get in front of your perfect people, very quickly.  You do NOT need a website right now if you need to get your online sales going. The simplest thing you can do is to:

  1. Create value based content that serves your people.
  2. Put it on a social media channel.
  3. Build your email list.
  4. Share value.
  5. Sell people what they need through social media + email list. If you are a brick + mortar business, you may already have a list of clients. You can use this to contact them. 

Convert Kit: This is a MUST. You have to have a way to communicate with your community and buyers regularly and offer them value (plus tell them what you have to offer!) This is the email service I use and LOVE. Get 30 days free using my link + no credit card required! nicoleculver.co/convertkit 

Leadpages: This is the landing page software I use. It is VERY easy to use with templates and highly converts. Click here for my link. 

Membervault: Basic content platform and simple payment processor. This is what SHIFT U is set up on. It is amazing and I’m in love. Click here to join. They have a free version that’s awesome. 

Thrivecart: Payment processor. This is what we currently use for checkout. It’s a one time payment which I love. Sign up here.


It’s so important to move and stay active during this time not only for our bodies, but for our mind as well. 

FASTer Way to Fat Loss: This is an amazing at home workout + eating plan. 30 minute workouts and great support. Sign up here. 

Peloton: The bike may be pricey, but this bike has been a lifesaver for me and a great way to maintain some form of normalcy. You can also download the app which has a TON of fitness, meditation and yoga programs.  Use code: XQBJ8N for $100 credit to Peloton apparel. 

Yoga with Adriene offers amazing [free] yoga classes for all levels. 

Kids movement: 

We’ve been taking advantage of sunshine, but on the days it’s raining, or when we need to get some work in, we take advantage of these channels! 

Cosmic Kids Yoga: My girls have been OBSESSED with this yoga channel. Check out the Frozen yoga. 

Go Noodle: Another great way to get kids moving on rainy days.

Homeschool Resources:

Miss Megan’s Morning Meeting: My girls really miss their morning meeting, so this is a fun way to bring it back. You can also watch + then do your own at home based off of how Megan does it. 

Homeschool Beginner Guide : https://www.ahealthysliceoflife.com/how-to-homeschool-beginner-guide/

Kumon Books: We have a few of these and they’re great for practice of words, lettering + even word problems. 

Addition Book

At Home Activities for Kids from The Lean Green Bean: 35+ At-Home Activities For Kids!  These simple ideas are great for when you’re stuck at home due to illness, weather, or a break from school. Most can be modified for a wide range of ages.

Indoor Activities for Kids: 35+ Indoor Activities for Kids that are perfect for helping preschoolers and kids in elementary school keep their bodies and minds active indoors when it’s too hot, cold or rainy to go outside.

Meal Resources:

The Dinner Spark: It’s designed to provide all sorts of inspiration and ideas to break you out of your rut and get you excited about dinner again.

Easy Pantry + Freezer Meals: These Easy Pantry and Freezer Meals use staple ingredients, plus a few things that last a while in the fridge, to make simple, kid-friendly dinners.

Pantry Guide: 75+ vegan and gluten-free recipes made with plant-based ingredients from your pantry and freezer. Check below for substitution exchanges for fresh foods.

Small Garden Big Harvest: GROW FRESH FOOD NOW WITH EVEN THE SMALLEST GARDENING SPACE: The Small Garden, Big Harvest e-book is the quickest way to learn how to maximize your garden space and grow your own food

Growing Roots Online: Get the gardening know-how you need all in one place and in simple, easy to understand language.

And  some recipes we’ve been making on repeat:

Paleo Banana Bread by FitMittenKitchen 

Hearty Minestrone Soup by Plays Well With Butter

Korean Chicken Bowls with Coconut Rice

Mind + Connection Resources:

Virtual Get Together Guide

Host your own zoom video calls

Ways to Show Up + Serve Your Community:

If you are able to keep paying the people you usually pay. Babysitter, daycare, home cleaner, etc. Do what you can to help. Here are some ways you can help + support local communities. If you have anything to add to the list you can send us an email. 

Buy gift cards for local businesses to help them now. This is a great way to support stores, restaurants and any other businesses locally so they can continue to run, pay bills and their employees. 

Donate to your local food bank. If possible, money is better than groceries because local food banks can buy food in bulk at local prices. 

Support for Local Businesses + Frontline Workers: This is a facebook group run by someone I know locally. She is organizing food to front line workers and purchasing from local to me businesses. If you want to help get some food for front line workers bellies donate here. 

Let me check in with you. How are you doing? Taking care of yourself is the first step in acclimating to this new normal. If you are at a place where you are ready to get help to move your business forward, fill out this application and we will contact you to set up a phone call. 

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